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Cdl. Dolan Defends Santorums JFK Comments

Hot Air reports:

On “Face the Nation” this morning, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said he agreed with both Rick Santorum and J.F.K. about the separation of church and state: While the church should not run the state or vice versa, faith should certainly impact individual politicians’ decisions.

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Mary De Voe said...

The government has already redefined the human person as having no immortal, rational soul, redefined the "soulless person's covenantual marriage", redefined the unalienable rights of the citizen as subjective, redefined
"informed consent", redefined conscience as non-existent, redefined private property ownership and eminent domain for taking, redefined pornography as free speech, redefined human sacrifice as a right to choose, redefined taxation as the property of the state, redefined politicians as demagogues, redefined the church as subserviant to itself, redefined God as non-existent and redefined it own authentic authority to remake God in its own image. The state will certainly make the church over in its own image unless the separation of church and state, respectfully assumes each its own duties and missions as is inscribed in our Magisterium and in our Constitution.

Unknown said...

It's really a difficult topic. Because while faith cannot help but influence the decisions that people of faith make when they are in various pubic offices, direct combinations of church and state have had disastrous consequences for both church and state over the years.

The Church's position in V2's Dignitatis Humanae/Declaration on Religious Liberty is brilliant and strikes just the right balance.

Ironically, perhaps, the primary architect of Dignitatis Humanae was Father John Courtney Murray - who would later say he reviewed Kennedy's Houston speech ahead of time.

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