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Pro-Abort Theology Prof Bails on Abort Debate At Last Minute

I honestly don't understand why any pro-abort would ever debate a competent pro-lifer in public, never mind a guy like Mike Adams. If a pro-abort is forced to argue intelligently in public he'll eventually have to say something stupid like why a human being isn't actually a human being at all. I think the outrageous thing here is that Marquette has a pro-abortion theology professor at all. But for him to agree to the debate and then to bail because he knows he's going to get his you know what handed to him is just weak sauce. Campus Notes has the story:

Margaret Gervase, a psychology Major at Marquette University, told The Cardinal Newman Society that infamously pro-abortion rights theology Professor Dr. Dan Maguire agreed in September to take part in an abortion debate this coming March.

But just last week, two weeks before the debate was scheduled to take place, she says that Dr. Maguire suddenly backed out after learning his opponent would be the fiery and energetic pro-lifer Dr. Mike Adams of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.

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