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Please Help Out a Future Sister

Girl wants to become nun. Girl needs to pay off student loans. Girl needs help.

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by my blog.
Here's the abridged version of my story: I owe about $35,000 in undergraduate student loans. I hope to start formation with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George in September. I must be debt free by then in order to do so. I work for the Catholic Church at Camp Gray and, therefore, do not make enough money to pay off any of my loans. Clearly, I need help if I am going to meet my goal.
This is where you all come in: You give. I wear a habit. Giving is Habit Forming.
Check back often as I will continue to update all of you on my progress as well as add posts about ways that you can help, fundraisers that will be happening, and other newsworthy events.
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Grandma Mary said...


This is group that helps vocation-seeking persons with student loan debt.

Anonymous said...

Their schedule (when you have to apply, when you hear back, etc...) is specifically set up so that most people have to spend a year working on this on their own before they are eligible to apply for a grant.

The reason is because their application deadline is in November (no exceptions!) and you must be officially accepted to an order before you can apply. I decided in November, but it took me until Feb. to get the paperwork in order and schedule all the necessary doctor's appointments, etc... to get accepted.

I will definitely be keeping this organization in mind though. If it is not God's will that I start in September, then I will apply for a grant and see if they can help me out!

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