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Artist Blames Catholic Blogs for Villanova Un-invite

Catholic bloggers are so mean, you know.

Following a report by The Cardinal Newman Society, Villanova University, a Roman Catholic Augustinian University outside Philadelphia, has now cancelled the invitation to a militant gay rights performance artist who had been asked to be an artist in residence this April and lead workshops for students.

The school released a statement announcing that Tim Miller, a pro-abortion rights and pro-gay marriage performance artist who often appears nude on stage, would not be hosting a week-long workshop on campus in April.
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Anonymous said...

After visiting the Villanova paper website (the villanovan), I think I should probably not tell people I'm a grad anymore. Embarrassingly shallow thinking.

Ben said...

Oh that was me above, and I mean the students screaming about free speech reaction is stupid. Villanovans look very stupid after this.

Clinton said...

I agree, Ben. Mr. Miller is free to continue to advocate
for his agenda of abortion, same-sex marriage, and
the rejection of the view of homosexual acts as gravely
sinful. No one is stopping him. However, a Catholic
institution neither owes him a platform nor does it
owe him employment. No Catholic institution owes
him access to the youth in its care.

I really wonder if the folks shrieking that Villanova's
dis-invite is a blow against diversity have followed
their argument through to its end. What if a prospective hire was a proud public advocate of
pedophilia, a holocaust denier or a longtime and
public member of the Klan? Would Mr. Miller's advo-
cates also protest Villanova's refusal to hire such a
person? Or are some views just more "diverse' than

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