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Catholic Profs and Religious Attend Dissident Catholic Event

Disturbing. Parents, please be careful where you send your kids to college.

The biggest standing ovation at the dissident Catholic New Ways Ministry’s “Seventh Annual Symposium on Catholicism and Homosexuality,” which was attended by many Catholic college professors and clergy this weekend, was reserved for Barbara Johnson, the lesbian who was recently denied Communion.

Predictably, featured among the lecturers were Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Catholic layman who signed into law a measure that legalized same-sex marriage in Maryland, as well as Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a retired Australian bishop who summoned the Catholic Church to rethink its teaching on sexuality for heterosexuals and lesbian/gay people, according to New Ways Ministry.

But perhaps even more disturbing is that among the scheduled speakers and workshop leaders, according to the New Ways Announcement, were a number of faculty from Catholic colleges.
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