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Unreal. Priest Who Denied Communion Place on Leave

With faculties removed. Score one for lesbo-nazis.

Read and weep. >>>

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JoAnna Wahlund said...

It's a travesty.

Clinton said...

When/if the investigation of Fr. Guarnizo is done and
decided in his favor, the archdiocese needs to clear
his name and reinstate him with the same speed and
publicity it gave to pushing him under the bus.

I think that the priests of the DC archdiocese are now
much less likely to ever refuse Communion to any
notorious pro-abortion "c"atholic politicians that
present themselves. This definitely has a chilling
effect on any enforcement of Canon #915.

Lucas said...

Cultural marxists are deep within the church.


There is a reason why God COMMANDS us to expell the wicked man from the midst of us. It's because he will ruin the whole batch.

Pro Ecclesia said...

To me, this ties in with the Pat's NCRegister piece the other day about being tired and weary of the HHS fight.

THIS situation in the Archdiocese of our nation's capital is why we're in the predicament that our Church is in. THIS is why all us laypeople are tired in this fight. Because WE'RE the only ones fighting. The Bishops are too busy retreating and dialoguing and hobnobbing with "Nancy" and "Joe" and throwing the faithful under the bus at the first sign of controversy.

Well the Bishops can defend their own damned perogatives! I'm done. Let 'em fight this fight against the Obama Administration on their own. They have 40 years of lax enforcement of the Church's teachings (accompanied by 40 years of treating like battered wives those among the faithful who have had the temerity to ask the Bishops to do their damned jobs) to make up for.

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising here. The only Catholics that will be surprised at how this played out will be the ones who are still in denial as to the reality of the present day Catholic Church.

Lucas is right.

enness said...

Jay, shame on you. You seem to forget ALL our asses are on the line here and SOME of us would appreciate your help...rather than throwing a childish fit and bailing at a time like this! Wake up! I am beyond caring who is more to blame, I just want this nonsense fixed. I am not about to let our future slip away without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Jay, they've been turning a blind eye to much for more than forty years...more like fifty. Finally, it has all caught up with them and they feign horror and disgust.

I'm with you. Let them fight their own battle. It is their collective fault it got this far.

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