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Newt on Transhumanism

This is an excellent response from Newt. Rebecca has the story:

Many people who read my work elsewhere think transhumanism movement is not an important pro-life issue. It is so abstract an idea to them that they regularly wonder why I bother writing about it. I think it is simply because they don't realize how much transhumanism is already in our consciousness. Artificial human enhancements are depicted everywhere from TV (Chuck) to movies (Captain America and Limitless) to video games (Deus Ex.)

And whether parents realize it or not, transhumansim is especially in the consciousness of our children. In a recent conversation, my own son asked me why I don't like human enhancements. He was distressed and asked, "Then how can I become a super hero?" My husband commented that he wanted to be a super hero too when he was nine and every boy in the world wants to be a super hero. I responded that our son's generation may actually be able to fulfill those childhood and childish "dreams" of becoming enhanced.
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Mary De Voe said...

"WHO is like unto God" Men who want to be like God must emulate God. Transhumanism will not give a person bi-location but holiness will, or the ability to raise the dead, but holiness will, or heal the sick, or bring true peace to our world but holiness will. Doing God's will will.

Mary De Voe said...

Transhumanism works both ways. Medical treatment must be absolutely of life saving necessity, because God still judges the world. Fallible men will mess it up, big time. Does anyone remember when the first atomic bomb was tested? Some scientists believed that the entire atmosphere would ignite and burn all the oxygen. They did it anyway. Don't mess with Mother Nature. GKCesterton says that nature is not our Mother, but our sister.

Mary De Voe said...

Informed consent must be obtained from a mature adult human being. If transhumanism is experimentation then informed consent is impossible.

MoonChild02 said...

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, anyone? Seriously, who wants their mind/body altered like that? It's disgusting, and beyond disturbing. If it were to happen naturally (ala X-Men), that's one thing. However, to mess with something someone has naturally that is in perfect working order just to fit your world? To alter others on a whim without their permission? That's more than gross. It's psychopathic.

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