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I Hate the Garter Toss at Weddings Too

My wife an I didn't do it. It just seemed inappropriate to us.

On Holy Thursday, I watched our bishop wash the feet of twelve individuals, just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples on the night he was betrayed. Regardless of status or stature, a person washing the feet of another looks humbled. The shoulders are hunched, the back is bent, and the person doing the washing is on their knees on the bare ground, a position of complete humility.

It is springtime, and weddings are aplenty. One of the traditions performed at many weddings is the garter toss. I find it to be utterly revolting tradition which involves removing an undergarment from the bride and tossing it to a pack of lustful bachelors only to end up hanging on a rear-view mirror as a trophy of degradation.
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Anonymous said...

It's actually a the last, mostly-symbolic relict of a very old tradition: following the nuptial feast, the wedding party would take the new couple to their first bedroom and, um, help them out of their clothes before retreating to adjacent rooms.

But you modernizers just wouldn't understand.

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