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Soledad O'Brien Owned While Attacking Breitbart Vid

She keeps asking Breitbart's Pollak to define "Critical race theory." He does, she disagrees and then after refusing to define it herself she comes up with the exact definition from Wikipedia that someone had clearly whispered in her ear.
And then later, when she gets owned again she pretends she couldn't hear his question. Pathetic. Ace has the vid:

It wasn't pretty.

O'Brien took the position the video of Obama and Derrick Bell wasn't a bombshell, but she did so in a dismissive manner and with a heavy dose of attempted sarcasm. This went well beyond journalistic skepticism; it was advocacy. Or attempted advocacy. Pollak, Breitbart's editor-in-chief, demolished the panel--with the exception Amy Holmes, who wondered why the information didn't surface in 2008. Unlike O'Brien, Pollak remained polite and appropriate the entire time.
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Anonymous said...

The crud Derrick Bell and the Obammunist spewed WASN'T radical at HARVARD. What a nest. And the corporate, commie media is an even bigger nest. Liars and bullies.

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