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Sister Patricia on the LCWR Crackdown

I'm thinking she's not happy. I hope she doesn't do anything drastic to poor LarryD.

Hello, dear and gentle readers and friends of LarryD! May the warmth and vicissitude of Nature grace you with immeasurable beneficence! I have been praying for each of you every day, offering supplication that Sophia bless you and surround you with her wise wisdom, inspiring you to dance and play and immerse yourself in Her ephemeral permanence of lasting spontaneity!
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SisterPatricia said...

You are such a dear! I'll light an extra incense for you tonight.

Sue said...

that was funny. but I think it missed the point. The poor sisters are in trouble because they back people who have no intention of helping the poor and the needy. Like President Obama. He has every intention of keeping the poor and the needy oppressed, all the while making sure we abort as many babies aas possible. You see, HOW WE HELP the poor is up to debate. I believe the Government is the WORST way. But the inttrinsic evil of abortion, and homosexuality has never been addressed by these nuns, sans the AWESOME nuns in Nashville. But I will say, Sister Patricia is funny, though she misses the point entirely of what the Vatican is saying. I will light some incense for the nuns.

Larry Denninger said...

Sue - Sister appreciates the prayers. Between you and me, she's a bit confused on a lot of things...

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