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This is Not Funny

The ignorance of these students affirm my belief that our country is doomed. I say this not in some hyperbolic way. We are truly doomed by our own ignorance and it's made worse by the fact that we find our own ignorance funny as heck. Faith and Family Live has the vid:

The above video catches kids in a Washington State high school revealing their stunning ignorance of the most basic civics facts.

Its makers edited it heavily for laughs, so it is not, nor does it intend to be, a fair representation of what da yoots of America have in their heads.

Personally deflated by the defeat of marriage in Maryland yesterday, though, instead of laughing I’ve been thinking about something the Pope said last Summer.
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Anonymous said...

I am a high school teacher. This video is closer to the truth about students' ignorance and indifference than most adults realize.

I agree, America is doomed.

Anonymous said...


Why should the state of things in America come as
a devastating revelation? The Catholic Church is in
the same state of disrepair.

Why was I unable to find a priest twenty years ago
to work with my wife and I to heal our marriage?

Why did I have to defend our marriage before three separate marriage tribunals before the Church concluded our marriage was valid after 12
years of the process? Why has the Catholic Church
refused for over twenty years, Matthew, to help try to heal our marriage even though I have asked countless times, bishops in many places to intervene, to no avail? The present Cardinal of New York was asked for help soon after he was named Archbishop of New York. He would not raise a finger to help our marriage, neither would Cardinal Egan, nor would Cardinal O'Connor, nor any of the bishops where my wife and her lover lived, all four of the different dioceses and the many bishops who led them.

Do not be surprised, Matthew. I am criticized openly in Catholic Blogs, for years of pointing this out. I do not care who criticizes me. But they will at their final judgments.

I want my family whole. Our five adult children are
sick of all the endless lies. As goes marriage, so goes society!

No Matthew, do not be surprised. If the Church founded by God is in such shambles, why would
a secular democratic republic be any better?
America long ago ceased being one nation under God. Why would it not, when the same has happened to the largest denomination of Christianity that makes up a sizeable proportion of its electorate?

We have gotten just what our behaviors deserve. But most people are too preoccupied with their
trivial interests to understand the really important things. God help us.


Anonymous said...

America is fast becoming an IDIOCRACY.

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