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Villanova to Host Militant Gay Rights "Artist"

Oh and he's a member of Act Up, an anti-Catholic group:

Villanova University, a Roman Catholic Augustinian University outside Philadelphia, has invited a militant gay rights performance artist to be an artist in residence this April and lead workshops for students, according to an email shared with The Cardinal Newman Society. Villanova’s website confirms it.

But the term “militant gay rights activist” doesn’t really begin to explain Tim Miller, the performance artist. Miller, according to Facebook, sued the National Endowment for the Arts for pulling a grant due to his obscene “art,” he’s been arrested dozens of times, is a very public advocate of gay marriage and abortion rights, and is a member of the anti-Catholic group ACT UP which once sent protesters to interrupt Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and desecrated the Eucharist, according to The New York Times.
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MichaelP71 said...

When are Catholic Universities going to take back their "Catholicity"? Remember when some guy went to Notre Dame and promised intelligent conscience clauses? I am all for discussions and debates on ANY topic (which this is not being touted as). This is militant homosexual performance art. What does 'Nova gain from all of this? Oh wait they are probably trying to be more open minded (sarcasm), sorry!!

Ben said...

Ugh. Makes me embarrassed to be a Villanova Grad. There are good people there contrary to what this might lead you to believe.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Will Archbishop Chaput do anything?

Stay tuned.


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