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Chen: U.S. Lied to Me

I am horrified with what occured here. Honestly horrified. Hot Air has more:

I’ve been following this story all day since Ed’s post this morning and I still can’t keep straight what happened. According to Chen, the U.S. told him his wife would be beaten to death if he didn’t leave the embassy, which makes it sound like he was all but forced to go and left to the mercy of the ChiComs. According to the State Department, no such thing happened. Or did it? An American official denied that account. The official said Mr. Chen was told that his wife, Yuan Weijing, who had been brought to Beijing by the Chinese authorities while Mr. Chen was in the American Embassy, would not be allowed to remain in the capital unless Mr. Chen left the embassy to see her. She would be sent back to Mr. Chen’s home village in Shandong, where no one could guarantee her safety.
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Anonymous said...

LOL! "The US" lies to Americans all the time!!

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