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Miscarriage Resources

Just because this is the kind of thing I would never think to write about. Married Mom

There are a ton of resources for grieving and healing after a miscarriage out there, but it’s one of those experiences where when you need answers, you need them now. While my hope is that no one will need this, the reality is that fifteen to twenty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. At the playground the other day, I looked around at all the children who had survived pregnancy and birth, and understood what it really means that each child is a miracle.
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Dad, That Looks Like a Hippie Movie

I forgot what I took the kids to see but as the previews came on my 12 year old poked me halfway through the preview for The Lorax. She whispered, "Dad, that looks like a hippie movie." Shhh, I said.

She said "Why, do you think there are hippies here in the movie theater?" Shhhhhhhhh!

One of these days some child service agent is going to hear just one conversation I have with my kids and try to have them removed from the custodial care.

But anyway, I've got to tell you that my twelve year old nailed it. The Lorax looks like a hippie movie.

Newsbusters has more evidence, as if you needed it:

While interviewing actor Ed Helms about his role in 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' On Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer seemed puzzled that anyone would question the environmentalist message of the book or movie: "...believe it or not, Dr. Seuss has sparked controversy with this movie because Lou Dobbs weighed in on this..."
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Assessing Supreme Court Vacancies

Paul Zummo writes:

Supreme Court appointments have been a relatively muted issue during the campaign. It might be worth taking a look at the Court and in order to see where we might be headed over the course of the next presidential term. I will be listing Justices in order from least to most likely to retire over the next four years. Letter in parentheses indicates party of the president under which they were appointed.
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Obama's Faith Panel Disappears

What a shock. It's almost like Obama doesn't take faith seriously. Or something.

His faith under attack, his contraception decision savaged on all sides, President Barack Obama could use backup in the religious community right now.

But three years into his presidency, Obama’s marquee council of faith advisers has gone dark — a little-noticed postscript for a panel that he rolled out with fanfare and high expectations during his first weeks in office but ended up playing only a limited role in West Wing deliberations.

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Is Santorum More Electable than Romney?

...The “Romney is more electable” crowd posit that once independents come to know Santorum’s “extremist” social views, they will bolt.

The trouble with this is that, as we’ve noted, ‘the extremism on sexual politics’ is in substantial part mythical–and the propagation of the myth doesn’t seem to be hurting Santorum.

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The Hope of Walker Percy

I love me some Walker Percy and found this piece by Father Damian Ference at Word on Fire fascinating:

If anyone should have killed himself, it should have been Walker Percy. After all, suicide ran in his family and it went back generations. One Percy overdosed on morphine—another jumped into a creek with a sugar kettle tied around his neck. Even Percy’s grandfather took his life. And when Walker was only 13 years old, his own father shot himself dead in the attic of the family home.

It gets worse.
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When They Came For Freedom, What Did You Do?

Kathryn Lopez has the list and contact info of Senators who should be persuaded to vote for religious liberty:

When They Came for Our Freedom, What Did You Do? Did You Say Anything?

There may be a vote this week on the Respect for the Rights of Conscience Act. Activists are sending out this list of senators who should be persuaded to vote for it.
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Mother Dolores at the Oscars

Chelsea's got the story:

As I predicted, Mother Dolores was never featured on any of the red carpet shows, but I heard from a few people who noticed her in the background. She even caught Perez Hilton’s attention! I didn’t see it live, but during this interview with Maya Rudolph, you can see her off to the right starting at about the 30 second mark:
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Farakhan Praises Pfleger

Yeah, that kinda' figures:

Farrakhan Praises Obama-Backer And Radical Leftist Priest Michael Pfleger…
Here’s the Father Pfleger endorsement that was featured on Obama campaign site (has since been scrubbed):

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Noted Birth-Control Nazi Publishes Economic Plan

Rick, this doesn't fit the narrative.

America's budget process is broken. Our economy and American families are struggling, and the country needs bold reforms and major restructuring, not tinkering at the margins. Obamanomics has left one in six Americans in poverty, and one in four children on food stamps. Millions seek jobs and others have given up.

Meanwhile, my opponent in the Republican primaries, Mitt Romney, had a last-minute conversion. Attempting to distract from his record of tax and fee increases as governor of Massachusetts, poor job creation, and aggressive pursuit of earmarks, he now says he wants to follow my lead and lower individual as well as corporate marginal tax rates.

It's a good start. But it doesn't go nearly far enough. He says his proposed tax cuts would be revenue neutral and, borrowing the language of Occupy Wall Street, promises the top 1% will pay for the cuts. No pro-growth tax policy there, just more Obama-style class warfare.

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Santorum Was Right About Iran—When It Was Unpopular

Rick Santorum doesn't fit any of the stereotypes of current foreign-policy ideologies. He's too idealistic to be a "realist," too conservative and too religious to be a "neocon," and too revolutionary to be a "paleocon." He's an old-fashioned, feisty patriot, in the mold of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Santorum's hatred of tyranny traces back to his grandfather Pietro, who took the family from Lake Garda in northern Italy to Pennsylvania's coal country to escape Mussolini's dictatorship in the 1920s. Pietro Santorum worked in the mines until he was 72 and, as Mr. Santorum often says, taught him "to treasure the gift of freedom [and] to have faith in God's grace."

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Vid: Dem Rep Gets Earful from Catholics

Soooo I'm thinking they're not liking the HHS mandate. Must watch video of the day:

Rep. Kathy Hochul expected to get some questions on the economy and on gas prices when she met with constituents in New York’s 26th Congressional district last night. Instead, the freshman Democrat got booed by a crowded room over her support for the HHS mandate on contraception and abortifacients, and spent the evening getting an earful from angry voters:
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Kid Draws Pic of Dad with Gun, Dad Arrested

Wow. Just wow.

Imagine for a moment that you are Jessie Sansone: a day like any other, going through the normal routine. You go to pick up your three kids from school and are confronted by a handful of Kitchener, Ontario’ finest.

Your first thought is probably wondering if something awful has happened. You think of your kids – are they okay? Then confusion mixes with panic when you discover the cops are here for you. Now you really worry about the kids.

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So What IS a Fully Formed Person?

Eugene Robinson, Pulitzer prize winner, says what a "fully formed person" is not and that anyone who disagrees with him is "insane." But it's easy to say what is not. He should say exactly what is a fully formed human. Definitely worth a read, never mind the poster at the top.

Eugene Robinson is an scribe for the Washington Post who specializes in embarrassing himself with ad hominem attacks on right wing personalities. Lately he’s made some scathing and offensive remarks about Rick Santorum.

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I am the 2 Percent!

If 98% of women contracept than Sara Perla writing on the On Faith blog of the Washington Post is definitely part of the 2%. Hey, maybe we should start a movement. Occupy the bedroom! We are the 2%. And hey, occupying the bedroom sounds like a lot more fun than living in filth in a New York City park, doesn't it?

Among many mistaken claims that have been made in the last few weeks, one is that according to many in the media, I do not exist. Nor do many of my friends.

Who am I? A single, chaste, Catholic woman who has studied to understand church teaching on contraception, and finds herself happy as she freely lives out that teaching.

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Pro-Abort Theology Prof Bails on Abort Debate At Last Minute

I honestly don't understand why any pro-abort would ever debate a competent pro-lifer in public, never mind a guy like Mike Adams. If a pro-abort is forced to argue intelligently in public he'll eventually have to say something stupid like why a human being isn't actually a human being at all. I think the outrageous thing here is that Marquette has a pro-abortion theology professor at all. But for him to agree to the debate and then to bail because he knows he's going to get his you know what handed to him is just weak sauce. Campus Notes has the story:

Margaret Gervase, a psychology Major at Marquette University, told The Cardinal Newman Society that infamously pro-abortion rights theology Professor Dr. Dan Maguire agreed in September to take part in an abortion debate this coming March.

But just last week, two weeks before the debate was scheduled to take place, she says that Dr. Maguire suddenly backed out after learning his opponent would be the fiery and energetic pro-lifer Dr. Mike Adams of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.

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An Amazing Story About Romney

A missing girl and how Romney shut down Bain Capital to find her. Ace has the incredible story:

People say there's no positive case for Romney.

Well, apart from his high personal morality and integrity, there's also the story of how he shut down Bain to help find a partner's missing daughter.
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Video: Tough Night for Santorum

On the defensive for much of the night. Not good. Hot Air has the videos:

Three clips for you of RS on the defensive at the debate in lieu of a Quote of the Day. First, the obligatory earmark colloquy with Romney, then the attack on his support for Arlen Specter (via BuzzFeed), and finally his cringeworthy admission that he took one for the team in voting for No Child Left Behind (via Breitbart TV). Reaction on Twitter and on righty blogs that I read was that he lost some traction tonight from having to explain himself so often. Per Nate Silver, InTrade apparently agrees: Santorum started the day with 13 percent odds of winning the nomination, but as I write this, he’s down to just 6.2 percent — a 53.7 percent drop. The consensus is that Newt had a good night too, albeit without any spectacular moments, which magnifies Santorum’s problem by threatening to pull away some of the conservative votes he desperately needs to inch past Romney in Michigan.
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Tony Rossi Explains Why Fringe is My Favorite Show

I love it:

“Some things are not ours to tamper with; some things belong to God.”

That’s a line from the Season 4 episode of the science fiction TV series, “Fringe,” called “Novation,” but it reflects a theme that’s run throughout the show’s history.

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Stop Being Cool, Be a Dad

A great piece by Andrew Klavan. A must read called "The Tyranny of Hip.:

Desperately racing to catch up with the conservative sociologist Charles Murray whom they so despise, the leftist New York Times front-paged a story Saturday that basically bore out the central findings of Murray’s new book Coming Apart.

More than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage. … The fastest growth in the last two decades has occurred among white women in their 20s. … One group still largely resists the trend: college graduates, who overwhelmingly marry before having children. That is turning family structure into a new class divide, with the economic and social rewards of marriage increasingly reserved for people with the most education.
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Artist Blames Catholic Blogs for Villanova Un-invite

Catholic bloggers are so mean, you know.

Following a report by The Cardinal Newman Society, Villanova University, a Roman Catholic Augustinian University outside Philadelphia, has now cancelled the invitation to a militant gay rights performance artist who had been asked to be an artist in residence this April and lead workshops for students.

The school released a statement announcing that Tim Miller, a pro-abortion rights and pro-gay marriage performance artist who often appears nude on stage, would not be hosting a week-long workshop on campus in April.
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Breaking: Ave Maria Sues Obama Administration


Ave Maria University has joined Belmont Abbey College and the Eternal Word Television Network in the rising tide of lawsuits against the Obama administration’s attempt to force contraception, sterilization, and abortion drugs into virtually every health insurance policy in America.

Ave Maria President Jim Towey, former head of the Bush administration’s Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives, said, “As an American Catholic, I am in disbelief that I have to choose between being a good Catholic and a good citizen. I will not, and the University will not, accept this false choice.”
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It’s not about sex; it’s about tyranny.

K-Lo says "The Culture Wars Are Back"

There probably isn’t a single chattering-class show that hasn’t made that observation in recent days. But what is frequently overlooked is the fact that the Obama administration forced this debate over birth control — though it hoped that its HHS mandate would fly under the radar. Now, it wants everyone to believe that Republican men are trying to ban birth control in America. That’s just not the case.

This mandate is pernicious, and it shows us the long, dangerous road that mandates — and the health-care bill — have set us on. Although it wasn’t clear what the bill would entail when it was passed, now we’re getting the picture.

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The Pill Is Not Good for Women

The recent Health and Human Services mandate and the ensuing debate appear to have pitted religious-liberty claims against women’s health. But because religious leaders (rightly) focused on the need for a religious exemption, it may appear to some observers that they are unable to articulate a reasoned and weighty response to the administration’s claim that contraceptives are essential to women’s health and well-being.

The Obama administration is wrong on this score as well, and the substantive case needs to be made: The contraceptive revolution has failed to be the unmitigated boon to women or to society that it was hyped up to be.

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How Bob Casey Beat Santorum in 2006

One of the main criticisms of Santorum's candidacy is that he lost Pennsylvania in 2006. So how does Casey beat him? He lied. And he ran to the right of Santorum:

Let's Go Back to the Replay: How Bob Casey Beat Rick Santorum in 2006

What happened in Washington? Millions of jobs lost. The largest deficit ever. An arrogant government out of touch. "Pennsylvania deserves a senator in touch with Pennsylvania... we need someone fighting for fair-trade laws, that don't give away our jobs... someone who will stand up against the partisan politics in Washington... someone who's fiscally responsible... who balances a budget, just like you do, every day of your lives. We can do better in Washington, and we will. I'm Bob Casey, and I approve this message." --Transcript of Bob Casey, Democrat for Senate Ad, 2006
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Separating Social Issues from Economics is Stupid

Adrienne writes:

Anyone who thinks our great sexual awakening has not resulted in huge economic problems is either a liar or a fool. Let's just take an example of what's going on in my town. We seem to be experiencing an epidemic of teen pregnancies. I don't mean a few, I mean a HUGE outbreak starting with girls who have been sexually active since 13 or possibly earlier. Are they unwed mothers because they don't have access to birth control? That would be a resounding "no." Each and everyone of these girls had procured birth control from Planned Parenthood. So why are they all so anxious to become unwed mothers?
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Students Against Religious Liberty

The media loves these young girls speaking truth to power about the right to jump into bed with men they don't particularly love or trust.

About 300,000 pro-lifers marched through the middle of our nation’s capitol last month with scant coverage in the mainstream media.

But when a few college girls with a microphone kvetch that while they can afford to pay $50,000 per year to attend a Catholic college, they can’t afford condoms, you’ve got an instant media sensation.
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Arsonists Torch Catholic School in New Orleans

Gateway Pundit has the story:

After Several Threatening Letters Arsonists Torch Catholic School in New Orleans
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Pundette on the Aspirin Joke

I still don't get what the big deal is. How can it be controversial to suggest a great way to not get pregnant is to not have sex? Pundette writes:

I'm really tired of this topic, and I more or less agree with K-Lo, that the sooner we move beyond this, the better. But . . . the crux of that politically incorrect aspirin joke (which wasn't actually funny, but that's beside the point) is that once upon a time society understood that if a young lady didn't care to risk conceiving a child, she could choose to refrain from the activity that caused it. In a thousand ways, the culture supported her in that choice. Now the Obama administration hopes to install "free love" as a permanent state-sponsored entitlement.
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Obama Lies to Catholics

J. Christian Adams tells the truth about all the lies:

Give the Obama administration their due, they sure are great deceivers. In an effort to escape the firestorm engulfing them because of the ObamaCare mandate that forces churches to violate their theology, the president announced a “compromise” on February 10. The details of this compromise demonstrate that President Obama simply cannot be believed.

Naturally, the Washington Post, either as compliant dupes or dishonest confederates, ran with the front page headline: “Obama shifts course on birth control rule to calm Catholic leaders’ outrage.” The headline contained a falsehood, the “shift,” as well as the administration’s messaging to Catholics, calm.

N.C. Aizenman, Peter Wallsten, and Karen Tumulty, authors of the Post story, claimed the White House “alter[ed] a new birth control rule.” It characterized the announcement as a “new policy.” Most deceptive of all, the Post said the announcement “amends a rule announced in August.”

Lies, all.

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A 3 Minute Lenten Prayer from Jesuits

I'll check it out:

In just a few days, Catholics across America will begin the Lenten season, a 40-day period of prayerful reflection and, for many, a time of fasting and temporary denial of chocolate, wine or Starbucks.

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North Carolina County vs. ACLU over Prayer

The ACLU picks a fight over Jesus prayer. The county fights back.

ACLU Demands North Carolina County Remove Jesus From Opening Prayer…

The county’s response: Bite me.

SALISBURY, NC – The Rowan County Commissioners open every meeting with a prayer. Vice-Chairman Carl Ford says it’s been that way since he can remember.

“I’m going to pray before the meetings and I’m going to pray in the name of Jesus because that’s my right,” said Ford.
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This is Not Funny

The ignorance of these students affirm my belief that our country is doomed. I say this not in some hyperbolic way. We are truly doomed by our own ignorance and it's made worse by the fact that we find our own ignorance funny as heck. Faith and Family Live has the vid:

The above video catches kids in a Washington State high school revealing their stunning ignorance of the most basic civics facts.

Its makers edited it heavily for laughs, so it is not, nor does it intend to be, a fair representation of what da yoots of America have in their heads.

Personally deflated by the defeat of marriage in Maryland yesterday, though, instead of laughing I’ve been thinking about something the Pope said last Summer.
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Elizabeth Tenety Speaks with Jeremy Lin's Pastor

Great interview:

Stephen Chen is head pastor of the English-language ministry at Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Mountain View, Calif. Among the longtime members of his 300-person, largely Chinese American immigrant church is basketball’s latter-day wunderkind, the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin.

Chen has known Lin since the basketball phenom was 13, when Chen worked with him as a youth counselor at their church. Chen never played basketball until Jeremy and his brother, Josh, taught him. “They said, ‘we’ll listen to what you have to say about the Bible and you have to listen to what we have to say about basketball.’”
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Fr. Bill Peckman on the HHS Mandate

What to do in the face of evil:

Our Catholic Faith has never been one that looked to run away from the world into its own ghetto. From our very start, we have sought to engage the world in a positive way that helps to lift up the culture towards positive ends. Over the centuries, Catholics have been responsible for the creation of the university system, developed the idea of the hospital, of hospice, and attended to the health care of those around us as matter of our Catholic principles rooted in the Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy. From these same principles we took care of our own and reached out a helping hand towards any and all in need.

In this country, long before the federal government got involved, we had associations such as the Knights of Columbus, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Catholic Worker movement, numerous hospitals, orphanages, schools and universities to answer the needs of health, welfare, and education. We always strive to do these in line with our Catholic principles. This isn’t to say there hasn’t been neglect, abuse, or other human malignancies that have crept in from time to time, but the Catholic Church still remains the most charitable organization in this country and world. We have been long looking out for the welfare, education, and health of people long before this country ever existed
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It's About Sex

Excellent report from The Weekly Standard about what passes for Sacred Dogma to the left:

In the conflict between the Obama administration and the Catholic church over mandated contraceptive coverage in health insurance policies, it’s easy to understand the motivations of the church. Catholics object to artificial contraception—and to abortifacients and sterilization, reimbursement for which is also mandated—as a matter of doctrine, owing to their beliefs about the dignity of the human person.

The church’s allies—evangelical Christians, Tea Partiers, and other non-Catholic conservatives—are motivated by a conviction that, theology aside, the Obamacare edict forcing the church to pay for procedures it finds morally objectionable is an unconstitutional trespass on the free exercise of religion.

But what is it that motivates those on the left? Why do they care so deeply about the kind of insurance coverage Catholic employers provide? It’s not as if NARAL and Planned Parenthood devotees are heavily represented in the workforce of Catholic institutions. And you don’t see petitions from leftwing pressure groups calling on the church to provide better dental and vision coverage, or mental health benefits. Which would, as a pragmatic matter, be much more helpful for more of the workforce than the contraceptive mandate. No, for the left, the fight isn’t about social justice or the proper scope of the state. It’s about the contraceptives. It’s about sex.
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Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill

Good news. He says let the people decide.

Gov. Chris Christie has followed through on his promise to reject a bill allowing same-sex marriage in New Jersey by quickly vetoing the measure Friday.

The veto came a day after the state Assembly passed the bill. The state Senate had passed it on Monday. Christie, a Republican who opposes same-sex marriage, had vowed "very swift action" once the bill reached his desk.
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Scott Brown Against the HHS Mandate

This is big news because we need every vote we can get because something tells me Senators like Bob Casey will be donning the hope and change kneepads and vote with the President against the Catholic Church.

Suffolk poll shows Brown up 9 over Warren in MA Senate race; Update: Brown op-ed supports Blunt bill on religious exemption from mandate
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Pelosi Hearts the HHS Mandate

Ace writes:

Pelosi: Absolutely, I Agree With The Majority of My Fellow Catholics That The Catholic Church Itself Should Be Compelled to Pay for Birth Control and Abortions
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Obama Responds to Lawsuit. Epic Fail


The Obama administration today filed its first legal response to Belmont Abbey College’s lawsuit challenging the controversial contraception mandate, according to The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents Belmont Abbey in this case.

The Obama administration had their first opportunity to explain to the court and the country why the mandate is not illegal and unconstitutional, and it seems like an epic fail.
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Sisters of Life Not Exempt from HHS Mandate


The Sisters of Life, a group of Catholic nuns who take a sacred vow to “protect and enhance the sacredness of human life,” say they don’t fall under the narrow religious exemption under the Obama administration’s new insurance mandate, meaning the rule would force them to break their promises to God.

“This mandate will gravely violate the individual and collective religious liberties of the Sisters of Life and millions of others by forcing us to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and artificial contraception against our conscience,” said the sisters in a statement Thursday.
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Christian Student Quits Choir over Song Praising Allah

This story is hilarious mainly because it puts the school district in the position of defending a religious song in a public school. Ha! But it's ok because it's Muslim, you see:

A Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire.

James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, put his objection to singing "Zikr," a song written by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, in an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials. When the school stood by choir director Marcia Wieland's selection, Harper said, he quit.
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Light the Beacons of Minas Tirith

Sherry writes a great piece about when to keep quiet and when not to:

I'm Catholic and I have ten children. So no one should be terribly confused about where I stand on things even if I didn't have a blog. Still, sometimes the world demands that we not simply quietly witness, but publically state our faith. It is a hard thing because despite writing more and more and in recent years almost daily since 2005 on some level or another, despite having articles in Catholic papers and proclaiming my Cathoicism, there are moments when it is hard.
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Students Given Credit for Putting Condom on Wooden Penis

Ick. Wonder if parents knew about this one. Oh wait, it was in California so probably yeah:

Students at Galileo High School were given extra credit points for putting a condom on a wooden penis for Valentine’s Day.
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Sebelius Didn't Speak to Bishops


HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday that she didn’t consult with the Catholic bishops on the latest version of the contraceptive coverage rule.

At a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the Obama administration’s budget request, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) pressed Sebelius on which constituencies the administration consulted before announcing its changes to the contraception rule.

“I did not speak with the Catholic bishops,” Sebelius told Hatch. “I know that the president has spoken to the bishops on several occasions, yes.”
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Maxine Waters: Republicans are "Demons"

Nice lady. Media outrage in...3..2...oh never mind:

Maxine Waters On Dems Taking Back The House: Don’t Let Republican “Demons” In “Our Hall”…
You stay classy, Maxine.

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HHS Attacks Amish Too

Did you see what the Food and Drug Administration did to an Amish farmer? The Washington Times reported, and I saw it again tonight on the news:

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Bashir: Santorum Just Like Stalin

The confusing thing is that Bashir contrasts Stalin with the Pope as if the Pope were good. Hey, we'll take the compliment where we can get it. Now, logically, I'm not sure I understand how the guy who wants less government is more like Stalin but hey, MSNBC doesn't pay their guys to be logical. Newsbusters has the report:

Ultra liberal Martin Bashir hit a new low on Tuesday, outrageously comparing Rick Santorum to mass-murdering dictator Joseph Stalin. In a fit of vitriol, the MSNBC anchor also connected the Republican to George Orwell's Big Brother from 1984. However, the most repugnant moment came when Bashir spewed, "If you listen carefully to Rick Santorum, he sounds more like Stalin than Pope Innocent III."
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Jesuits, Others Applaud Obama's "Compromise"

No surprise here. Just disappointment:

While the bishops have responded forcefully to the inadequacies of President Obama’s so-called “compromise” on the contraceptive mandate, The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities has released a statement essentially thanking President Obama for his “accommodation.”

Shortly after the “accommodation” was announced by the White House, the AJCU released this statement:
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Catholic Gov. Signs Gay Marriage Law, No Religious Protections

Law could force Catholic churches to perform gay marriage:

Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington State has signed into law a gay “marriage” bill that will force church-owned facilities to accommodate homosexual ceremonies.

Gregoire, a lame-duck Democrat governor who proposed the bill earlier this year, celebrated the end of defining marriage as between a man and a woman as she signed the bill on Monday.

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire“I’m proud our same-sex couples will no longer be treated as separate but equal,” she said.
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Abp Chaput: Obama Mandate “Insulting, Dangerous”…

CMR hearts Archbishop Chaput. Read his statement in its entirety.

Archbishop Charles Chaput: Obama HHS Mandate “Insulting, Dangerous”…
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Obama Works to Split Catholics

The great uniter is doing what he can to split Catholics. With his "compromise" he was looking to give lib Catholics something to hang their hat on to side with him.

On the MSNBC Sunday show “Meet the Press,” a network reporter said that the Obama administration’s “compromise” plan for a contraception mandate is a bid to split Catholics.

Joe Scarborough reported that the White House had recognized that it could face serious opposition from Catholic voters, and President Obama decided that “all he needed to do” was break the unity of the Catholic community.
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Victoria's Secret Model Quits for Faith

Awesome story:

Victoria’s Secret Model Quits to Reserve Body ‘for My Husband’
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How Nervous Were You Friday?

I was:

Tell the truth. How many of you were nervous after President Obama’s announcement of an “accommodation” was announced? How many of you feared that so many who stood in opposition to the contraceptive mandate would fall for the nuance of an alleged compromise?

When Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan called the accommodation a “step in the right direction,” did you feel a lump in your chest? Did you think that somehow Catholic leadership and Catholic intellectuals would fall for President Obama? Again.

How many thought that the rallying cry of “We will not comply” would sadly transform into something like, “We’d rather not but if it’s the best we can do…?”
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Bishop Warns Pelosi, Sebelius

Gateway Pundit has the story:

Catholic Bishop Warns Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, McCaskill… Judgement Day Is Coming
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Those Who Will Not Comply

O. Carter Snead of Notre Dame deserves all the credit in the world for starting this letter to protests the HHS mandate. Check out the impressive list of signatories including Catholic University president John Garvey:Continue reading>>>

Rick Warren Stands with Catholics

Hey, alright. Good to see folks are aware of this issue and having the appropriate outraged response:

Mega-Church Pastor Who Delivered Invocation At Obama’s Inauguration Says He’d “Go To Jail Rather Than Cave In To Government Mandate”…
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Priests for Life Sues Obama over HHS Mandate


Priests for Life, a New York based international pro-life organization of Catholic clergy and laity, today announced that it will be filing a lawsuit against the Obama Administration in an effort to seek injunctive relief from impending regulations that would require the organization to pay for employee health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization.
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Abortion is a Sacred Duty.


New Head of Biggest Planned Parenthood Center Says Performing Abortions “Sacred Duty”…

I’m pretty sure Hitler said the same thing about killing the Jews.
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Nashville Dominicans Call for Prayer, Fasting for Religious Liberty

I'm on board.

In response to the infringement of religious liberty by the Obama administration, The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, who founded and run Aquinas College in Nashville, have called for nine days of prayer and fasting to ask Our Lady to intercede for this country on behalf of religious liberty.
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The Splintering of 'Catholics for Sebelius'?

Even Kmiec questioning!? The horror! Mark Stricherz reports:

Three years ago, 26 prominent American Catholics signed an online petition in support of Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services. The list of signatories included theologians, former law school deans, ambassadors, and journalists. But the group’s support for Secretary Sebelius has splintered after her ruling on January 20th that requires most religious institutions to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients in their health plans for employees.

In interviews with a handful of signatories, three put distance them and the Obama administration over the ruling.
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This is Just Funny

Obama and a marshmallow gun. What could go wrong?
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Tony Rossi's on Caviezel's New Show

I've been enjoying the show because I'm an idiot and there's guns and running. Tony Rossi convinces me that maybe I actually liked it because I'm some kind of theological genius without even knowing it.

How far would you go to get revenge on someone who hurt a person you loved? That’s the question at the heart of a 2011 episode of the CBS series, “Person of Interest” titled “Cura Te Ipsum,” a Latin saying which translates to “Heal thyself.”
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Restaurant Surprise from Military Husband

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Catholic Dem Regrets Obamacare Vote

She says she didn't know it would lead to the contraceptive mandate. Duh!

Former Democrat Rep. Regrets Vote for Obamacare Due to Contraceptive Coverage
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Planned Parenthood Guilty of Waste and Fraud?

The SBA List reports:

Today the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) detailed ADF’s latest report to Congress identifying waste, abuse, and potential fraud by Planned Parenthood on a media conference call. ADF attorneys prepared the report to aid Congress in its investigation of the nation’s leading abortion provider.
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CNN Shows Republicans as Drag Queens


Dismissing Missouri's GOP Primary as nothing more than a "beauty contest," CNN contributor John Avlon used an image of Republican candidates in ball gowns and tiaras to make his point.
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Barbara Boxer: Planned Parenthood Like YMCA…


I must have missed it, when did the YMCA become an abortion factory?

Via Washington Free Beacon:

“I’ve listened to everything (Komen CEO) Ambassador (Nancy) Brinker said and it is a complete revisionist comment that she is making to why Planned Parenthood is losing funding, which has served 170,000 women over the past 5 years, which has given them lifesaving screenings they deserve to have. What are they going to do next, are they going attack the YMCA?

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Villanova to Host Militant Gay Rights "Artist"

Oh and he's a member of Act Up, an anti-Catholic group:

Villanova University, a Roman Catholic Augustinian University outside Philadelphia, has invited a militant gay rights performance artist to be an artist in residence this April and lead workshops for students, according to an email shared with The Cardinal Newman Society. Villanova’s website confirms it.

But the term “militant gay rights activist” doesn’t really begin to explain Tim Miller, the performance artist. Miller, according to Facebook, sued the National Endowment for the Arts for pulling a grant due to his obscene “art,” he’s been arrested dozens of times, is a very public advocate of gay marriage and abortion rights, and is a member of the anti-Catholic group ACT UP which once sent protesters to interrupt Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and desecrated the Eucharist, according to The New York Times.
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"People of faith cannot be made second class citizens."

Cardinal Sean O'Malley writes:

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Allow me this opportunity to share with you important information concerning an alarming and serious matter that negatively impacts the Church in the United States directly, and that strikes at the fundamental right to religious liberty for all citizens of any faith. The federal government, which claims to be by, and for the people,” has just dealt a heavy blow to almost a quarter of those people — the Catholic population — and to the millions more who are served by the Catholic faithful.
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Girls, 13, given contraceptive implants at school

In the UK, but don't think for a second that this can't or won't happen here.
Girls as young as 13 have been fitted with contraceptive implants at school without their parents knowing.

The procedure was carried out in Southampton, Hants, as part of a government initiative to drive down teenage pregnancies.

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Jars of Dead Babies Found in Basement

Key quote: "I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That's all I know." Women of Grace has more:

Two jars containing the remains of two babies between 20 and 26 weeks gestation were found in the basement of a home in Hannibal, Missouri where abortions were once performed.

KHQA is reporting that the jars were found by two workmen who were renovating an old home which was allegedly used as an illegal abortion clinic in the early 1900s.

“I know they did medical procedures and stuff,” said the property’s owner, William C. Neff. “I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That’s all I know.”
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Catholic Gov. Dismisses Bishops

Newsbusters reports:

Kudos to CNN "State of the Union" host Candy Crowley for bringing up on Sunday the undercovered story of the recent Obamacare-related decision to force Catholic employers to insure sterilizations, abortifacients, and contraceptives. When she mentioned "real outrage within the Catholic community" -- and bishops' letters opposed Obama were again read in parishes across America at Mass on Sunday -- liberal Gov. Martin O'Malley blew off the bishops: "most of those in the hierarchy are also Republicans."

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Santorum 45, Obama 44

Maybe they don't know what "unelectable" means. Paul Zummo has more:

Santorum 45, Obama 44 according to Rasmussen.

Doesn’t exactly sound like Johnson-Goldwater to me.

I should add, by the way, that it’s just a snapshot of the current mood, and by no means indicative that Santorum would have a free and easy path to a general election victory. It does show that the grave concerns about Santorum’s ultimate electability are overwrought to say the least.
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Colleges Starts ESC Research Program

Great. Preparing students for a disappearing industry! Badger Catholic has more:

Madison Area Technical College — aka MATC — has become the first two-year college in the nation to offer an embryonic stem cell research program. Press release here [PDF]. News story here.

Somewhat surprising, given that embryonic stem cell research giant Geron Corp. got out of the embryonic stem cell research business in November:
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Why It Matters. A Pink Reflection

Sherry does a quick Google search to expose Planned Parenthood's lies:

The blogopshere, specifically, the Catholic blogosphere has been alive for four days with the sounds of people singing the praises of the Susan G. Komen Community for announcing it would no longer fund Planned Parenthood via its grants to do referrals for breast cancer. Given that they were easily one of the most popular and visible charities around, one has to ask why did they do this?
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The Audacity of the Obama Administration

Do what we say...and like it.

While the Obama administration has clearly declared war against the Catholic Church and is mandating that Church institutions act against their own consciences, they also dispatched their Assistant Secretary of Labor to come to the campus of The Catholic University of America to extol the wonders of Obamacare, according to The Tower.
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Junk science double fail

Two bits of science news appeared on my radar today with not much in common except that they’re both exceedingly bad news for the political class. That more or less guarantees that they’ll get poor or nonexistent coverage in the mainstream media and is a good enough reason for me to write about them.

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ht Insty

Absolute Must Read -- "God help me, I thought about it."

Where the pro-life rubber meets the road. A raped mentally ill daughter and plan B.

The nurse told me the antibiotics she’d administered, that we’d need to wait some time for HIV testing, and then handed me a box - Plan B, and told me we had 24 hours to use it.

So there it was. The whole moral conundrum of abortion in a little green box in my hand.

I am wholly sure I am capable of murder...

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An Ode To My Favorite Movie

Here’s a line you’ll either recognize or you won’t: “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.” If you don’t recognize this little gem, you’ve either never seen Groundhog Day or you’re not a fan of what is, in my opinion, one of the best films of the last 40 years. As the day of the groundhog again approaches, it seems only fitting to celebrate what will almost undoubtedly join It’s a Wonderful Life in the pantheon of America’s most uplifting, morally serious, enjoyable, and timeless movies.

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Man Sues Church to get Debaptized

Molly from Get Religion writes of this anti-Christian lunacy:

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday had a story about a 71-year-old atheist’s rather curious legal battle against the Catholic Church in France. Rene LeBouvier has taken the church to court over its refusal to let him “nullify” his baptism:
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Newt on Transhumanism

This is an excellent response from Newt. Rebecca has the story:

Many people who read my work elsewhere think transhumanism movement is not an important pro-life issue. It is so abstract an idea to them that they regularly wonder why I bother writing about it. I think it is simply because they don't realize how much transhumanism is already in our consciousness. Artificial human enhancements are depicted everywhere from TV (Chuck) to movies (Captain America and Limitless) to video games (Deus Ex.)

And whether parents realize it or not, transhumansim is especially in the consciousness of our children. In a recent conversation, my own son asked me why I don't like human enhancements. He was distressed and asked, "Then how can I become a super hero?" My husband commented that he wanted to be a super hero too when he was nine and every boy in the world wants to be a super hero. I responded that our son's generation may actually be able to fulfill those childhood and childish "dreams" of becoming enhanced.
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Buh Bye

Hollywood director James Cameron is planning to move onto a New Zealand farm.

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IVF: How Old is Too Old?

Chelsea writes:

Using her partner’s sperm and a donor egg, Susan Tollefsen became Britain’s oldest first-time mother when she gave birth at the age of 57 and sparked an ethical fire-storm. Now, 61 and separated from her partner, she says there should be an age limit for IVF treatment for women in the UK.
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Now That's the Church Militant!!

Love this image from Subvet.

So there won't be any expansion by the HHS fools of the religious exemption clause in the mandate for health insurance coverage of birth control, including abortion. The MSM has decided to censor or minimize coverage of items such as the March For Life. Hollywood has produced a real POS in the form of "The Devil Inside", with what has become almost a standard in offhanded insults to the Magisterial authority of the Church.

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A Strategy of Satanic Brilliance

Sad Catholic sums things up pretty well and I think they're sadly true:

I am not a "thoughtful person" in the sense of making little gestures and always knowing when to show up with supportive words and chocolates. But I do think a lot, when I'm not busy emoting about the state of the World. Most people who read this Blog know that one of the things I think is that political and economic conditions, environmental conditions such as disease, hunger and violence are expressions of spiritual conditions, the manifestation of an on -going war between good and evil. In short, I believe in Spiritual Warfare, and think that it's the root cause of the things we see on Earth.
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Vanderbilt Outlaws Christianity on Campus

Well, you can be a Christian but you just can't act like one. Got it?

On January 20, Vanderbilt University announced that it will prohibit religious and political student groups from making leadership decisions based on their religious or political beliefs. University policy now holds that “membership in registered student organizations is open to everyone and that everyone, if desired, has the opportunity to seek leadership positions.”

Vanderbilt’s decision follows months of controversy. Last fall, the Christian Legal Society chapter at Vanderbilt Law School was warned that it could lose recognition after the university found that the group’s constitution violated the university’s non-discrimination policy. The constitution required that all group officers must agree with the Christian Legal Society’s statement of faith and would be expected to lead Bible studies and prayer groups. Vanderbilt objected, stating that the Christian Legal Society’s constitution “would seem to indicate that officers are expected to hold certain beliefs.”
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U.N. Wants to Cap National Wealth

First they want to limit the number of people and now they want to limit how much money they have. Loooonatics.

Even scarier is we have a loon president crazy enough to go along with this.

(AFP) — The world can no longer afford to ignore the environmental cost of economic growth and must redefine the very concept of national wealth, a UN panel of heads of state and environment ministers said Monday.

The panel challenged leaders to recognise that “current global development is unsustainable.”
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University Defends Crackdown on Religious Groups

Christian student organizations at Vanderbilt University may be forced to go underground or meet in secret after university officials doubled down on a policy that bans student religious groups from requiring their leaders to hold specific beliefs, according to a law professor at the university.

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Denver Komen To Continue Grants To P. Parenthood

The fight is not over yet!

DENVER -- While the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country, the Denver affiliate of the group is not.

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ht. Newadvent

The 2011 Moloch Awards Are Announced!!!

I think Billy Crystal is hosting this year. I can't wait to see them. The American Life League has them.

Moloch was a false god that Israel would worship during its periods of apostasy. Followers that worshipped this counterfeit deity would sacrifice their children to it by heating up this idol with fire until it was glowing hot and then place their newborn babies into the arms of the idol.

What better way to honor the modern day version of misguided leaders that sacrifice our children and culture to political correctness and false beliefs than with awards named for the phony philosophy of Moloch.
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Evil P. Parenthood TV Ad Applauding HHS Mandate

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund launched a TV ad Wednesday that praises the Obama administration for sticking to its requirement that insurance plans cover birth control without co-pays or deductibles starting this year.

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Pundette: Santorum is a Viable Candidate

Stop buying the lie that Santorum is unelectable. The great Pundette writes:

It's not just me saying that. Michelle Malkin and Bill Kristol both see a viable path to a Santorum nomination. Malkin quotes this PPP analysis cited by the Santorum campaign:

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Mark Steyn On Romney's Tin Ear (and Brain)

Romney’s is a benevolent patrician’s view of society: The poor are incorrigible, but let’s add a couple more groats to their food stamps and housing vouchers, and they’ll stay quiet. Aside from the fact that that kind of thinking has led the western world to near terminal insolvency, for a candidate whose platitudinous balderdash of a stump speech purports to believe in the most Americanly American America that any American has ever Americanized over, it’s as dismal a vision of permanent trans-generational poverty as any Marxist community organizer with a cozy sinecure on the Acorn board would come up with.

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Newt Condemns HHS Rule

Last week, the Obama administration finalized a radical new rule that uses the health care law to require all health insurance providers to cover abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization as well as contraception, all free of charge. The administration based the rule’s “religious exemption” on a provision drafted by the ACLU, applying the rule even to religious organizations such as Catholic schools, hospitals, universities, and charities that oppose such things as a matter of religious belief.

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