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Ben Linus on St. Thomas' Faith and Doubt

This is why I loved Lost.

Since this Sunday’s Gospel reading tells the story of St. Thomas doubting the resurrection of Jesus until he can personally see Him and place his hands in Jesus’s wounds, I’m posting a great scene from the TV series “Lost” which dealt with issues of faith and doubt better than any other show (in my humble opinion). The scene takes place in a church, and is motivated by Caravaggio’s painting, “The Incredulity of St. Thomas” which depicts Thomas putting his finger in the pierced side of the resurrected Jesus.

Ben Linus (Emmy winner Michael Emerson who currently stars on “Person of Interest”) is one of the show’s primary villains at this point and seems to be irredeemable. However, he does believe that there is a power greater than himself at work on the island where the characters have been living. In fact, he believes this power has some cosmic significance for the whole world. It’s the one area of Ben’s life in which he appears somewhat humbled, though he tends to justify his sins by thinking they’re purpose is for the greater good.

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