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Iowahawk: Why I Am a Democrat

Funny in the funny 'cause it's true and it's about other people way. Iowahawk writes:

I sometimes hear the question, "Why are you a Democrat?" and frankly, I have to laugh. Laugh and laugh, because perhaps this person may tire of my laughing, and he will eventually wander off. Sometimes I ponder seriously when I hear this question, because I'll look around and around and there's nobody there asking the question. Why am I a Democrat?

I am a Democrat because I believe everyone deserves a chance. And if necessary, a second chance. And if, by the eighth or ninth chance, this guy needs another chance, I mean, come on. This guy is due.

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Shocking Lineup of Pro-Aborts At Catholic College Event

I'm sure they could've made this more of a pro-abortionpalooza but I don't know how. The Cardinal Newman Society blog Campus Notes has the horrifying details:

Sometimes a Catholic college will invite or honor a single pro-abortion rights politician and that is a scandal. But it’s rare for a Catholic college to pull off what The College of the Holy Cross of Massachusetts has scheduled for next month.

Rev. Philip Boroughs, S.J., president of the college, is inviting alumni to a reception on Capitol Hill in honor of a new book about the school by author Diane Brady.

But the special guest of the event, according to an email sent out by the college, is the very pro-abortion rights Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts who voted for federal health coverage that includes abortion, who voted for increasing funding for embryonic stem cell lines, and voted against restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions, according to OnTheIssues.com.

But it gets worse. Much worse. The host committee includes a line-up that would horrify many Catholics.
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Breyer: We Can Make You Buy Whatever We Want

CNS reports that Justice Breyer seems to think the government can force you to buy cell phones, computers, or whatever it darn well pleases:

During oral arguments in the Supreme Court this week, Justice Stephen Breyer posed and answered the core question at issue in the controversy over the constitutionality of Obamacare’s mandate that individual Americans must buy government-approved health insurance policies: Can Congress order individuals to buy a good or service?

“Yes, of course they could,” said Breyer.
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The Rally Without Faith

Can you believe the atheist rally became a Christian bashing event? Who'd a thunk it? Crisis Magazine has more:

“God if you’re there, we’re here in Washington, come down now,” atheist Comedian Eddie Izzard shouted mockingly during Saturday’s Rally for Reason. “If you’re there, this is a pretty good time to show up. I’m sure folks here would love it.”

“He never comes down,” Izzard added with a laugh before launching nearly an hour long comedy sketch mocking God, the bible, and religion for a soggy crowd of about 8,000 – 10,000 people who stood on the National Mall in the rain.

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Obama's Vid Message to Planned Parenthood

He vows fidelity. Watch the vid and lose your lunch:

For you and for most Americans, protecting women's health is a mission that stands above politics," President Obama says in a video message to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. "And yet over the past year we've had to stand up to politicians who wanted to deny millions of women the care they rely on and inject themselves into the decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor."

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CNN: Today Was a Train Wreck for Obamacare

I almost hate reading stuff like this because it gets my hopes up.

CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that it was a rough day for the Obama administration, as lawyers worked to defend the Obamacare's individual mandate.

"This was a train wreck for the Obama administration," Tobin said. "This law looks like it's going to be struck down. I'm telling you, all of the predictions including mine that the justices would not have a problem with this law were wrong."
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Pepsi Denies it Uses Aborted Fetal Cells

The Washington Times reports:

So far, researchers using aborted fetal cell lines haven’t been able to cure paralysis or reverse the effects of Parkinson’s disease, but they may be able to make diet sodas taste better.

PepsiCo has come under intense pressure from pro-life groups for contracting with Senomyx Inc., a San Diego biotech company accused of developing flavor enhancers using cell lines taken from the kidney of an aborted fetus. PepsiCo, the world’s second-largest food and beverage business, announced the $30 million deal on its website in August 2010.
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Movie Star Raises Funds for Contraceptive Charity on Catholic Campus


Actress and pro-abortion rights activist Maria Bello returned to her alma mater Villanova University yesterday to raise funds for her Haitian charity — a medical clinic which among other things doles out contraceptives.

Movie and television star Maria Bello was hosted at Villanova by The Center for Peace & Justice Education, which proudly promoted her charity by posting the charity’s website (www.weadvance.org) on the school’s website and by arranging that ticket sales from the event go towards the charity, according to Villanova.
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Cardinal Martini Approves of Same Sex Unions?

Let's take this moment to pray for a loooooong life for Pope Benedict XVI:

Shaken, not stirred: Cardinal Martini approves of same sex unions?
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Abortionist Accused of Cannibalism is an Environmentalist!

So he's a green cannibal? Lifesite has the story:

On a tip from a local woman, the Kansas City Star has recovered over 1,000 abortion medical records from 2001-2002 that were illegally dumped in a public recycling bin by the discredited abortionist Krishna Rajanna, who was infamously accused of engaging in cannibalism by a former staff member. The files contained names, addresses and other sensitive information about abortion patients at Rajanna’s now-closed Affordable Medical Center. The newspaper has since turned the documents over to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. The documents could be used as evidence in a possible criminal case.
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Canada Court Legalizes Brothels

In the court below, the application judge held that these provisions are unconstitutional and must be struck down because they do not accord with the principles of fundamental justice enshrined in s. 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She reasoned that the challenged laws exacerbate the harm that prostitutes already face by preventing them from taking steps that could enhance their safety. Those steps include: working indoors, alone or with other prostitutes (prohibited by s. 210); paying security staff (prohibited by s. 212(1)(j)); and screening customers encountered on the street to assess the risk of violence (prohibited by s. 213(1)(c)).

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The Older I Get, The Dumber Star Wars Gets

This video about the fight scenes in The Phantom Menace is hilarious. And then stick around for some other great sci-fi stuff from LarryD:

The older I get, the dumber Star Wars gets – especially the prequel trilogy. The following video explains quite humorously why the only quasi-redeemable part in The Phantom Menace wasn’t really all that great…

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The Secret to a Long Marriage

Pat and Mary Save their Marriage have this great story:

People love the expression “All I ever needed to learn I learned in Kindergarten”. Frankly, I can't remember a darn thing I learned in Kindergarten. But all I ever needed to learn about marriage I learned from watching my parents my whole life. They were married young (young by our standards today –21 and 25). They had a bunch of kids and they worked hard. It was the American Dream. I would say that it worked well. I don't have any strong recollections of my parents fighting or yelling. So it made me wonder how did they do that?
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Zimmerman Kicked out of College

Courage. I really do fear that something bad is going to happen to this guy:

Florida College Kicks Zimmerman Out Over Safety Fears…
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Dem: Pro-Life Women are "Men with Breasts"

Hot Air has the story:

This is truly one of the most bizarre, perplexing bits of news I’ve ever encountered. It’s the sort of tidbit that justifies the resurrection of that cliché: “We’re through the looking glass.” Up is down, down is up, an embrace of fertility is somehow a sign of masculinity …
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This Honestly Sickens Me. Just Sickens Me.

Obama 2012 pushing hoodies today saying "Let everyone know whose team you're on."

Team Obama Trying To Capitalize On Trayvon Martin Shooting: Tweets Out Link To Buy Official Hoodie Sweatshirt…
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"Ale Mary" Bar Uses Monstrance and Chalices


"Ale Mary" Dive Bar Uses Monstrance and Chalices for Drunken Revelries
Edit: A definition from Wikipedia is useful here: Blasphemy is irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things.[1] Some countries have laws to punish blasphemy,[2] while others have laws to give recourse to those who are offended by blasphemy.
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Trayvon's Mom Trademarks Her Son's Name

Uh-oh. This is kinda' creepy.

The mother of Trayvon Martin has filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show.
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Pope Calls for Change in Cuba

Catholic Culture reports:

Pope Benedict XVI offered a prescription for change in Cuba as he arrived on Monday afternoon, March 26, to begin a 3-day visit there.

The Pope—who had said last week that Marxism has failed in Cuba—said that he was convinced “that Cuba, at this moment of particular importance in its history, is already looking to the future.” He said the future of the island nation should be shaped by “the fine patrimony of spiritual and moral values which fashioned the nation’s true identity, and he mentioned Cuban heroes like José Marti and Felix Varela. Conspicuously missing from his list of great Cuban leaders was Fidel Castro.
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SSPX Getting On Board?

According to pius.info the German FSSPX district website, the “Kanzelverkündiging” below was read in all churches and chapels of the district.

To one observer who wrote to me, “it looks like the are preparing the FSSPX-faithfull for a positive response on the latest step in the dialogue with the Vatican, i.e. viewing a positive response as something which is good for (the orthodox forces in) the whole Church (and it is not about the Society).”

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Demeaning Women

Check out this video of one woman's thinking on the HHS mandate:

I think this woman’s perspective on the HHS mandate will bless you.

It’s a mix of theological arguments with simple rational ones, and comes from the heart.

Take it away, Gloria Purvis.*
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When Cries for Civility Just Mean "Shut Up!"

The Cardinal Newman Society has the story about the priest who endorsed Sebelius and now cries for civility:

If someone purposefully stepped on your toes and you screamed “Ouch,” be assured that Fr. Thomas Massaro, S.J., a social ethics professor at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, might just lecture you that it’s not nice to scream.

Fr. Massaro wrote a piece for America Magazine scolding those protesting the HHS mandate that would force Catholic institutions to cover abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilization procedures for incvility.
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Gallup: Church-Goers Enjoy Life More, Approve Obama Less…

Weasel Zippers reports:

Maybe those bitter folks clinging to their guns and religion are on to something?

(CNS News) — A Gallup survey released Thursday reveals that Americans who attend religious services at least once a week enjoy life more than Americans who do not.
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Congressman: Nazis Bombed Pearl Harbor

You mean to tell me that Congressman Keith Ellison has been watching Animal House all these years and not gotten the joke when Belushi asks, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!
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Pat Robertson Says He Hopes Manning Gets Hurt

Oh boy. Says it would serve Manning right if he got hurt because of the way Denver treated Tim Tebow.

A cheery little palate cleanser via Mediaite that’s already making waves on the network sports blogs. I’d bet cash money that Tebow himself strongly disagrees with this sentiment, but Robertson is nothing if not consistent. He’s always been a believer in wickedness inviting calamity.
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Catholic College Names Building for Pro-Abort Pol

This is outrageous. And yet, not surprising at all. Campus Notes has the story:

Sacred Heart University (SHU), the second largest Catholic university in the Northeast, has announced that they intend to dedicate a new building on campus to a pro-abortion rights Catholic politician.

The new building, named after former WWE CEO and Senatorial candidate Linda McMahon, was made possible by a $5 million gift from McMahon.
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Awesomest Coffee House Convo...Evah!

Must read of the day from Rebecca Frech:

The other day at our local coffee shop, I overheard some teenage girls talking about their lives. It started off with the ever amusing complaints about their "lame" mothers who try to rule their lives. Their voices carried and filled the whole back of the shop. There was no avoiding their often humorous diatribes. The girls were funny as they spoke of mothers who hover, control, and eavesdrop. One of them kept speaking of her mother's obsession with whether or not the bedrooms in the house are clean. Can you imagine such a thing? They whined about how the one thing their lives miss is privacy. Why can't their parents just see that these high school seniors are all grown up and don't need their parents in their business?
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Idol Contestant Says "God Use Me" Despite Warnings

The Tim Tebow of pop stars? Newsbusters has the full story and vid:

As NewsBusters reported last Friday, the producers of the hit show American Idol warned contestant Colton Dixon to tone down his overtly Christian references if he wanted to win the competition.

Dixon clearly didn't heed their advice, for after his incredible performance of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" Wednesday, he told host Ryan Seacrest, "I’ve been praying before this whole thing because tonight was a big moment for me, and I was just collecting myself and saying, 'God, use me.' I want Him to shine through first and foremost." (Video follows with commentary.)

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Prayer Request for Baby, Mother, and a Priest

Please take the time to say a little prayer:

Just today I recieved two prayer requests via email. I strongly encourage you to join me in praying for the following people:

Cristina and Andrew are my fellow contributors at IGNITUM TODAY. You may remember when I asked you to pray for their little girl, Maria Isabella, who was diagnosed with spina bifida at 17 weeks in utero. Recently Cristina and Maria Isabella had surgery to fix the baby girl's spine. The delicate surgery was a success but Andrew now writes:
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A Birth Story, In Pictures

This is pretty awesome. The story of a birth told in pictures. Emily Alexander really captures it well:

Wow. I photographed my first birth this past Monday/Tuesday. Although I've never done this before, it's something I've wanted to do for awhile and I was lucky enough that our good friends Will and Delilah were the ones to ask me.

I've known from the beginning that this was a big responsibility and I was honored and humbled to be asked to share in such a private, intimate occasion. Even though I knew witnessing the miracle of childbirth firsthand (and not from the point of view of the mother) would be an incredible experience in my head, I was still a little overwhelmed by all the emotions of the day. Delilah labored for 26 hours, mostly without an epidural, before their son Santiago was born. It was such a mix of determination and hope and struggle and sometimes doubt and uncertainty and a little fear and ultimately joy that I don't feel I can adequately narrate the story with words so I will just let my photos do the talking.
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Komen Dying A Slow Death

Executives fleeing, donations down, and the founder is in meltdown. Good.

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Gay Lifestyle to Catholic Convert

Little Catholic Bubble has one woman's story

Whenever I discuss my position on gay marriage with people, I’m usually asked, “Why does it matter as long as they’re happy?”, “What’s wrong with love?” or “What do you have against gay people?” It’s hard to briefly answer these questions without getting into a philosophical and theological discussion, but I’ve come to notice that if you ever have the time and your debater has the patience to listen, do it. It can help.
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Why I Homeschool...Though I Don't Want To

Calah writes:

I don't talk about homeschooling much, either on my blog or in real life. I think I've written a total of one post about it, and that wasn't even really about my practical experiences with homeschooling, it was more about why we're homeschooling. When the subject comes up with other moms around Ave Maria, the extent of my contribution is usually to say, "I'm homeschooling because we won't send our kids to public school but we can't afford private school. Oh, and justsoyouknow, my husband is the one who's philosophically committed to homeschooling. I'm really not the homeschooling type. I'd much rather just send their little bottoms off to school and be done with it."
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Dumbest Drug Smuggler...Evah!

Had license plate S-M-U-G-L-E-R. Maybe he figured the police would think it was ironic?

You would think a drug runner would know better than to get into a car with a personalized license plate with the letters S-M-U-G-L-E-R.

Or that she would think twice before booking a room at the Smuggler's Inn, a mere sprint from the Canadian border.

Homeland Security agents received a tip in mid-December about a cocaine deal at a Pizza Hut in Bellingham, Wash., the SeattlePI.com reported, citing recently released court documents. They set up surveillance at the Pizza Hut and watched as a GMC Yukon with a driver and two passengers pulled in. The license plate read SMUGLER.
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Obama's Secret Agent Codename

This is a pretty funny pic from the folks at Looking Spoon.
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Armed Muslim Mob Traps 2 Nuns


Arab Spring! Egypt: Muslim Mob Brandishing Swords And Knives Trap Two Nuns Inside House, Threaten To Burn Them Out Over Rumored Church Construction
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Is Santorum "Weird?"

Pundette has the excellent column:

Perspective from Mark Steyn:

Let's take it as read that Rick Santorum is weird. After all, he believes in the sanctity of life, the primacy of the family, the traditional socio-religious understanding of a transcendent purpose to human existence. Once upon a time, back in the mists of, ooh, the mid–20th century, all these things were, if not entirely universal, sufficiently mainstream as to be barely worthy of discussion. Now they're not. Isn't the fact that conventional morality is now "weird" itself deeply weird?
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Ike's Daughter: Memorial to Dad is Waaay too Commie

I totally dig that Eisenhower's daughter is telling Congress to scrap plans for a memorial for her Dad because it looks too Commie.

At a Capitol Hill hearing on the proposed Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial on Tuesday, Susan Eisenhower, the 34th president's granddaughter, recommended designers of the space go back to the drawing board.

She argued that the current design—which features a depiction of Eisenhower as a boy flanked by stone blocks—has more in common with the socialist realist memorials of the Soviet Union and Moaist China than current U.S. monuments to great American presidents.
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Good Parents Let Kids Have Sex at Home

Any wonder that she works for Planned Parenthood? It's almost like she has something to gain from kids having sex:

As critics accuse Planned Parenthood of trying to facilitate the sex lives of minors, a featured speaker at one of the abortion provider’s local affiliates has suggested parents allow their teenage children to have sex in their home.

Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernadino Counties invited Amy T. Schalet, author of Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex, to keynote the organization’s “Consider This” luncheon last week.

Dr. Schalet, an assistant sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, said American parents should be more like their counterparts in the Netherlands, who allow teenagers to have sex openly under their roof.
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You Can't Make a Baby by Hugging a Tree

Instapundit has this piece by James Taranto:

The baby boomers’ parents were unusually fertile, especially when compared with subsequent generations, including the boomers themselves. But the decline in fertility was not evenly distributed throughout American society.

This columnist has posited that the polarization of the electorate around the issue of abortion, combined with the direct effect of abortion itself on fertility, over the long term has a conservatizing effect on the electorate. We call it the Roe Effect. Although environmentalism is not sharply polarizing in the way that abortion is, it seems to us quite probable that a similar and overlapping effect is at work here.
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Bishop Lori Appointed Archbishop of Baltimore

Good news.

Bishop William E. Lori, who recently has been a very public champion of religious liberty rights, has been named the 16th Archbishop of Baltimore.

Pope Benedict XVI made the announcement Tuesday, according to the Vatican Information Service.
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Catholic Profs and Religious Attend Dissident Catholic Event

Disturbing. Parents, please be careful where you send your kids to college.

The biggest standing ovation at the dissident Catholic New Ways Ministry’s “Seventh Annual Symposium on Catholicism and Homosexuality,” which was attended by many Catholic college professors and clergy this weekend, was reserved for Barbara Johnson, the lesbian who was recently denied Communion.

Predictably, featured among the lecturers were Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Catholic layman who signed into law a measure that legalized same-sex marriage in Maryland, as well as Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a retired Australian bishop who summoned the Catholic Church to rethink its teaching on sexuality for heterosexuals and lesbian/gay people, according to New Ways Ministry.

But perhaps even more disturbing is that among the scheduled speakers and workshop leaders, according to the New Ways Announcement, were a number of faculty from Catholic colleges.
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NYC, Abortion Capitol


Today the Chiaroscuro Foundation released an interactive map illustrating the abortion ratio by zip code in New York City from 2000 to 2009. This is a continuation of our effort to raise awareness of the extremely high rate of abortion in New York City.
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Stanley Fish on the Fairness of Double Standards

Great catch by American Catholic:

Stanley Fish, probably the most noted American literary theorist of our time, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times on March 12, 2012 called Two Cheers for Double Standards in which he demonstrated how deeply wed he and other members of the Left in this country are to the Orwell axiom from Animal Farm that some animals are more equal than others:

If we think about the Rush Limbaugh dust-up from the non-liberal — that is, non-formal — perspective, the similarity between what he did and what Schultz and Maher did disappears. Schultz and Maher are the good guys; they are on the side of truth and justice. Limbaugh is the bad guy; he is on the side of every nefarious force that threatens our democracy. Why should he get an even break?
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When CINO RINOs Attack

Now supports HHS mandate:

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, a professing Catholic who has broken with the church on several fundamental moral teachings, publicly reaffirmed her support for abortion and contraception in early March.

Murkowski’s comments came during an interview with Anchorage Daily News writer Julia O’Malley. Murkowski said she regretted casting her March 1 vote in favor of the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act that would have amended the federal health care law to allow health plans to decline coverage of contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs that are contrary to the religious beliefs of those offering the plan or those purchasing it.
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John McCain: Catholics Can Go To Hell

We need to drop this whole contraception thing, 'cause it is hurting the party? Jackass.

Sen. John McCain said Sunday that the GOP needs to stop talking about contraception and that focusing on the issue is hurting voter perceptions of the party.

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Holder: Brainwash People into Giving up Rights

Wow. I love when these folks say what they really mean:

Breitbart.com has uncovered video from 1995 of then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

Holder was addressing the Woman’s National Democratic Club. In his remarks, broadcast by CSPAN 2, he explained that he intended to use anti-smoking campaigns as his model to “change the hearts and minds of people in Washington, DC” about guns.
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The Godfather: As It's Meant To Be Understood

I love the Godfather and Matthew Cantirino at First Things understands why.

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the original Godfather film which, together with its immediate sequel (what third volume?) constitutes one of the–if not the–greatest ensemble of American films ever produced. What’s always struck me about the films’ cultural significance is the way they’ve stood apart from other films of their genre. The real reason for this, I think, is not because they’re the originators of the genre, or because they’re the best (though they are). It’s because they’re fundamentally different from the countless imitations and homages which have come after and obscured their message by birthing a cottage industry of shoot-’em-ups and stereotypes. But the source of their uniqueness is more than their focus on a minority experience in America (Italian immigrants) or the way they flaunt religious motifs often absent from mainstream American culture (as even a half-attentive viewing will confirm, the use of Catholic sacramental imagery is indeed stunning). Rather, the real source of their brilliance is their philosophical and theological acumen.

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Cardinal Newman Society Statement on Obama Announcement

Looks like Obama is attempting to punt the mandate until after the election. Hey, I thought this was a winning issue for him. The Cardinal Newman Society breaks down the latest:

The Obama administration’s announcement on Friday, March 16, regarding mandated insurance coverage for sterilization, contraception and abortifacients does nothing to relieve Catholic colleges from the Administration’s violation of religious liberty. These are the facts:

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The Contraceptive Objector

Check these out. Some great stories about those breaking from the contraceptive culture:

The Contraceptive Objector is a platform for women to express their journey in choosing to break free from the confines of our contracepting American culture. A modern day leaflet. We look to the Suffragettes for inspiration and due to the personal nature of these stories, pen under their names with hopes of honoring them.
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American Idol: Worship Obama, Not Jesus

They tell contestants not to mention Christ. But hey, anyone remember Scotty from last year. He made it clear he was a Christian and he won.

Thou shall not worship false idols ... unless the idol happens to be President Barack Obama.

Contestant Elise Testone on Fox's fading pop star showcase "American Idol" sang a duet of sorts with Obama this week as part of her cover performance of the Al Green classic "Let's Stay Together."

Just imagine anything of the sort being done with former President George W. Bush. Impossible, we know. But now word is out that a spiritual "Idol" wannabe has been told in no uncertain terms by the producers not to sing the praises of Jesus Christ, according to The Daily News:
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Jesse: Conservatives Are Fascists

What a jerk.

“America is a liberal idea. How can you have in our country that is based upon liberality and liberation, be so anti-liberal. That’s toxic waste to our consciousness. It’s hard to be an American conservative because that’s a contradiction in terms.

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Catholic School Hands Sex Pamphlet to Kids

As the father of a sixth grade girl this horrifies me. Horrifies me. Mark Steyn writes:

Once these Catholic institutions get with the beat on contraceptives, what next? From Sudbury, Ontario:

Family members are shocked after Grade 7 Catholic school students received oral sex pamphlets meant for 18 year olds.

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Parenting is Funny

This is funny. And when you go there that's lots of stories just like it:

A mother saw her sons fighting over the last two cookies because one cookie was noticeably larger than the other. She decided to intervene, saying, “You know, Jesus would want you two to make a sacrifice by offering the larger cookie to the other. If Jesus were here, that’s what He would do.”
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To Obama, From a Catholic College

Campus Notes has the letter:

In a strongly-worded open letter to President Barack Obama, Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland voiced its protest of the federal government mandate requiring the provision of sterilization, contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in all health care plans as part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The letter was published in The Washington Post on March 12.

The President of Mount St. Mary’s University along with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees signed the letter to President Obama, protesting what they call the “unjust and intrusive mandate.”

They call for an “immediate religious exemption for all Catholic institutions and other employers.”
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An IVF Horror Story

It's almost too painful to read. Heartbreaking:

My soul carries a new scar. The pain is fresh and keen, and I know that while time might see the pain fade, I will never fully recover from what I’ve seen, and done. For I have failed, intentionally and knowingly, in the first duty of a parent: protecting the lives of two of my children.

My wife and I wanted children; alas, we needed IVF treatment to realize this dream. Several cycles and multiple embryo implantations later, we welcomed our blessing from G-d, who is the light of our lives.
I have failed, intentionally and knowingly, in the first duty of a parent: protecting the lives of two of my children.

Recently, we tried for another
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Fun with Polls

These polls are laughable:

I’ll give Pew this much credit — they did a better job of sampling in their latest poll than Reuters. That’s a bit like saying that Scary Movie 4 was a better film than Battlefield Earth, however. Pew finds that Barack Obama’s job approval has bounced back up to 50/41, but it took a sample that underrepresented Republican voters to get there:
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Marsha Blackburn Smacks up the HHS Mandate

A clarifying, hard hitting smackdown from Congresswoman Blackburn:

Here is how Rep. Marsha Blackburn explains the HHS Mandate debate:

Democrats have overreached in trying to make this an issue about access to contraception — which it is not — out of desperation. They are employing the politics of fear because they know the effect of the new mandate is that it will force religions to pay fines for freely practicing their faith and living the Gospel outside the brick walls of their respective churches.
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I am The Failure Rate

Rebecca Frech writes honestly about her trip through the world of contraceptives and how she's got lots of kids to prove it:

I have been told more times than I can count that if I were truly against abortion I would have to be pro-contraception. "Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies," the argument goes, "so putting women on reliable birth control would cut down on unwanted pregnancies and there would be fewer abortions."

It's an old argument, but always flung at me as if it were fresh and new and something I had never considered before this present moment. I think they expect me to stand there with my mouth hanging open at the cleverness of this point of view. This not being my first rodeo, I simply smile and ask "What about the failure rate?"
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Save The Bird Flippers

Even angry drivers need help sometimes.

CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Local resident Kristyn Dominy risked her life to save that of another driver on W. Ozello Trail — even though the other driver had made a rude gesture at her just moments before.

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Obamacare Heads to Supreme Court

The Washington Times reports:

As President Obama’s health care law heads for an epic Supreme Court showdown this month, the administration and its opponents are struggling to convince the court that it can rule in their favor without upsetting years of precedent or opening the door to all sorts of mischief.

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Video: Fighting Obamacare

TFP Student Action reports:

This video captures the work of TFP Student Action volunteers on college campuses and busy street corners – on the front lines – opposing Obamacare’s recent attack on the Catholic Church. Please share it. Post it. Email it. Facebook it.
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$1 Abortions Under Obamacare

Steven Ertelt reports:

It’s official. The concern pro-life organizations had about the ObamaCare legislation funding abortions has been confirmed, as the Obama administration has issued the final rules on abortion funding governing the controversial health care law.

Nestled within the “individual mandate” in the Obamacare act — that portion of the Act requiring every American to purchase government — approved insurance or pay a penalty — is an “abortion premium mandate.” This mandate requires all persons enrolled in insurance plans that include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate premium from their own pockets to fund abortion. As a result, many pro-life Americans will have to decide between a plan that violates their consciences by funding abortion, or a plan that may not meet their health needs.
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Rally Against the HHS Mandate

Catholics have to make some noise or else this issue will be ignored:

Standupforreligiousfreedom.com is the website of the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom. The Rally is scheduled for Friday, March 23 at noon, local time, outside federal buildings, Congressional offices and historic sites across the country.
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Archdiocese Welcomes 1,470 Entering Church

Wonderful news:

The archdiocese rolled out the welcome the past two weekends for 1,470 people who will be fully received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil April 7.

On Feb. 26 the Church welcomed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral 655 who will be baptized, confirmed and receive first Communion. The catechumens, as they are known, were accompanied by their sponsors and by family members. They came from more than 80 parishes around the archdiocese to publicly declare their commitment to the faith and to sign the Book of the Elect—a registry of names that’s part of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).
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Dude, Where's the Global Warming?

Science gets in the way of politics sometimes, doesn't it?

Report: No Global Warming For 17 Years, Temps At Their Coldest Point
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Poll: Obama Losing Women During Contraception Battle

The Weekly Standard has some poll numbers that run counter to the msm meme that the contraception battle is killing the GOP among women:

How's the great contraception mandate battle of 2012 playing out? If you read the Washington Post's news coverage, the issue is supposedly killing Republicans among female voters. But the newest Washington Post/ABC poll tells a different story.

During the first few days of February, about a week before Obama declared a so-called "accommodation" to the contraception/abortifacient mandate, a Washington Post/ABC poll showed Obama's approval rating at 50 percent, with 46 percent of Americans disapproving.

Then, from March 7 to 10--a week into the national media firestorm surrounding Rush Limbaugh's degrading remarks about Georgetown Law student and liberal activist Sandra Fluke--Washington Post/ABC conducted another poll. It found Obama's approval rating at 46 percent, down four points from February, and his disapproval rating at 50 percent, up four points from February.

In February, Obama was leading Mitt Romney, 51 percent to 45 percent among registered voters. In March, Obama was trailing Mitt Romney, 47 percent to 49 percent among registered voters. The Post/ABC pollster finds that Obama "did better among men and women alike last month, and has lost ground slightly among both sexes this month."
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DePaul's Muslim Prayer Rooms

Some Catholic college, huh?

Catholic students are not a majority at DePaul University, the country’s largest Catholic university, according to a study of student faiths reported in the student newspaper.

Statistics gathered by the Institutional Research and Market Analytics strategy group reportedly show that while 33 percent of students at DePaul declare their Catholic faith, nearly 45 percent of the student body do not identify themselves as being part of any organized religion.
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Stupidest Question of a Bishop...Evah!

I love this. It's just so stupid that I'm laughing as I write this. Father Z reports:

If this isn’t the stupidest question I have ever heard a newsie ask a bishop, it is near the top of the lift.

CNN’s Kyra Phillips asks:

Phillips: So, Bishop, times are changing. Views are changing. You’re changing your tactics even. Or your – I guess you say your strategy. So, why not get on board with the 43 percent of Catholics?
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"I thought that was highly progressive of them."

Gay ex-pornstar, fired for gay porn, gets the green light to teach your kids. Says "I thought that was highly progressive of them." Indeed.

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Unreal. Priest Who Denied Communion Place on Leave

With faculties removed. Score one for lesbo-nazis.

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Santorum Wins Kansas!

Game on!

Rick Santorum today won the Kansas Caucuses, which gives him momentum going into the Mississippi and Alabama primaries next Tuesday. He was the only candidate to campaign in the State, and he comes away from the land of Dorothy with approximately 53% of the vote, and at least 25 of the 40 Kansan delegates.
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Obama Destroying Little Sisters of the Poor's Ministry

Pundette writes:

Obama's HHS mandate will destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor's ministry to the elderly
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Exorcist Coming to Franciscan U

Campus Notes has the story:

In 2005, Father Gary Thomas was sent to Rome by his bishop to take a course on exorcism in response to the Vatican’s request that local churches begin to name official exorcists. Though hesitant, Father Thomas went.

Since then, Father Thomas reportedly encountered demonic forces, learned the ancient rite of exorcism, and became the basis for the book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, on which the popular 2011 film The Rite was based.

And now Father Thomas is coming to the Franciscan University of Steubenville to speak about the myths and realities of exorcism.
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Pope Praises Bishop for Reordering Sacraments

Catholic News Agency reports:

Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo said he is delighted to have first-hand papal approval for changing the order by which children in his diocese receive the sacraments.

“I was very surprised in what the Pope said to me, in terms of how happy he was that the sacraments of initiation have been restored to their proper order of baptism, confirmation then first Eucharist,” said Bishop Aquila, after meeting Pope Benedict on March 8.
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I'd Break Law to Procure Abortions for Minors


Episcopalian Leader Who Calls Abortion a “Blessing” Tells Congress She Would Break the Law To Help Minors Get Abortions…
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Soledad O'Brien Owned While Attacking Breitbart Vid

She keeps asking Breitbart's Pollak to define "Critical race theory." He does, she disagrees and then after refusing to define it herself she comes up with the exact definition from Wikipedia that someone had clearly whispered in her ear.
And then later, when she gets owned again she pretends she couldn't hear his question. Pathetic. Ace has the vid:

It wasn't pretty.

O'Brien took the position the video of Obama and Derrick Bell wasn't a bombshell, but she did so in a dismissive manner and with a heavy dose of attempted sarcasm. This went well beyond journalistic skepticism; it was advocacy. Or attempted advocacy. Pollak, Breitbart's editor-in-chief, demolished the panel--with the exception Amy Holmes, who wondered why the information didn't surface in 2008. Unlike O'Brien, Pollak remained polite and appropriate the entire time.
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Kraft Pulls Ad from GCB Show


After several Christian and conservative groups spoke out against the new ABC series “GCB,” Kraft Foods has pulled Philadelphia Cream Cheese ads from appearing during the show, TMZ reported.

The show is based on the book “Good Christian Bitches” and revolves around a group of catty, church-going women in a wealthy Dallas neighborhood.
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The After Birth Abortion Non-Apology Apology

Wesley Smith writes:

The promoters of the “after-birth abortion”–which has been removed from the Journal of Medical Ethics website–have issued a non-apology apology. They were just misunderstood and misrepresented don’t you know. But that dog won’t hunt so I took to the Daily Caller to explain. From “After-Birth Abortion Advocates’ Non-Apology Apology:”
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Diocese Stops Funding Homeless Agency

New director is publicly pro-gay marriage:

The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento no longer will fund programs at Francis House, a nonprofit agency that serves homeless people, because of its new director's views supporting abortion rights and gay marriage.

In a letter last month, the diocese's director of social services said the Rev. Faith Whitmore's public statements on the issues clash with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, said the Rev. Michael Kiernan, the social services director, it is "impossible for the diocese to continue funding Francis House" as part of its annual Catholic Appeal.

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The Real 1st President of the United States

Here's a fascinating bit of history.

When we think of the President of the United States, many people do not realize that we are actually referring to presidents elected under the U.S. Constitution. Everybody knows that the first president in that sense was George Washington. But in fact the Articles of Confederation, the predecessor to the Constitution, also called for a president– albeit one with greatly diminished powers. Eight men were appointed to serve one-year terms as president under the Articles of Confederation. The first was John Hanson, in 1781. His exact title was the “President of the United States in Congress Assembled.”

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Pro Gay Marriage Movie to be Shown at Catholic College


In November, Minnesotans will have the opportunity to vote on a marriage amendment to restore traditional marriage. In light of that important vote, The College of Saint Benedict/ St. John’s University in Minnesota is home to a surprising event that was posted on the school’s website:

Parents and friends of GLBT are invited to come together to share their stories and support each other and their families in a spirit of prayer and respect. The DVD “Catholics for Marriage Equality” will be shown. 7-9 p.m. Thursday, March 8 at the Spirituality Center, Saint Benedict’s Monastery.

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Jesuit College Accused of Right Wing Orthodoxy!!!

I guess it all depends upon your perspective but I just think it's a hoot that Boston College students are accusing the university of orthodoxy. Campus Notes reports:

A priest in the theology department at Boston College had his contract terminated, according to news reports, leading some students to suspect it a right-wing conspiracy at the Jesuit college.

While Boston College reportedly said Shea’s contract was not renewed because his position was changed to a tenure-track job, there’s some speculation that Father Shea’s reported outspokenness on female ordination may have been the cause of his termination.

Several students are protesting the decision by Boston College to not renew the contract of the adjunct professor in its School of Theology and Ministry. Some BC students told the media they believed that a ”climate of intolerance at the Jesuit university” exists around discussing issues such as the ordination of women.

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Call-to-Action Sends God Blasphemous e-Card

LarryD has the story:

God has a spam folder specifically designed for crap like this. It’s labeled “Gehenna”
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Dead Tree Decor?

Dance Farrell writes:

What the heck is with the dead trees? When did this become a Lent thing?
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Ultrasound, Ultra-Truth

Cal Thomas writes:

“Seeing is believing” is an ancient idiom. It teaches that a dispute can often be resolved by presenting physical evidence.

Opponents of the ultrasound bill passed last week by the Virginia legislature and expected to be signed soon by Governor Bob McDonnell, thought they could stop the measure because they said it would require an invasive vaginal probe to determine the age of the fetus in an early-stage pregnancy. The bill passed after it was modified to mandate only a non-invasive procedure.

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Bride of Flukenstein

Oh the horror! A nurse at a Catholic hospital has to pay for her own contraceptives! What's the point of consequenceless sex if it has an economic consequence!

While the media’s still buzzing about The Sandra Fluke Story, Democrats have rolled out a disappointing sequel starring a nurse who can’t get free contraception because she works at a Catholic hospital that doesn’t provide such coverage for religious reasons.

Produced by DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), a conference call last Friday featured a nurse at a Catholic hospital in Tacoma, Washington who complained that the hospital’s insurance doesn’t cover contraception. The nurse’s comments echoed those of Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, who has become the focus of national media discussion.

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N. Korea and Iran Collaborated on Nuclear Tests

I've got an idea! Let's just ignore Iran's nuclear ambitions for a few more years. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine:

The great irony here continues to be that their mutually exclusive ideologies would be duty-bound to attempt to annihilate one another if they came into competition. But for now, North Korea needs cash, and Iran wants the bomb.

They have collaborated both on computer technology that could help design nuclear weapons, and on missile technology, so there is no reason to believe they would stop there.

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Lawless Lesbianism?

Mike Adams of Townhall has a story on his investigation of how a government office issued a list of gay friendly churches:

Gentlemen, I write to you today to report a failure on behalf of the LGBTQIA Office to comply with North Carolina Public Records Law. The law, which is specified in NCGS Section 132, is fairly simple and straightforward. The request for materials, which was submitted several months ago, is also straightforward.

Last summer, the LGBTQIA Office distributed a list of recommended churches for homosexuals. The list was brief. Some people were upset because the state spent money in order to recommend some churches and not recommend other churches. Others were upset because their churches were left off the list. Naturally, they wondered just how (and why) such a list was compiled by a government office.
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Feminist Academic: Jesus A Hermaphrodite?

Weasel Zippers reports:

Dr Susannah Cornwall claimed that it is “simply a best guess” that Jesus was male.

Her comments, which are bound to provoke fury in some quarters, were published in response to the ongoing debate about women bishops in the Church of England. Dr Cornwall, of Manchester University’s Lincoln Theological Institute, describes herself on her blog as specialising in: “Research and writing in feminist theology, sexuality, gender, embodiment, ethics and other fun things like that.”
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Sandra Fluke Wants Gender Reassignment Paid for Too

Don't expect the msm to bring this up. Sandra Fluke is a hero to them and they know that the American people aren't with them on this one. So they'll ignore it. MRCtv has the story. Check it out:

Sandra Fluke is being sold by the left as something she's not. Namely a random co-ed from Georgetown law who found herself mixed up in the latest front of the culture war who was simply looking to make sure needy women had access to birth control. That, of course, is not the case.
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Hey, Why No HHS Mandate to Cover NFP?

If they're actually interested in women's health. Theologian Mom writes:

Recently all the talk about the HHS mandate for contraceptives to be made free of co-pay to all insured women has made me reflect on Natural Family Planning. It seems to me that the appeal of having free contraceptive services will make some women (and girls) turn to chemical contraception when they might have otherwise stuck with something else, like condoms. I've been struck by the way this has been billed as a "health" issue, as though it is really a healthy thing for women to screw around with their hormones for a couple of decades (approx. ages 15-35, based on some of my friends from high school) before they decide to have kids (and then can't always get pregnant...and need fertility services to achieve pregnancy).
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Msgr. Pope on Burning Bodies to Heat Pools

Is nothing sacred? It would appear not. Monsignor Pope writes:

We live in a culture where, increasingly, any sense of the sacred is being lost. The thought that something could be sacred, special, holy, or somehow “off-limits” is bewildering to many. Indeed many secularists consider those who do see some things as sacred, to be stuffy and somehow arrogant. There are many in our culture who defend the rights of others to burn the flag, ridicule religious symbols (e.g. the cross submerged in urine some years back in a noted “art” museum), and even applaud when, a couple years back, homosexual activists desecrated the Body of Christ by stomping on hosts.

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Wanna' Get Insulted by Martin Luther

Ironic Catholic has the Martin Luther Insult Generator. Kinda' fun.

One must admit the man had a way with words....

The one and only Martin Luther insult generator!

(My favorite: "Your astute minds have been completely turned into stinking mushrooms.")
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Jesus Doesn't Want to be Your Friend

The Church of No People blog reports:

Everyone likes to have friends. The more friends, the better.

And as the word “religion” has become more and more distasteful, Christians have tried to bill their faith as a “relationship,” or even a “friendship.” But definitely not a “religion.” Religion sounds cold and ritualized. We want friendship.

The problem is, God doesn’t want to be your friend. And He doesn’t want you to be His friend. And calling what we have with God a “relationship” may just be really confusing things.
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Columnist: GOP Candidates Have Too Many Kids

Wow. Just wow. Pundette outs this nastiness:

What with the raging "war on women" and all, it's now open season on "worrisome" large families, with their "smug fecundity" and sinisterly "archaic" "patriarchs." So writes Lisa Miller in the Washington Post's On Faith column:

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Newt Owns David Gregory on HHS Mandate

Newt nails the media for slanting the story for Obama and brings it back to religious liberty. Great video::

This is even better than how Newt responded to this issue on ABC this morning. He refused to allow Gregory to frame this as a women’s rights issue and made clear that there is no one blocking access to contraception. He really hit hard several times that this is a freedom of religion issue and nothing more:
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Mr. Obnoxious. Obama Invites Self TO Commencement

And has done so for the purpose of pushing the contraception debate.

President Obama will deliver this year’s commencement address at Barnard College, officials at the college and the White House announced on Saturday.

Word of Mr. Obama’s appearance at Barnard, a 123-year-old women’s college in New York City, comes as the White House and Democrats have seized on Republican attempts to block a requirement for contraception coverage in the new health care law, saying it amounts to a “war on women.”

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Seinfeld Writer Converts To Catholicism

My name is Tom Leopold and I’m a comedy writer (Seinfeld, Cheers, Will and Grace...). I am a Jewish comedy writer, although I always felt saying that was kind of redundant. So much of my humor — practically all of it I suppose— comes from who my people are, what they’ve been through and how they were able to turn it all on its head and find the funny side, even and especially if there was none to find.

I know it sounds odd, but I always liked Jesus. I was never “deep” enough to wrestle with the concept of his being the son of God. For me he had this James Dean-Bob Dylan-daring rebel-hero “thing” about him. Once in a while, I did wonder, had I been nearby when Jesus walked among us, would I have had seen him for who he said he was? And, if so, would I have had the courage to say “Hey, everybody says we’re waiting on the Messiah. Well, the ‘wait’ is over!” Fast forward two thousand years later and I’d follow Jesus anywhere if he’d have me.

Come Easter I’ll still be a comedy writer, but a Catholic one...

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YouTube Bans Hallie's Book Trailer!?

It's got Simcha, Jen and Hallie and more. Check it out at Jen's place:

The Style, Sex, and Substance book comes out soon — like, any minute now. That’s the one that Hallie Lord edited, that has chapters by tons of fabulous contributors (and me). I’ll tell you more about why the book is good and post some excerpts later. What I want to talk about today is the fact that the trailer was removed and banned by Youtube. You can see it below, as it’s now hosted on another video site. Pretty scandalous stuff there, right? I’ve been having a bunch of email back-and-forths in which some of the other contributors and I have been speculating about why this happened, and here are our top guesses:
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Fr. Bill Peckman on Why the Church Won't Waver

It ain't a thou shall not theology:

Over the past year or so, I have studied more and more the teachings of Blessed John Paul II concerning love, marriage, and human sexuality. They flow from the book “Love and Responsibility’ he wrote long before becoming the pope. The teachings that flowed from this revolutionary book designed to explain Catholic moral teaching on human sexuality and marriage, was an answer to the common acceptance of most Catholics to artificial contraception, and the lesser acceptance of abortion, divorce, and such. These teachings are the basis of a program called Theology of the Body. Whereas most Catholics and non-Catholics would characterize incorrectly Catholic sexual moral teachings as a litany of ‘that shall nots’ and a belief that women should be baby factories, Blessed John Paul II comes from a different angle; an angle that wants to see the creative and inherent beauty of human sexuality as something to be treasured and respected as a part of the respect owed to the individual as whole.
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What's a Baby Really Cost?

Jake Frost answers that at Faith & Family Live:

When my wife and I found out we were having our first baby, I was ecstatic. The coming of the new baby filled all my thoughts. I got to be a boring conversationalist, with only one topic to discuss. It was uncanny the connections I discovered (and which had never been apparent to me before) between every conceivable subject and babies. And not just babies generically, but our new baby in particular. An unsuspecting friend might innocently ask, “How’s the weather?” And I’d answer, “Well, our baby is due in February, so I hope we won’t have to worry about snow when it’s time to get to the hospital.”
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Sandra Fluke is Lying to You

Must read from Gateway Pundit:

Stunner. Georgetown “Coed” Sandra Fluke Is a 30 Year-Old Women’s Rights Activist

What a shock! It was all a BIG PRODUCTION!

The Democrat’s token abused college coed is actually a 30 year-old hardcore women’s rights activist.

Sandra Fluke is also the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.
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Mary Poppins and the Virgin Mary

This is great stuff from Vestal Morons and sure to start a fight:

The outrageous but bizarrely supportable thesis statement that I lay before you is this: Mary Poppins symbolizes the Blessed Virgin Mary. Specifically, it is about the Mother of God’s spiritual motherhood of humanity and her occasional “pop-ins” into this world, either in the form of apparitions or more subtle “everyday” intercessions. It thus depicts a “post-Assumption” Mary, though with many allusions to her earthly life as recorded in the Bible. I apologize for the ridiculous length of this analysis. Feel free to just skim it or, even better, not read it. All right, ladies and gents, here we go …
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Breitbart's Righteous Indignation

It is said that Andrew Breitbart, one day after standing up to OWS protestors, took them all to lunch at Appleby’s to teach them that it’s about truth and not personalities. Breitbart said that he slept hard at night defending Truth and America. Some will say he was a loudmouth. Viva the loudmouth!

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Parenting is Funny!

A great site with lots of funny parenting stories like this one:

My nearly two-year-old daughter climbed into bed with me this morning. So sweet, right? That’s what I thought at first. She had taken her clothes off because she wanted me to change her poopy diaper…which was leaking…and had leaked all over the sheets, and a bit on the comforter, AND on the floor, my oldest pointed out. Not quite my idea of the perfect way to start my day. But the best part came when I was in the bathroom, bottom sheet soaking in one sink, while I scrubbed the top sheet in the other. The culprit started to push the door open when her four-year-old sister, sensing my mood, loudly whispered to her, “Don’t go in there now. It’s dangerous!”
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Sherry's a Bit Upset

It seems she doesn't like all this talk about killing children:

Reason 2,547,383 of Why We Should Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. When I read about the article in the British Medical Journal, "After-birth Abortion: why should the baby live?" before going mentally nuclear on the very thought which frankly was my first emotional response, I forced myself to start reading the damn thing. From the title alone, I admit, I was wanting God's thunder to shake down from the sky...big time.

I admit, it's personal. I could not casually read about how Down Syndrome children while happy and thus could be argued to not be suffering because of their condition, were a prime example of when post birth abortion ought to be allowed.

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Atheism Course at Catholic College?

You must read the quotes of support from those in the theology department and campus ministry. They'll knock your socks off.

Fairfield University, a Jesuit university in Connecticut, may allow students to study the writings or Richard Dawkins and other famous atheists in a new course on atheism.

Patricia Behre, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, announced in the Fairfield Mirror yesterday that she would be proposing a course in Atheism at the Jesuit university.

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The Household Item Hikack

This is great fun from a father who wonders where all his stuff got to:

Earlier this week I found myself kicking aside a cork hot pot trivet dealio in order to pull the front door open and head for work. I walked toward the car thinking, “The stuff that just seems normal in my life at this point…”

Not really normal, I’m afraid.

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