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So What IS a Fully Formed Person?

Eugene Robinson, Pulitzer prize winner, says what a "fully formed person" is not and that anyone who disagrees with him is "insane." But it's easy to say what is not. He should say exactly what is a fully formed human. Definitely worth a read, never mind the poster at the top.

Eugene Robinson is an scribe for the Washington Post who specializes in embarrassing himself with ad hominem attacks on right wing personalities. Lately he’s made some scathing and offensive remarks about Rick Santorum.

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Mary De Voe said...

The term “person” speaks to the idea of who a person, at his or her core, is. The “person” is immutable. Thus, a human is a human always, an angel is an angel always. Right. Angels are persons too, but the human being is a person with a body and a soul and angels have no body or soul, they are pure spirits, and God is God always, three Persons in one God. The person comes into existence at the will of God. Here is where the schism begins. Here is the battle line. How dare you bring God into the secular world of atheism? I dare for the devil is a person, no body no soul, but personhood. Mr. Robinson, if you cannot explain your own existence, how can you define another person’s existence? From the writing of Reverend James Lentini. This is cross posted at Flopping Aces

Mary De Voe said...

“A fully formed person” or personhood, is endowed by our CREATOR when two become one, (from our Declaration of Independence). Our CREATOR gives us His Name “I AM” when human beings come into existence at conception (of the immortal, rational soul) through the will of God, God, WHO is being and existence. Government does not create life nor personhood, therefore, government cannot take innocent life or redefine personhood. Personhood is an immutable fact of existence. What Robinson may be thinking of is personality which is man’s response (a willful act of the human being’s soul through free will) to personhood. Personality grows with human growth. Personality is actually proof positive that there is an immortal, rational soul, and personhood, from which personality derives. However, if the person chooses to not indulge or respond to his personhood, that is still his freedom. His personality may be nil, but the person may not be put to death for his free will choice.

Mary De Voe said...

My second post is cross posted from Flopping Aces

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