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John McCain: Catholics Can Go To Hell

We need to drop this whole contraception thing, 'cause it is hurting the party? Jackass.

Sen. John McCain said Sunday that the GOP needs to stop talking about contraception and that focusing on the issue is hurting voter perceptions of the party.

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Bill said...

Yes, McCain's a jackass. Yes, contraception is an important issue. Yes, social issues don't go away just because we're headed off a fiscal cliff.

But it's worth remembering that this is the fight of their choosing because it's a fight they think they can win. Obama can't run on his record and so they're deliberately provoking the social conservatives to both fracture the conservative base and energize the liberal base.

Remember when Stephanopolous kept badgering Romney over whether he'd ban contraception and Romney was all "What the heck are you talking about"? That was before any of this started but they were setting the stage.

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