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Breyer: We Can Make You Buy Whatever We Want

CNS reports that Justice Breyer seems to think the government can force you to buy cell phones, computers, or whatever it darn well pleases:

During oral arguments in the Supreme Court this week, Justice Stephen Breyer posed and answered the core question at issue in the controversy over the constitutionality of Obamacare’s mandate that individual Americans must buy government-approved health insurance policies: Can Congress order individuals to buy a good or service?

“Yes, of course they could,” said Breyer.
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Mary De Voe said...

Commerce laws were written to regulate FREE ENTERPRIZE. Commerce, itself carries the connotation of FREE ENTERPRIZE regulated by a free people through Congress. No citizen was forced to belong to the Bank of the United States in McCulloch versus Maryland. According to Breyer’s rational the Bank of the United States can take our money and redistribute it to another customer. There is no freedom in Obamacare. Martial law? Congress declares war. The Legislative branch of government, the Congress, makes law not the Executive branch. Uniformed law, a blank contract is not informed consent for the people, is not FREE ENTERPRIZE AND THEREFORE THE COMMERCE LAWS CANNOT BE INVOKED FOR OBAMACARE.

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