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Schadenfreude Alert: Palin Beats Couric in Ratings

This gives me a tingle up my leg.

Palin Beats Couric In Morning Show Ratings…Not so perky now, are we Katie?

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Anonymous said...

love the acknowledgement of Schadenfreude. It is hard sometime to pray for everyone, even though we should. Love it.

justamouse said...

As much as I disliked Palin for VP, I have to say, I think she'd make a brilliant morning host. I hope they keep her on.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR is fun to watch for the wrecks (that people are seldom hurt in happily). Palin is fun to watch for the same reason. No real injuries. Perhaps her and Lindsay Lohan can have a special going with Paris Hilton guest staring. But, Sarah would only do right turns, never left. Lindsay could never go straight and Paris could never go right.

I'm a watching for that one!

Anonymous said...

Palin isn't as nauseating as Commie Couric but she is pretty dumb. It was painful watching her squirm in that interview with Chris (Mr Tingle) Matthews where she couldn't name any Founding Fathers and finally remembered George Washington. Pathetic.

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