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Jesuits, Others Applaud Obama's "Compromise"

No surprise here. Just disappointment:

While the bishops have responded forcefully to the inadequacies of President Obama’s so-called “compromise” on the contraceptive mandate, The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities has released a statement essentially thanking President Obama for his “accommodation.”

Shortly after the “accommodation” was announced by the White House, the AJCU released this statement:
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Pattymelt said...

CBS News today has polled President Obama's "compromise" on health insurance. According to them 61% of the general population approve of it, and 61% of Catholics are in favor of it.

How terrible! Obama is splitting the Catholic vote again?!

Archangel said...

-Fact 1: Health Care Tax Credit sponsored by Obama in 2010 allows smaller churches to pay less for health insurance.
-Fact 2: That means Non-Catholics helped Catholics pay for health care even though Catholic health care does not support contraceptives
-Fact 3: Now Catholics are asked to help Non-Catholics pay for health care which supports contraceptives
-Conclusion: Those who accept support from those they would not support in the same way are greedy sinners

Maurisa said...

Jesuits like to think of themselves as smart. How smart do you have to be to have zero common sense?

WK Aiken said...

Two proud Catholic mothers were discussing their sons' relative paths to Priesthood.

The first mom said, "My son just completed eight years of college and Seminary, plus another year of Diaconate and then another of formation to discern he wanted to become a Benedictine."

The other mom arrogantly replied, "My son did the same thing, but it took him 14 years because he's a Jesuit."

The first mom said, "Good for him. I'd heard they weren't as smart as the others."

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