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Critical Marriage Vote in North Caroline Today!

This is huge:

As you know, North Carolina voters go to the polls tomorrow with an opportunity to become the 31st state to adopt a constitutional amendment on marriage. The latest polling data suggests that support for the amendment is stabilizing after a massive barrage of misleading ads from pro-SSM groups in the state. But polling models—especially in low-turnout primary elections—are heavily dependent on likely voter predictions. It all comes down to turnout.
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Anneg said...

I voted FORthe amendment this morning. One of my neighbors actually said I was "backwoodsy" for believing in traditional marriage! I really don't know anyone more suburban than me. Go figure.

Mary De Voe said...

Every gay person came into existence through a mother and a father. (Md. Catholic)

Anonymous said...

Marriage is between a man and a woman....i don't have a problem if it is called a union for legal purposes, but let's cut the political correctness nonsense

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