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Researcher: Pope Pius XII Saved Many Jews

Wait. I thought he hated Jews. How dare this researcher be interested in truth. CNA reports:

Pope Pius XII helped a group of 500 Jewish refugees escape death at the hands of the Nazis and made a touching public tribute to the Jewishness of the man seeking their deliverance, new research shows.

“This is not a liberal or conservative issue. This should be of interest to all people, anyone who wants to get a sincere, objective account of who Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, really was,” William Doino, Jr. told CNA on Jan. 9.
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Amy Giglio said...

When we were in Rome 2 years ago, we took the Scavi tour. Pope Pius XII's tomb is in the chapel near the excavations. The guide said it was because he ordered the excavations, so they wanted his tomb to be near it. I wondered then, as I do now, if it was moved out of the way of the general public so some fool didn't do something to it. Pius' reputation will one day be vindicated.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that no matter how many witnesses come forward and how much the facts about Pius come out, there will still continue to believe lies about him because of a "black legend" that was started by a Communist after WWII "The Deputy" As my father use to say "You can live with the truth but you can't live with lies" If only that were true today. Hopefully soon it will.

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