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Gov't Cracks Down On Unlicensed Opinions

A blogger is being investigated for giving unlicensed advice.

Fact #1- I attended a nutritional seminar January 12, 2012. I spoke up against the normal deceptions and falsehoods that cause diabetics harm.

Fact #2- Someone took offense to my statements, found me on the internet and reviewed my site. They then reported me to the North Carolina Board of Dietitians.

Fact #3 - I received a phone call from the director of the State Board of Dietitians. To be fair and honest… she was very nice, polite and informative.

However…. She stated that I, as a non-licensed person could provide NO dietary or nutritional advice… period. It makes no difference if I am giving the advice away or if it’s for a fee.

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Mary De Voe said...

Gov't can only crack down if someone complains. Gov't cannot know your intent and must give you the benefit of a doubt.Gov't does not know as whom you are giving opinion. As far as opinion, there is the proof that it is only an opinion, not medical advice.

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