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Obama: Jesus is "A Son of God"

A? I'm wondering who Obama thinks are the others? Maybe...Barack?

Speaking to a group of Christian clergy at the Easter Prayer Breakfast he hosted at the White House on Wednesday, President Barack Obama referred to Jesus Christ as “a son of God.”

“It’s an opportunity for us to reflect on the triumph of the resurrection, and to give thanks for the all-important gift of grace,” Obama said of Easter, which is this Sunday. “And for me, and I’m sure for some of you, it’s also a chance to remember the tremendous sacrifice that led up to that day, and all that Christ endured--not just as a Son of God, but as a human being.”
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Mary De Voe said...

"I and the Father are one". God is the Supreme Sovereign Being in Three Divine Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who became man, and called Himself the Son of Man, not the Son of a man, as Mary is a Virgin, but through the Holy Spirit of LOVE, the Son of all men for our salvation and redemption. Of necessity, mankind needs only one Savior. There can be only one Supreme Sovereign Being, if there were two, then one would preempt the other, neither would be Supreme. All men are sons of God and as men are subject to death. Jesus said: “I lay my life down and I take it up again.” As sons of God, man can rise with Jesus. Without Jesus, man perishes. Jesus calls Obama to be a son of God. Jesus is the Truth, the Life and the Way. The TRUTH IS A PERSON. Without the Truth, Obama is lost eternally. Obamacare is lost eternally.

Mary De Voe said...

Man is a sovereign being and all men are created equal as sovereing beings. There is of necessity, and can be of necessity, only one Supreme Sovereign Being. I am so glad Obama took Easter to proclaim that all men are sovereign beings and all men are created equal from creation in the womb and Obama is only one of all men created equally. Or maybe Obama came in a space ship circling the earth, as Hitler believed, in Ice Cosmology.

Mary De Voe said...

Man is a sovereign being and all men are created equal as sovereign beings, faulty sovereign beings. (sp)

Sophia's Favorite said...

Jesus is the Monogenes (Only-Begotten). That he, and not the Universe, is the Only Begotten, is what distinguishes Christianity not only from pagans, but even from Jews and Muslims (all of whose major schools of theology are essentially pantheist, except Hasidic Jews, who are monists, instead).

Anonymous said...

Did anyone here seriously believe that commie Obama is Christian? Judge the fruit.

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