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LarryD Doesn't Like Patheos

Some interesting points made here by LarryD that I think are at least worth a discussion. I'm unsure where I am on this but I found it pretty interesting and made me think:

I don’t care for Patheos.

There – I’ve said it. It’s out for all to know and see. Some people already knew that, some might have guessed it, but now it’s unequivocally declared. I don’t care for it.

For the sake of the two or three out there who don’t know what a Patheos is… It’s basically a one-stop shop website of all the major world religions – including atheism, which any atheist worth his or her salt will adamantly claim that atheism is not a religion – with the goal of providing fair and balanced information about those religions. It’s a religion web portal with links that lead visitors to blogs, columns and reference materials regarding each belief system. Many of you are familiar with the Catholic bloggers publishing there, some of whom include Mark Shea, the Crescat, Marc Barnes and Fr Longenecker, to name a few.

So what’s not to like, right?

Several things, in my opinion.

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David L Alexander said...

I don't care for Patheos much myself. It comes off as a would-be "good housekeeping" seal, at least for Catholic blogs, and I'd like to know who died and made them the Pope of the blogosphere. I realize that may not make any sense, but some of their writers don't, either. So I'm in good company.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Not a fan myself, either; Marc Barnes of Bad Catholic used to get a much higher class of troll back when he was at Blogspot.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

any site that has Mark Shea can't be all good!

Anonymous said...

any site that doesn't support Obama can't be all bad, Steve.

Sophia's Favorite said...

The same defense might be made of Stormfront, anonymous. Frankly I think Mark Shea has roughly a whole neo-Nazi message-board's worth of hate in him, though directed at different targets.

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