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A Danger No Nation Should Accept

These diplomatic steps and these tightened sanctions reflect a wide consensus about the dangers that an Iranian nuclear weapon would bring.

But those dangers, ranging from the risk of further proliferation to the likelihood that a nuclear Iran would be an even bolder supporter of terrorism, do not affect all nations equally. In fact, they are a matter of principle but not much of a danger to many countries, while of much greater interest to Iran’s immediate neighbors and to the United States. And then there is Israel. The dangers it faces from an Iranian nuclear weapon are unique and, I will argue, are dangers no nation should be asked to accept.

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Patrick, has Mark Shea read this?

Then again, he doesn't read any intelligent outlets on foreign policy. He just relies on Cracked.com and repeats his "Israel is not immaculately conceived" straw man.

Sophia's Favorite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sophia's Favorite said...

Even on the most negative interpretation, Israel is much like South Korea: You can find a lot to criticize about both. E.g., both Koreans and Jews essentially deny any wrongdoing on their own part at any point in their people's history, though Israelis are at least capable of contemporary self-criticism. But you still have to side with them against the crazy people on their border.

Anonymous said...

No nation except Iran, Libya, Iraq,....are you serious?? Israel has HOW many nukes?? But heaven forbid their neighbors be allowed to defend themselves from these bullies who control the US media and government (and brag about it??) No wonder you've stooped to promoting RINO Romney, warmongering and murder for empire and elites.Is this site for real or a front??

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, if Israel wanted to use its nukes against its enemies, it could, very easily. The difference is that Iran not only has publicly pledged to obliterate Israel, but has the ability to ship nukes to Hezbollah or any other clients to make trouble. Iran, also, could nuke Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich Gulf States. That makes Iran a far greater threat than Israel, internationally.

Then again, if you seriously believe that Israel controls "the U.S. media and government," then your opinions have no merit.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Let me translate for Anonymous, Joseph. "At least Iran isn't run by Jooooz!"

Also, anonymous (and seriously, not posting anonymously is basic netiquette), to our actual certain knowledge, Israel is not a nuclear power. It's rumored to be one, and it's a fairly well-founded rumor: but nobody actually knows.

Are you for real or a front?

Anonymous said...

LOL! My opinions "have no merit" because I don't share your Neocon ideology (and that "threat" you keep touting was a Zionist controlled media overblown quote), because I think Israel can fight their own battles and run their own country without demanding the US do their dirty work I am anti-Semitic and "hate Joooooooooz", AND I have no "netiquette" (and WHY are you so concerned as to who I am rather than WHAT I say? Why is that so important to you??) You are a front, the question is, CIA or Israeli?

Greggbc said...

Anonymous, Your opinions have no merit because they are anonymous.
We must all remember that the Jews are the chosen people of god and will be given another change to embrace Christ Jesus as their savior. The Muslims follow the false prophet.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, regarding Israeli "control" of the "U.S. media and government," do you not think the Chinese have the potential to exert more control? Remember, Gingrich lobbied for the Chinese before he began his presidential campaign. Remember, the Clinton Administration was embroiled in a scandal involing donations to his campaign from China.

Also, don't you think that other entities -- such as the European Union, Russia, the Arab League, even the Vatican -- have people lobbying for them in Washington?

Yet all we hear from "paleocons" are invective-filled criticism of "neocons" and allegedly excessive Israeli or Jewish influence in Washington. That's why your opinions have no merit. You hide anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish sentiment behind supposed concerns about undue influence.

Anonymous said...

Then I can assume that you "nonanonymous" (ha!) types like "Sophias Favorite" and "Greggbc" (I know JUST who you are because you post under pseudonyms other than "anonymous"!) believe that the opinions of "Publius", the ANONYMOUS authors of the Federalist Papers also had ideas of no merit. Odd, because you seem to embrace the most statist of them. Obssessing over my lack of identifying myself to your satisfaction is a handy dodge to distract from the facts, which are that Israel is perfectly able to defend herself and that that state has way too much influence over the US government and media. And, no, the state of Israel is not all Jews (or JOOOOOOOOOOOZ, if you prefer).
Joseph D., the US gov't is for sale to the highest bidders and most are probably being blackmailed by foreign states. I'm sure China has joined in as well buying the traitors who "represent" us. "Iran" did not publicly pledge to obliterate Israel:
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did quote Ayatollah Khomeini to the effect that "this Occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time" (in rezhim-e eshghalgar-i Qods bayad as safheh-e ruzgar mahv shavad). This was not a pledge to roll tanks and invade or to launch missiles, however. It is the expression of a hope that the regime will collapse, just as the Soviet Union did. It is not a threat to kill anyone at all."
(Juan Cole). Lots of people follow false prophets, worship sports idols, rock stars, the military,etc., etc. That doesn't mean they deserve to be attacked. Odd thing is, the maistream media is not controlled by Russians or Chinese. It is controlled by Zionists of dual loyalty. They do not have the best interests of the US at heart, just as the usurper alien "president" does not and is doing his best to bankrupt and cause chaos in the country .

Sophia's Favorite said...

Nameless retard, you appear not to understand. Let me have a man who writes a comic about videogames explain it to you.

"Accountability is crucial...and a fixed persona makes the laws of a microculture enforceable. But the idea that this persona must bear your actual name to lend it value (for you, or for others) is ludicrous."

Thank you for providing us with a demonstration of the Greater Internet F-wad Theory, you anti-Semite psychotic.

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