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Dad, That Looks Like a Hippie Movie

I forgot what I took the kids to see but as the previews came on my 12 year old poked me halfway through the preview for The Lorax. She whispered, "Dad, that looks like a hippie movie." Shhh, I said.

She said "Why, do you think there are hippies here in the movie theater?" Shhhhhhhhh!

One of these days some child service agent is going to hear just one conversation I have with my kids and try to have them removed from the custodial care.

But anyway, I've got to tell you that my twelve year old nailed it. The Lorax looks like a hippie movie.

Newsbusters has more evidence, as if you needed it:

While interviewing actor Ed Helms about his role in 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' On Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer seemed puzzled that anyone would question the environmentalist message of the book or movie: "...believe it or not, Dr. Seuss has sparked controversy with this movie because Lou Dobbs weighed in on this..."
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