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Students, Alumni Urge Catholic College to Cancel Drag Show

I have to admit that while this story depresses the heck out of me, speaking with the student who's leading a rosary outside the administration approved "drag show" gives me great hope.

Stuart Weiss was a quiet non-practicing Catholic when he entered the University of San Diego four years ago, but with a desire to learn more about the faith, he declared as a theology major. Through the classwork and his own reading, he soon became convinced of the truth of the Catholic Faith and is now considering entering the seminary after graduation.

But the more classes he took at USD, the more he became convinced that many of his theology classes distorted, mangled or simply ignored Church teaching. “It just broke my heart,” Weiss told The Cardinal Newman Society. But he says he didn’t stand up in class for Church teaching. He stayed silent.

In fact, it so disturbed him that Weiss switched his major from theology to philosophy.

But Wednesday night, Weiss will be silent no more. He will publicly pray the rosary outside an administration-approved “educational” drag show for students that The Cardinal Newman Society reported on last week.

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Clinton said...

Seems to me Mr. Weiss is a better man than USD
deserves, bless him.

Catholic higher education in this country is deeply
decadent. If the hundreds of Catholic colleges had
for the last few decades been doing even half the job
they'd been built up to do, then we wouldn't be
surrounded by the social decay we see today. Our
Catholic colleges should have been turning out
men and women educated in their faith and
reinforced in its practice. Men like Stuart Weiss are
good Catholics in spite of, not because of, Catholic
higher education in this country. He is the
exception-- Sandra Fluke is more the norm.

SANAdminNewbie said...

I have to disagree. There are fine, orthodox Catholic Universities in the USA. My son was accept to Franciscan University but chose the University of Dallas.
we could them in http://www.thenewmanguide.com/
and are quite satisfied witht heir orthodoxy. For the majority of Catholic colleges you are correct

Clinton said...

SANAdminNewbie, I'm glad that your son will be at
UofD-- it does indeed have an excellent reputation.

However, your reference to the Newman Guide to
Catholic colleges proves my point about the wide-
spread decadence in Catholic higher ed. The Card.
Newman Society was founded in the 1990's to
publicize and counteract the erosion of the Catholic
identity of Catholic colleges. The list you refer to is
one published each year to help students and their
parents find those relatively few schools -- UofD
among them-- that are still committed to their
Catholic identity.

That you and your son had to consult a list in order
to avoid sending him to a faux-catholic college
speaks volumes about the decadence of Catholic
higher education in this country. For every UofD
and Christendom College there are dozens of other
schools that couldn't care less about Church
teaching and forming Catholic identity in youth.

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