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Abp Chaput: Obama Mandate “Insulting, Dangerous”…

CMR hearts Archbishop Chaput. Read his statement in its entirety.

Archbishop Charles Chaput: Obama HHS Mandate “Insulting, Dangerous”…
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Mary De Voe said...

Through Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils, Obama has assigned himself the power to confiscate private property if in the government's opinion the property is not being used to the best of its potential. When Obamacare criminalizes all Catholic Churches and Catholics, Catholic Churches and Catholic's private property will be confiscated. If a Catholic voted for Obama this will serve him right. The innocent people will be driven into the catacombs again.

Archangel said...

-Fact 1: Health Care Tax Credit sponsored by Obama in 2010 allows smaller churches to pay less for health insurance.
-Fact 2: That means Non-Catholics helped and continue to help Catholics pay for health care even though Catholic health care does not support contraceptives which they believe in
-Fact 3: Now Catholics are asked to help Non-Catholics pay for health care which supports contraceptives
-Conclusion: Those who accept support from those they would refuse to support in a similar way are greedy sinners

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