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Catholic Gov. Dismisses Bishops

Newsbusters reports:

Kudos to CNN "State of the Union" host Candy Crowley for bringing up on Sunday the undercovered story of the recent Obamacare-related decision to force Catholic employers to insure sterilizations, abortifacients, and contraceptives. When she mentioned "real outrage within the Catholic community" -- and bishops' letters opposed Obama were again read in parishes across America at Mass on Sunday -- liberal Gov. Martin O'Malley blew off the bishops: "most of those in the hierarchy are also Republicans."

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Paul Zummo said...

That's my governor.

(Weeps openly.)

Anneg said...

Does anybody know if there have been meetings between Gov O'Malley and Archbishop O'Brien?

Anonymous said...

That's O'Malley's Jesuit formation showing. Good old Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC.
Atta boy, Guv!

Laura said...

Oh well as long as you believe they're republicans is OK to ignore them.
Paul: LOL

Anonymous said...

Check your facts, Laura, O'Malley is a left-wing Democrat through and through.

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