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Iowahawk: Why I Am a Democrat

Funny in the funny 'cause it's true and it's about other people way. Iowahawk writes:

I sometimes hear the question, "Why are you a Democrat?" and frankly, I have to laugh. Laugh and laugh, because perhaps this person may tire of my laughing, and he will eventually wander off. Sometimes I ponder seriously when I hear this question, because I'll look around and around and there's nobody there asking the question. Why am I a Democrat?

I am a Democrat because I believe everyone deserves a chance. And if necessary, a second chance. And if, by the eighth or ninth chance, this guy needs another chance, I mean, come on. This guy is due.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought I would learn something here.

I am a democrat.

I am not a republican (even though I make much more than the average american) because:

I am not in this alone. Sometimes I vote for the common good, not a tax cut.

Global warming is real. I don't need to burn EVERY gallon of gas today so it won't be burned in China.

There is enough military (I'm a veteran btw), we don't need to spend more for the military than EVERY other nation combined.

"My country, right or wrong", is a great bumper sticker but a lousy way to run wars.

Being a minority doesn't make you my enemy.

Don't touch my guns! (but my wifes ovaries are an open book).

When the republicans don't represent this crap, I might vote for one. Still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw, the above is from Rover.

Paul Zummo said...

Oh, btw, the above is from Rover.

Well, it's certainly as coherent as any dog's ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what anyone believes the Democrats did to help people at any point in American history, being a Democrat now makes me an active participant in promoting abortion (just as being a Democrat in 19th century promoted the continuation of slavery).

Nothing the Republicans have done or want to do is even close to being that reprehensible.

Therefore, I am not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is a scam to loot people through taxation and "carbon cedits" for a faked up shortage. "Climate change" is real and will continue no matter how much humanity is de-civilized and deprived, humanity has nothing to do with it. Does anyone seriously think any government can stop the climate from changing? They may be able to create storms and geologic disturbances via HAARP...but taxing people and denying them fuel and food has nothing to do with that. The Republicans are no better than the Dems, it is a faked up opposition. That is why the Repubs want to run candidates who basically have the same ideas and positions of the Obammunist. Does anyone seriously think that the US government has the right to overthrow and invade any country they choose (that "Global Force for Good")or that Romney will roll back Obamacare (aka Hillarycare, aka Romneycare)???

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