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Obama Works to Split Catholics

The great uniter is doing what he can to split Catholics. With his "compromise" he was looking to give lib Catholics something to hang their hat on to side with him.

On the MSNBC Sunday show “Meet the Press,” a network reporter said that the Obama administration’s “compromise” plan for a contraception mandate is a bid to split Catholics.

Joe Scarborough reported that the White House had recognized that it could face serious opposition from Catholic voters, and President Obama decided that “all he needed to do” was break the unity of the Catholic community.
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Archangel said...

The Health Care Tax Credit allows smaller churches to pay less for health insurance? Obama sponsored that one. Non-Catholics paid taxes to help Catholics pay for health care, regardless of whether they support Catholic activities or not. Now that it is time for Catholics to give back a little bit by supporting others, irregardless of whether it is for a Catholic activity or not, Catholics take support but refuse to give it.

Anonymous said...

Taxation is money looted under threat of force. That is theft, sin...even when you like the idea, even when it is done for noble reasons. Ends do not justify means. It is not up to you to decide who "gives" what. Communism is evil.

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