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A Birth Story, In Pictures

This is pretty awesome. The story of a birth told in pictures. Emily Alexander really captures it well:

Wow. I photographed my first birth this past Monday/Tuesday. Although I've never done this before, it's something I've wanted to do for awhile and I was lucky enough that our good friends Will and Delilah were the ones to ask me.

I've known from the beginning that this was a big responsibility and I was honored and humbled to be asked to share in such a private, intimate occasion. Even though I knew witnessing the miracle of childbirth firsthand (and not from the point of view of the mother) would be an incredible experience in my head, I was still a little overwhelmed by all the emotions of the day. Delilah labored for 26 hours, mostly without an epidural, before their son Santiago was born. It was such a mix of determination and hope and struggle and sometimes doubt and uncertainty and a little fear and ultimately joy that I don't feel I can adequately narrate the story with words so I will just let my photos do the talking.
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