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Awesomest Coffee House Convo...Evah!

Must read of the day from Rebecca Frech:

The other day at our local coffee shop, I overheard some teenage girls talking about their lives. It started off with the ever amusing complaints about their "lame" mothers who try to rule their lives. Their voices carried and filled the whole back of the shop. There was no avoiding their often humorous diatribes. The girls were funny as they spoke of mothers who hover, control, and eavesdrop. One of them kept speaking of her mother's obsession with whether or not the bedrooms in the house are clean. Can you imagine such a thing? They whined about how the one thing their lives miss is privacy. Why can't their parents just see that these high school seniors are all grown up and don't need their parents in their business?
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Anonymous said...

Doubt it really happened but a very good story either way.

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