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Catholic College Names Building for Pro-Abort Pol

This is outrageous. And yet, not surprising at all. Campus Notes has the story:

Sacred Heart University (SHU), the second largest Catholic university in the Northeast, has announced that they intend to dedicate a new building on campus to a pro-abortion rights Catholic politician.

The new building, named after former WWE CEO and Senatorial candidate Linda McMahon, was made possible by a $5 million gift from McMahon.
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Clinton said...

I live in a southern city where a dorm at our state-
run university was built back in the 1940's. It was
recently discovered that the man for which the dorm
was named had been a klansman. Needless to say,
the dorm has been renamed.

When the news came out, the university rightly
decided that, whatever good the man had done for
the university, his affiliation with the Klan could not
be overlooked. It is revealing that a supposedly
Catholic university doesn't have the same moral
clarity when it comes to the publicly-held pro-
abortion stance of a donor. Would SHU refuse to
honor a klansman? If so, why do they honor a
pro-abortion donor? Shouldn't her background be
just as unsuitable in the eyes of a Catholic college?

I have to wonder just what it would take for SHU
to balk if I waved $5 million in front of them...

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