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Atheist Activist to Become Christian

A perfect Holy Week story:

This is one of those stories that seems too good to be true. Last month, we told you about Patrick Greene, an atheist activist who threatened to sue over the presence of a nativity scene in Athens, Texas.

Despite his actions against the religious symbol, Christians came together to raise funds for him and his wife to purchase groceries after he fell ill. Now, as a result of the kind gesture, Greene has reportedly announced that he has become a Christian — and that he wants to enter ministry.
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Anonymous said...

needed some good news. Being loving can pay off. He is just starting his journey ans will have a lot of growing to do. Including accepting that homosexuality is a sin, though I do agree that they need to be loved and ministered to, like the great work of the Courage groups.

Mary De Voe said...

Love is the one virtue atheism lacks because God is LOVE. Some militant special interest groups demand love, but love can only be given and received in an act of free will as a gift. Laws that demand LOVE as in Obamacare destroy the free will of the human being and relegate man to a beast or worse, demeans man to property of the state.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that 30 peices of silver still buys converts.

Anonymous said...

But money isn't everything, brother.


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