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Obama Tearing Catholics Apart

American Thinker has more on what the politics of division is doing to Catholics:

What is a liberal Catholic -- and especially a minority liberal Catholic -- to do? Personal corporeal subdivision is just not an option, and even if it were, which parts would be minority, which liberal, and which Catholic? Alas, the challenges to the integrated human posed by the president's dehumanizing and divisive class/race/gender/religious warfare!
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Mary De Voe said...

Obama adheres to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which does not acknowledge almighty God, our Creator, and considers human rights from birth through the human rights of other humans. The blind following the blind both shall fall into the pit. Obama's use of the word "inalienable" in a recent speech is taken directly from the UN Declaration as our Declaration of Independence uses the word "unalienable" after acknowledging God as the Creator of FREEDOM. As president does Obama have the right to impose the UN Declaration over the US Declaration?

Sophia's Favorite said...

@ Mary de Voe: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is fine, so far as it goes, and it doesn't actually consider human rights to come from other humans, but to inhere by nature. As for "from birth", it was a bit before abortion was on most people's radar as a human rights issue, and most people generally think of rights as being "from birth". The concept is alluded to in those terms several times in American founding documents.

Obama can most certainly not be said to adhere to it, however. His Justice Department violates Article 7; his smear-campaigns violate Article 12; his non-support of the Defense of Marriage Act violates Article 16; his HHS mandate violates Article 18; his support for "Net Neutrality" and the Fairness Doctrine violates Article 19; his tax policies arguably violate both Article 17 and Article 25; his abandonment of Eastern Europe and literal kowtowing to despots arguably violates Article 28; and his fondness for fascistical measures is quite blatantly in violation of Article 30.

Have you read the Universal Declaration? Obama is no better friend to it than to the US Constitution.

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