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Benedict XVI Is By Himself

The disastrous "bad governance" legacy of Vatican II and John Paul II

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Why do you put "bad governance" in quotes when it's a fact, especially given this quote?

In reality, John Paul II left aside some particularly sensitive matters, without truly taking charge of them, and his successor partly pays the price of this incompetence. For instance, the question of the Legionaries of Christ, whose founder was left in place while his sexual deviations were known, at least partly. In the same way, he did not take serious charge of the consequences of the pedophilia cases, and particularly with the juridical questions on the way guilty priests should be treated. Or also, following the moment in which the Lefebvrist broke negotiations, John Paul II allowed the schism with the Traditionalists to take hold.

I'm glad that more and more people are breaking away from the influence of the John Paul the Great (Fraud) Cult of Personality and its propaganda machine (see Weigel, George) to see things clearly.

What most such analyses fail (or refuse) to address is the fact that God is not amused (to put it mildly) when those who claim power in His name misuse it or act malfeasantly with it. That's not just JPII's problem. That's not just a Catholic problem. It's a problem for Christianity as a whole...indeed, as it was for Judaism (see Ezekiel 34, Matthew 23, I Samuel 2: 12-36).

Let's also not forget that no effective internal mechanisms exist w/in the hierarchy to hold people accountable. Canon law is routinely ignored (see Wuerl, Donald) and, when it is, "experts" rationalize it (see Peters, Edward).

The Catholic hierarchy and its sycophantic groupies are nothing but a religious Mafia intent on benefitting themselves at the expense of God, let alone the faithful.

Sophia's Favorite said...

"A religious Mafia"?

Well. Top notch froth-mouth ranting, Joseph, but the examples given do not make your case.

JPII was unwilling to discipline one deviant who did a great service to the Church. He didn't spring into the breach when a tiny bunch of schismatics got snippy.

Seriously, that's all you got? Maybe you should read up on the Renaissance Popes, or the Vatican's policies regarding the Holy Roman Empire. That's malfeasance and misuse of power. This is minor organizational hiccups.

May I remind you the first Pope denied Christ three times? Donatism is a heresy.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Sophia's Favorite, let me ask you something:

When Karol Wojtyla (I use his given name because all ecclesiastical titles become null and void after death, and God has no favorites) faced the Creator of the Universe upon his demise, what do you think the Creator said to him concerning his inability or refusal to confront a problem that not only has infested the church at least since St. Peter Damian's "Liber Gomorrahianus" in 1049...but also has cost many people their faith and led some of the victims to commit suicide...and has blasphemed God's Holy Name?

I rest my case.

BTW, I have read about the Renaissance popes. Why do you think I call the church "a religious Mafia"? Tell what has seriously changed over the intervening centuries when it comes to the pursuit of and lust for power, prestige, secular influence and money?

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