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Catholic Gov. Signs Gay Marriage Law, No Religious Protections

Law could force Catholic churches to perform gay marriage:

Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington State has signed into law a gay “marriage” bill that will force church-owned facilities to accommodate homosexual ceremonies.

Gregoire, a lame-duck Democrat governor who proposed the bill earlier this year, celebrated the end of defining marriage as between a man and a woman as she signed the bill on Monday.

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire“I’m proud our same-sex couples will no longer be treated as separate but equal,” she said.
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Mary De Voe said...

The vice of LUST has just been officially recognized as the virtue of religion, a virtue of love. Has the governor grown out of the anal stage? I think not. To redefine LUST as LOVE and codify it with penalties for non- adherence, non-compliance is perjury in a court of law and treason on a state level. If this law goes nationwide, the governor will be guilty of treason on a national level. May almighty God have mercy on her immortal soul

Anonymous said...

To vote for a Democrat or to support the Democrat Party is grievously sinful.

tistylee said...

Sadly... it would appear that the Church will have to get out of the "marriage" business in the state of Washington. :(

Anonymous said...

Seriously, My wife and I were not allowed to get married in the Catholic church, due to rules in Saginaw. This a stupid to believe that Gays can get married in a church against it's will. Scare mongering, plain and simple. Republicans and NOM only have fear to offer.

Now, if you rent your church properties to non Church events and members, you will be required to behave with equality. You want public money, you follow public rules.

Gosh Mary, your diatribes are so childish. Treason? Really? I wonder if you are from Grand Rapids? I suspect so.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the increasing homosexual persecution of Christians. "Public money" is not the same as tax money. Forcing association is communist evil. People have the right to their own beliefs and to associate and do buisiness with who they wish...or not.
And Mary, I did not find your post childish in the least.

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