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Jars of Dead Babies Found in Basement

Key quote: "I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That's all I know." Women of Grace has more:

Two jars containing the remains of two babies between 20 and 26 weeks gestation were found in the basement of a home in Hannibal, Missouri where abortions were once performed.

KHQA is reporting that the jars were found by two workmen who were renovating an old home which was allegedly used as an illegal abortion clinic in the early 1900s.

“I know they did medical procedures and stuff,” said the property’s owner, William C. Neff. “I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That’s all I know.”
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Anonymous said...

Prior to the 1950's, 1/3 of all first children of a marriage were born within 7 months of the wedding. As my dad says "The first baby can come any time, the rest take 9 months". Been trapped women forever. Mary, these women from 1900's, and todays using PP.

1950's, the pill showed up btw.

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