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Obama Destroying Little Sisters of the Poor's Ministry

Pundette writes:

Obama's HHS mandate will destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor's ministry to the elderly
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Gerry said...

My wife and small kids go visit the elderly at the LSotPoor ~every week in Baltimore (Catonsville). This is very bad news for our neighborhood and country.

Claire said...

I was carrying around some cash ($50 or so) and thinking that I should donate it somewhere as a Lenten act of charity, and it just happened that we had some of the Little Sisters visiting us at Mass last Sunday, so I dropped it in their basket on my way out. I'd never encountered them in person before, but the little nun who addressed the congregation had such an air of joy and selfless love for the people she serves. They are very holy and inspiring women.

aconstantblogger said...

Look at Obama's EEOC position in the recent Hosanna-Tabor case - a position unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court. Obama either does not understand, or worse, understands but ignores, the limits of federal power when it affects religious belief.

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