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Atheism Course at Catholic College?

You must read the quotes of support from those in the theology department and campus ministry. They'll knock your socks off.

Fairfield University, a Jesuit university in Connecticut, may allow students to study the writings or Richard Dawkins and other famous atheists in a new course on atheism.

Patricia Behre, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, announced in the Fairfield Mirror yesterday that she would be proposing a course in Atheism at the Jesuit university.

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Anonymous said...

Final exam could be a true false question: #1: There is a God. T/F

Easiest pass/fail class evah!

Northern Michigan University had a class I took, "origins of western values". Taught by a protestant minister and the only book was "the jerusalem bible". It was the only B I ever got. Us Atheists had a hard time in the clasxs.

Anonymous said...

I could see some value in this if it were taught as a "know the enemy" sort of thing.

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