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Msgr. Pope on Burning Bodies to Heat Pools

Is nothing sacred? It would appear not. Monsignor Pope writes:

We live in a culture where, increasingly, any sense of the sacred is being lost. The thought that something could be sacred, special, holy, or somehow “off-limits” is bewildering to many. Indeed many secularists consider those who do see some things as sacred, to be stuffy and somehow arrogant. There are many in our culture who defend the rights of others to burn the flag, ridicule religious symbols (e.g. the cross submerged in urine some years back in a noted “art” museum), and even applaud when, a couple years back, homosexual activists desecrated the Body of Christ by stomping on hosts.

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TomE said...

Here is the correct link to the article by Msgr. Pope, though I found the article by Cardinal Dolan to be most intriguing!

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