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K-Lo says "The Culture Wars Are Back"

There probably isn’t a single chattering-class show that hasn’t made that observation in recent days. But what is frequently overlooked is the fact that the Obama administration forced this debate over birth control — though it hoped that its HHS mandate would fly under the radar. Now, it wants everyone to believe that Republican men are trying to ban birth control in America. That’s just not the case.

This mandate is pernicious, and it shows us the long, dangerous road that mandates — and the health-care bill — have set us on. Although it wasn’t clear what the bill would entail when it was passed, now we’re getting the picture.

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Anonymous said...

Obamacare has a congenital defect so terminating is recommended. We would'nt want to punish America by letting this inviable product of deception make it full term.

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