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Jesuit College Accused of Right Wing Orthodoxy!!!

I guess it all depends upon your perspective but I just think it's a hoot that Boston College students are accusing the university of orthodoxy. Campus Notes reports:

A priest in the theology department at Boston College had his contract terminated, according to news reports, leading some students to suspect it a right-wing conspiracy at the Jesuit college.

While Boston College reportedly said Shea’s contract was not renewed because his position was changed to a tenure-track job, there’s some speculation that Father Shea’s reported outspokenness on female ordination may have been the cause of his termination.

Several students are protesting the decision by Boston College to not renew the contract of the adjunct professor in its School of Theology and Ministry. Some BC students told the media they believed that a ”climate of intolerance at the Jesuit university” exists around discussing issues such as the ordination of women.

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