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I am the 2 Percent!

If 98% of women contracept than Sara Perla writing on the On Faith blog of the Washington Post is definitely part of the 2%. Hey, maybe we should start a movement. Occupy the bedroom! We are the 2%. And hey, occupying the bedroom sounds like a lot more fun than living in filth in a New York City park, doesn't it?

Among many mistaken claims that have been made in the last few weeks, one is that according to many in the media, I do not exist. Nor do many of my friends.

Who am I? A single, chaste, Catholic woman who has studied to understand church teaching on contraception, and finds herself happy as she freely lives out that teaching.

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Anonymous said...

The bedroom might be fun but this particular woman doesn't know that. She is single and has never known a man. Like a person that has never had banana cream pie, she doesn't know what she is missing. Easy to be a 2%'er if you have no need for contraception.

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