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The Older I Get, The Dumber Star Wars Gets

This video about the fight scenes in The Phantom Menace is hilarious. And then stick around for some other great sci-fi stuff from LarryD:

The older I get, the dumber Star Wars gets – especially the prequel trilogy. The following video explains quite humorously why the only quasi-redeemable part in The Phantom Menace wasn’t really all that great…

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Anonymous said...

Never was a Star Wars fan but started to enjoy one of the new ones I had taken my kids to until Obie wan declared "Only a Sith deals in absolutes!" George Lucas must be a moron.

Carol said...

As a kid always hated the first one. Watching it later hated it more and noticed how horrendous the fight scene was. (Disclaimer: Lover of various Star Trek tv series, never saw more than one or two movies. Grew up too poor to go to the movies more than once or twice a year. Haven't bothered to catch up.)
And I too remember cringing at that line on absolutes in the movie theater. In fact, I'm positive it was the subject of some annoying smart-ass comment I made while watching it with my boyfriend (now husband) the Star Wars fan but not nut. LOL!

Sophia's Favorite said...

The first Star Wars is Episode IV, Carol. And if you hated the fight scene in that (presumably the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan and Vader), I for one am curious to know what access software you're using, because you must be blind.

Please tell me you meant "Episode I"—which was the fourth Star Wars movie.

As for the prequels having such poor writing, that's because Lucas was writing them. With the exception of J. Michael Straczinsky (Babylon 5), none of the great "sci fi creators" actually deserves the credit. Star Wars would be nothing without Lawrence Kasdan (among others), and Star Trek owes a lot more to Gene Coon than to Gene Roddenberry.

Oh, well, actually, Yoshiyuki "Kill 'Em All" Tomino also deserves credit, for Gundam, but nobody's heard of him.

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