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Judge: Texas Can Cut off Funding to Planned Parenthood

Woot. Woot. That's right. I dropped a woot on you. But come on, this is worth the woot.

Texas can cut off funding to Planned Parenthood’s family planning programs for poor women, a state judge ruled Monday. Judge Gary Harger said that Texas may exclude otherwise qualified doctors and clinics from receiving state funding if they advocate for abortion rights, attorney general spokeswoman Lauren Bean said.
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If You're a Catholic, you no longer can own a company."

Frank O'Brien says:

‘In essence, if you are Catholic in this country, you no longer can own a company,” Frank O’Brien explains.
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Terri Schiavo's Brother Seeks to Help Brain Injured Man

God bless him.

Bobby Schindler, the brother of Terri Schiavo and the executive director of the foundation that bears his sister’s name, is seeking to be appointed guardian for a Pennsylvania man who was left with a severe brain injury after a home accident. The announcement was made by the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, which confirmed that attorney Christopher Johnson has filed with the Supreme Court for New York a petition seeking Schindler’s appointment. At issue is the health and future for Gary Harvey, a Chemung County resident who was injured in a home accident in 2006.
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Chinese Slave Laborer Puts Note in Halloween Merchandise

Heartbreaking. But we will continue ignoring this because we get cheap stuff from China:

The letter came in a box of Halloween decorations purchased at Kmart, but for a year Julie Keith never knew. It gathered dust in her storage, a haunting plea for help hidden among artificial skeletons, tombstones and spider webs. Keith, a 42-year-old vehicle donation manager at a southeast Portland Goodwill, at one point considered donating the unopened $29.99 Kmart graveyard kit. It was one of those accumulated items you never need and easily forget. But on a Sunday afternoon in October, Keith pulled the orange and black box from storage. She intended to decorate her home in Damascus for her daughter's fifth birthday, just days before Halloween.
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Pope Defends Traditional Family

Definitely worth reading. I mean, he is the Pope and all. He's kinda' brilliant.

It is with great joy that I meet you today, dear Members of the College of Cardinals, Representatives of the Roman Curia and the Governorate, for this traditional event in the days leading up to the feast of Christmas. I greet each one of you cordially, beginning with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, whom I thank for his kind words and for the warm good wishes that he extended to me on behalf of all present. The Dean of the College of Cardinals reminded us of an expression that appears frequently during these days in the Latin liturgy: Prope est iam Dominus, venite, adoremus! The Lord is already near, come, let us adore him! We too, as one family, prepare ourselves to adore the Child in the stable at Bethlehem who is God himself and has come so close as to become a man like us. I willingly reciprocate your good wishes and I thank all of you from my heart, including the Papal Representatives all over the world, for the generous and competent assistance that each of you offers me in my ministry.
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EU Pol: Christianity is Most Persecuted

Catholic Mom in Hawaii reports:

"There are two reasons why it's worthwhile talking about religious freedom in the European Parliament. Firstly it is an inalienable and independent human right which the international community has forgotten. Secondly it's one of the most frequently violated human rights in the world, especially with respect to Christians."
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Philosophy Prof: "You can't pick and choose in Catholic Moral Teaching."

To do so is "cowardly," says Catholic University professor John Rist. Check it out:

“You can’t pick and choose in Catholic moral teaching” said John Rist, a philosopher and professor at The Catholic University of America in an interview with Vatican Voices. To do so, he added, “is just cowardly.”
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Taylor Marshall Made Chancellor of Catholic College

CMR kudos to Taylor Marshall.

Fisher More College President Michael King recently announced the appointment of Catholic writer Dr. Taylor Marshall as College Chancellor, a position which makes him responsible for effectively communicating the mission of the College.
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Homo Electus

Yes, gay is a choice. Get over it. By Robert Oscar Lopez **Content Warning

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Stanford's Atheist Chaplain

Maybe they don't know what chaplains are:

Chaplain John Figdor has a divinity degree from Harvard. He counsels those in need and visits the sick. And he works with Stanford students under the Office of Religious Life. So Figdor is the last guy you'd tag with the "A" word. But, yes. The chaplain is an atheist.
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Porn Use Linked to Gay "Marriage" Support


There is a correlation between watching porn and support for gay marriage among men, Dr. Mark Regnerus, associate professor of sociology at University of Texas at Austin, found. Exposure to diverse and graphic sex acts, he believes, may undermine a traditional view of marriage.
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Christmas Carols for Cathylics

Hilarious stuff from LarryD:

Every Catholic celebrates Christmas, in one form or another. It’s kinda required. But not all Catholics sing the same Christmas carols. I’ve compiled a list of Catholyc Chrystmas Caryls, any of which you might hear at their office parties or Intentional Eucharistic Community soirees. “I Saw One Of My Daddies Kissing Santa Claus” (Catholics for Equality) “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlefolks” (Women’s Ordination Conference) “O Condoms, All Ye Faithful” (Catholics for Choice)
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British Pol: Mandatory Abortions for Downs Babies

Disgusting, especially because it's becoming increasingly common:

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has suspended a candidate after an uproar when he wrote that it should be mandatory to kill all disabled unborn children. Geoffrey Clark wrote on his website that women carrying children suspected of serious disabilities like Downs syndrome and spina bifida should be forced to have abortions in order to cut back on health care costs. He also called for legalization of euthanasia, free “euthanasia counselling” for people over 80 years old, and the introduction of a two-child population control policy.
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Christmas Carols are a Form of Bullying

Insanity reigns triumphant.

Wow! How far has the world fallen? A group of parents in Missoula, Mont. are upset over the religious nature of Christmas songs performed at a local elementary school – alleging the songs about the Baby Jesus is unconstitutional and a “form of bullying.” The parents, who declined to be identified, are threatening to sue the Missoula County Public School District unless songs like “Joy to the World” and “Good Christian Men Rejoice” are replaced with secular tunes
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A Win for Religious Liberty!!!

Belmont Abbey College lawsuit reinstated.

Today a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. handed Belmont Abbey College and Wheaton College — and all religious colleges — a major victory in their challenges to the HHS mandate. Earlier this year, two lower courts had dismissed the Colleges’ cases as premature but today, an appellate court reinstated those cases. The Cardinal Newman Society and 15 Catholic colleges recommended in The Newman Guide had joined in an amicus brief supporting Belmont Abbey and Wheaton.
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McGurn: Fight for the Unborn, Notre Dame

Great piece:

Bill McGurn, columnist for The Wall Street Journal and an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame, is urging Notre Dame to use its national platform in the national championship game against Alabama to make a statement in defense of the unborn. He writes that a pro-life TV ad by Notre Dame during the football championship would send a powerful message.
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Robert Bork RIP


Judge Robert H. Bork, one of the the greatest jurists this country has ever produced, died early this morning from heart complications in a Virginia hospital near his home. He was 84. Bork was a national celebrity. Several years ago, my wife and I visited the Borks in Maine where they had taken a summer house off Somes Sound. I cannot count the times that total strangers would approach us at a lobster shack or park asking to shake the Judge’s hand and to assure him of their admiration and support.
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Obama Raises $$ off Sandy Hook Tragedy


They won the campaign handily and even had $14.2 million to spare, but the Obama-Biden campaign is still raising money, this time off the president's comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut.
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Michigan Passes Abortion Bill

Awaits, Governor's signature. Jill Stanek reports:

Following the controversy over the Right To Work bill, the Michigan House approved an omnibus abortion bill early last Friday morning which had passed in the Senate Wednesday. Nicknamed the “Pro-life Bus,” it seeks to hold the abortion industry to the same health and safety standards as other out-patient medical facilities. Much of this legislation has overwhelming support from likely voters.
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Ben Stein: God Help Us

We certainly need it.

I learned about the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school while we were setting up at Fox News to tape Cavuto on Business. The news was so horrible that we all felt as if we had lost our legs and could no longer stand. It was such horrible news that it simply turned the world upside down. It still is that kind of news, and it’s incredibly depressing about the nature of humanity. And my wife and I pray all day for the souls of those dear children and for the peace, if there ever will be peace, of their families… and for the souls of the adults and the peace of those who knew and loved them.
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Colbert Hails Nun's Dissent Against the Pope

CMR buddy Matthew Balan reports and has the vid:

Colbert Boosts 'Brave' Nun's War Against Paul Ryan; Hails Her Dissent Against Pope
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189 Abuse Claims in One School

But don't worry, it was a public school:

Reports of rampant child sex abuse committed at an elementary school in Los Angeles continue to explode, but the national media does not seem too interested - at all. On the heels of other local reports involving child sex abuse in L.A. schools, NBC4 in Los Angeles has reported:
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Gov. Jindal Draws Criticism from Church

I don't think Jindal was approving the use of contraceptives per se but his angle on it is a political one in an attempt to take contraceptives out of the HHS mandate:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has voiced his support for over-the-counter access to birth control, a position that Church representatives say goes against Catholic teaching on contraception. “The Archdiocese of New Orleans disagrees with Governor Jindal’s stance on this issue, as the use of birth control and contraceptives are against Catholic Church teaching,” Communications Director for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Sarah Comiskey McDonald, told EWTN News on Dec. 14. Robert Tasman, Associate Director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, also echoed the archdiocese’s statement. Gov. Jindal, a Catholic, argued in a Dec. 13 editorial for the Wall Street Journal that allowing access to artificial birth control without a prescription would remove politics from contraception, while also protecting the rights of individuals who are morally opposed to paying for its coverage.
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Tom Monaghan Sues Obama Administration

Great news.

The founder of Ave Maria University is suing the federal government over the HHS mandate which will force companies and religious institutions to provide coverage for contraceptives, abortifacients, and sterilization procedures. Tom Monaghan filed on behalf of his business called Domino’s Farms, which runs an office park near Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.
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Obamacare and My Daughter

Dad is told

“In two years, the surgery will cease to be available for the insured due to Obamacare.” Elections have consequences. The president signed a law which forces citizens to purchase a product simply on the virtue that they are alive. Our Supreme Court upheld the law, giving the government the power to tax inactivity. When the law is fully implemented, we may see a shift from our role as citizens to subjects. Instead of “pay for play,” it will become “pay, if you play our way.” We are moving slowly down this path, and can begin to see the cliff before us. Still, there is time to slow the process and change course.
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Is Parenting Getting Harder?

Glenn Reynolds thinks so:

Not long ago we worried about baby booms and overpopulation. Now some people are worrying about a "Global Baby Bust." Writing in Foreign Affairs, Phillip Longman says it's mostly because of economics: "In nations rich and poor, under all forms of government, as more and more of the world's population moves to urban areas in which children offer little or no economic reward to their parents, and as women acquire economic opportunities and reproductive control, the social and financial costs of childbearing continue to rise.
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Belmont Abbey Back in Court

The college that started it all:

Belmont Abbey College was the first to sue the Obama administration over the HHS mandate last year. Following a setback where a judge, an Obama appointee, dismissed their case because the Obama administration had not yet amended regulations to better reflect religious objections as it has promised to do, Belmont Abbey College will be back in court Friday.
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Fr. Schall's Last Lecture

A wonderful ending to a great career:

Last Friday, Fr. James V. Schall S.J., one of the leading lights at Georgetown University, delivered his last lecture as a professor at the Jesuit University to a packed house in Gaston Hall. The author of such classics as Another Sort of Learning and What Is God Like?: Philosophers and ‘Hereticks’ on the Triune God: The Sundry Paths of Orthodoxy from Plato, Augustine, Samuel Johnson, Nietzsche, Camus, and Flannery O’Connor, even unto Charlie Brown and the Wodehouse Clergy, delivered his final lecture, entitled “The Final Gladness.” His lecture, for those who aren’t familiar with Fr. Schall, is indicative of the humor, insight and fidelity which marked his work these past 34 years at Georgetown. Here is just a snippet, which he shared with The Cardinal Newman Society:
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Catholic College Removes Cross from Brand


The symbol of Saint Joseph’s College, the only Catholic college in Maine, has long been a seal with a cross on a shield with the motto “Fortitudo et Spes” meaning “Fortitude and Hope.” But the president of the college just announced in a letter to students forwarded to The Cardinal Newman Society that after an extensive marketing study, the college founded by The Sisters of Mercy will be removing the cross and motto from the logo. “This is about much more than a logo or a look,” said Brent Wooten, director of online marketing for Saint Joseph’s in the college’s magazine. “It’s about who we are.”
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Kathryn Lopez: Sandra Fluke is Person of the Year

Absolutely. Great piece from Kathryn Lopez:

You may have heard that Sandra Fluke is in the running for Time magazine’s famous year-end Person of the Year cover. She, of course, is the Georgetown Law “reproductive health” activist who became the public face of President Obama’s mandate that requires employers to cover abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization in their insurance plans or else face crippling fines. Though the online voting for the award isn’t currently in her favor, I’ll actually be disappointed if the Time cover features anyone but her. Let me explain.
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Two Major Abortion Fails

Fordham professor Charles Camosy writes a very interesting post over at Catholic Moral Theology:

Unlike many other ethical issues raised in the public’s consciousness more than one or two generations ago, disagreement over abortion shows no signs of waning. Indeed, though Gallup recently found that record low numbers of people describe themselves as pro-choice, a solid majority nevertheless wish to keep abortion legal. During the recent election cycle, Democrats were at pains to raise the specter of a “war on women” being waged by their opponents, and even went “all in” during their convention giving air time to some of the most extreme supporters of abortion rights–including the head of NARAL. This strategy appears to have worked. The GOP has been rocked by their election losses, and the reaction of many of their members and supporters is the first of two major abortion FAILS that I want to consider.
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Sherry is "Decadently Procreative"

Children as status symbol? Seriously?

Recently I came across a post from a New York magazine entitled, the Decadence of Procreation. It argued that because children cost so much, some odd unknown number between 12,290 and 1.8 million, having them is a status symbol and a sign of decadence --of having something inaccessible and rare as versus the masses. To me, there's a huge difference between the just over 10K and the 1.8 million in a year, but that may be my 1%er brain not getting that there isn't any difference. I didn't even know that people coveted dressage horses and third beach houses. Clearly, I've got to work on my covetous heart, it isn't nearly decadant enough.
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Pro-Military T-Shirt Co. Posts Vulgar PhotoShop of Pope

This is disgusting.

On Friday, Ranger Up, an apparel company that sells "shirts for the military and the patriotic Americans who love the men and women of the Armed Forces", inexplicably posted a crude rendition of Pope Benedict XVI on their Facebook page, which has over 82,000 fans. The graphic invokes a famous Marilyn Monroe scene in the movie The Seven Year Itch. Instead of standing on the streets of New York City, the Pope is in the middle of a park in the tropics, and a little girl appears to be running away in horror of the sight of the pontiff's bare legs. [image below the jump]
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Abortion Survivor Exposes Myth of "Wanted Babies"

CMR buddy Mallory Quigley wrote:

I almost felt like I was throwing the baby at the nurses, like ‘quick!’ and the team just responded immediately!” Those words, spoken by a young doctor with evident joy and relief on her face, hit me like a ton of bricks as I sat watching the news clip. Baby Noah Guzman had been declared dead in the womb by two doctors who could not detect a heartbeat after his mother came into the hospital suffering from bleeding. She was experiencing placenta previa, a dangerous pregnancy complication.
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Union Power More Important Than Education

But I guess we kinda' knew that already. It's bad enough that unions have been working to trap kids in failing schools, but now they're not even showing up?

A scheduled demonstration is now underway near the Michigan Capitol today to protest “right to work” legislation. Hundreds of teachers have called in sick to attend the protest, leaving thousands of students with no school:
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Catholic University Rejects Gay Student Organization

God bless CUA:

In the same week that the University of Notre Dame approved of a gay student organization, The Catholic University of America denied official recognition to a gay student organization on campus, reportedly citing a concern that it could become an “advocacy group.” CUAllies, on their Facebook page, compared the denial to being “denied Communion.”
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Leo XIII: “Taxing the Rich Does Not Help the Poor”

Anthony Esolen writes at Crisis Magazine:

In Quod Apostolici Muneris (1878), Pope Leo XIII deplores those who “under the motley and all but barbarous terms and titles of Socialists, Communists, and Nihilists, are spread abroad throughout the world,” striving in alliance for “the purpose long resolved upon, of uprooting the foundations of civil society at large.” It may sound odd to our ears, that socialists, whose prescriptions for society are many and comprehensive, should be united with nihilists, who by definition believe in nothing. But Pope Leo, beginning as always from a rich view of human nature grounded in reason and elevated by relevation, sees the alliance we miss—and by implication he includes as well the fellow traveler, secular liberalism, friendlier to the free market but ultimately also an enemy to man.
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Russia: An Encounter Which Changed My Life

This is an amazing story of faith and how God uses persecution for good:

Mark Riedemann for Where God Weeps in cooperation with Aid to the Church in Need interviews Jose Correa, journalist and founder of Catholic Radio and Television Network and presently the Director of Aid to the Church in Need in Brazil. Over 20 years have passed since the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches in Russia emerged from 70 years of state persecution to a freedom, which is allowing today a revival of faith and movements towards reconciliation between these churches. Jose Correa was privileged to be one of the first Catholic journalists to work with the fledgling church in Russia after 70 years of state atheism and help establish Church (Catholic and Russian Orthodox) media structures in Russia, which are still serving today. This is the story of his first contact with the Russian underground Church during communism, and his conversion.
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Angel Flight (Tower Remix)

This is beautiful and moving. Thanks to Adrienne for putting this up:Continue reading>>>

How You Can Put Christ back in Christmas

Ignitum Today has more:

That Christmas has become more and more secularized is obvious. But we are not helpless against the tide. There are things we can do to restore and maintain the meaning of the holiday for ourselves and for our families, and for those around us.
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Would You Say That to my Face?

Chelsea writes:

In recent decades, America has made many wonderful advances in protecting the rights of people with disabilities and including them in society. Gone are the days of forced sterilization and institutionalization. Now we have laws making disability discrimination illegal and most public places handicap accessible. Children with special needs are able to get an education in most public school districts and, when one isn’t available or doesn’t meet a child’s specific needs, some states, like Oklahoma, even offer scholarships for those children to attend a private school that will. On top of all that, advancements in medicine and technology are also helping us live longer, more independent lives. All that progress, however, is currently being undermined by the now standard practice of killing unborn children diagnosed with various diseases and disabilities. This brilliant poster from Feminists for Life of America (click to enlarge) echoes something I’ve said many times about these “eugenic” abortions.
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Amazing Tale of a desperate WWII pilot’s encounter with a German flying ace

This is absolutely amazing.

On Dec. 20, 1943, a young American bomber pilot named Charlie Brown found himself somewhere over Germany, struggling to keep his plane aloft with just one of its four engines still working. They were returning from their first mission as a unit, the successful bombing of a German munitions factory. Of his crew members, one was dead and six wounded, and 2nd Lt. Brown was alone in his cockpit, the three unharmed men tending to the others. Brown’s B-17 had been attacked by 15 German planes and left for dead, and Brown himself had been knocked out in the assault, regaining consciousness in just enough time to pull the plane out of a near-fatal nose dive.
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Hitchcock's Surprise Ending. A Return to Catholicism

A great story:

A biographer said that the director, at the end of his life, shunned religion. Not true. I was there.
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Study: Kids of Gay Parents Do Less Well


Primary schoolchildren in married heterosexual households are 35 percent more likely to make typical school progress than peers in same-sex households, according to a new study published in the respected academic journal Demography. The finding is based on data from 1.6 million children in the 2000 Census, which included 8,632 children who lived in same-sex households.
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Student's Lawsuit Over Roommate's Sex Continues


A Massachusetts judge has reportedly allowed a key part of a lawsuit to proceed against Stonehill College, a Massachusetts college founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, which is being sued by an ex-student who alleges administrators didn’t offer other living accommodations after she complained that her roommate was having too much sex.
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Ha! Why Johny Can't Learn

This would be funny if it weren't true:

His education is being overseen by imbecilic bureaucrats. Case in point: Seminole high school shut down after student brings mercury thermometer to school No one was put in harm's way, but a hazmat crew was there as a precaution.
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Planned Parenthood Vid for Women to Hide Beatings

War on women.

Planned Parenthood Shows Teens How to Hide a Beating With Makeup
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Beware Hollywood's Religion Porn

Maggie Gallagher writes:

Have you noticed how much of Hollywood is preoccupied with thoughts of God? "Life of Pi" is the latest example of a movie with essentially religious themes. Artists in a postmodern culture are thinking about the relationship between story and truth. Even the movie "Lincoln" is organized around the idea that false narratives can serve the greater good in politics. When the people are bad, the politician must lie or mislead to serve the good. It's rather discomfiting to see so many liberal elites embrace this movie, isn't it?
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Christmas Given Boot from Senior Home

Menorahs out too:

No Christmas in California: Management Company Orders Removal of All Christmas Decorations From Common Rooms at Senior Apartment Complex
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The Secret Society of Saint Nick

This is great writing from Rebecca Frech. Priceless.

Last night, on our way to Confirmation prep class, #2 was talking about Christmas and Santa Claus. After a bit, I asked him, "Do you still believe in Santa Claus?" "Yes." He replied confidently. "Lots of my friends don't, but there are all kinds of things we don't see or understand and still believe." My heart both sank and leapt at the gentle trust and faith of my son. "I just tell them they're wrong, and that it can't be their parents."
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Update on Baby Dominic Pio

Keep those prayers coming but there's been some good news for Baby Dominic:

A few days ago I posted on the story of 5 month old Dominic Pio. His father is former state assemblyman Mark Gundrum. An update: Just a quick update. Dominic is doing well, very well, there is no breathing tube!!! He is definitely still in need of prayers as he is very high risk for leaking cerebral fluid and getting infections. He is in pain tonight,but they are doing a good job of trying to keep him comfortable. Again, please pray for these intentions, it is hard to see your baby uncomfortable.
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Amazing Story on How Kids Learn

Must read of the day:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give an Ethiopian child who can’t read or speak English a tablet computer and you create the next Bill Gates: What happens if you give a thousand Motorola Zoom tablet PCs to Ethiopian kids who have never even seen a printed word? Within five months, they’ll start teaching themselves English while circumventing the security on your OS to customize settings and activate disabled hardware. Whoa.
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NY Judge Slaps Justice Dept. Upside the Head


The Obama administration has been consistently arguing since announcing a year’s grace period for some religious organizations to figure out how to violate their consciences and obey the Department and Health and Human Services abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization mandate, that the controversy over religious freedom and the mandate is over and the Catholics are happy. That, as has been pointed out here before, ignores all the lawsuits pending. And that they are not just from Catholics. Today in New York, a judge dismissed Justice Department claims that the Archdiocese of New York’s lawsuit in response to the coercive mandate is unnecessary.
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Dems Press to Lift Abortion Ban in Military Healthcare

So yeah, you'll be paying for abortions.

Proponents of ending the ban on women in the military using their health insurance to pay for abortions in cases of rape and incest stepped up the political pressure on Wednesday, insisting that this year's defense bill be used to finally lift the prohibition. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., chief sponsor of a provision in Senate legislation, and two retired Army officers described the current law preventing insurance coverage as morally and economically unfair to the more than 214,000 women serving in the U.S. military. They promised to lobby the chief House and Senate negotiators to end the ban.
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Public University Hosts Sex Toy Event

Campus Reform reports:

A major public university hosted an event last Wednesday which was aimed at teaching students how to properly use sex toys. A public university recently hosted an event aimed at teaching students how to properly use sex toys. The University of California – Merced (UCM) sponsored the event, entitled “Is There a Buzz in Your Bed,” which had the stated goal of teaching students about “various sex toys” and different ways “to play as a couple or alone.”
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Culture Where Homosexuality and Abortion Don't Exist

The Atlantic reports this very interesting story:

Barry and Bonnie Hewlett had been studying the Aka and Ngandu people of central Africa for many years before they began to specifically study the groups' sexuality. As they reported in the journal African Study Monographs, the married couple of anthropologists from Washington State University "decided to systematically study sexual behavior after several campfire discussions with married middle-aged Aka men who mentioned in passing that they had sex three or four times during the night. At first [they] thought it was just men telling their stories, but we talked to women and they verified the men's assertions." In turning to a dedicated study of sex practices, the Hewletts formally confirmed that the campfire stories were no mere fish tales. Married Aka and Ngandu men and women consistently reported having sex multiple times in a single night. But in the process of verifying this, the Hewletts also incidentally found that homosexuality and masturbation appeared to be foreign to both groups.
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Born that Way?

You know, there's this big backlash against therapy for gays. But you hear quite often of women who were active lesbians having heterosexual relationships. What do they say about that? Stacy McCain writes:

Hunter Walker of the New York Observer highlights the lesbian past of Chirlane McCray who, for the past 20 years, has been the wife of Bill de Blasio, a likely candidate for mayor of New York City.
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Atlanta Falcons' Coach Catholic Journey

Wonderful story from the faithful Catholic newspaper:

When he went away to college nearly 20 years ago, Eric Sutulovich thought he had found a good crowd to hang out with. The name of the group made it sound like he would fit right in, since it included three important aspects of his life: Christianity, athletics and camaraderie. However, there was one large problem with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Those in the group weren’t shy about telling him that, as a Catholic, he was going to hell.
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Vince Vaughn Teams with Glenn Beck


The "Wedding Crashers" star is teaming up with Glenn Beck - yes, that Glenn Beck - to produce a reality show for the talker's GBTV network. The show is called “Pursuit of Truth,” and it pits 20 documentary filmmakers against one another, with the grand prize being the financing and distribution of their documentary film....
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NPR's Mary: Bitter and Mad at Christians

Catholic World Report has this disgusting story:

Sure, National Public Radio did not publish novelist Colm Toibin's novella, The Testament Of Mary; it was published last month by Scribner. But NPR seems to love it. No, make that: NPR really loves it! There was a very sympathetic November 13th feature, "'Testament Of Mary' Gives Fiery Voice To The Virgin", then a glowing November 14th review, "A Vengeful Virgin In 'The Testament Of Mary'", then an excerpt from the book, and (finally, for now) an interview with Toibin, "A New 'Testament' Told From Mary's Point Of View", posted today. I'm not sure how many NPR pieces there are about the Pope's new book, but I doubt it's more than three, at the very most.
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Prayers for 5 Month Old

Please say a quick prayer if you're inclined. This is a kid who could use a little love sent his way today:

Former State Rep Mark Gundrum(pro-life) recently had a son with severe facial deformities. He is now in Boston this morning to have major reconstructive surgery Tuesday(Dec 3) at 6:30am central. This isn't vanity surgery; he needs this eat better and not risk his airway being cut off, the deformity may be causing blindness, plus he has part of the fluid around the brain growing outside his skull. It's a 10 hr surgery. Prayers! There is a blog for updates on Dominic Pio here.
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Prager: What's Wrong with Public Nudity?

If we're all just animals there's nothing wrong with nudity. But if we're not JUST animals? Dennis Prager writes:

If you want to understand Leftism — and everyone needs to because it has been the most dynamic religion of the last one hundred years — one good place to start is with San Francisco. Or perhaps more precisely — with nudity. And even more precisely — with public nudity. Last month, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted by the barest (pun not intended) margin — 6 to 5 — to ban public nudity. By public nudity, the law refers only to displaying one’s genitals in public. San Francisco women are still free to walk around topless. But that is not unique to San Francisco. Years ago, the highest court in New York state ruled that since it sees no difference between a man’s chest and a woman’s, women should be free to walk around topless, just as men do. Now why is all this significant?
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Fr. Ray's Take on NCR's Female Ordination Stand

Exactly what I'd say if I was smart:

What makes me a Catholic? It is surely that I adhere to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith; in short the faith handed on to, by and from the Apostles. The Apostles were the first witnesses of Jesus Christ, they in turn handed on their "ministry" to others to have "epi-scope" (oversight) of the Church. Today we call those who exercise this oversight Bishops, and Priests who in scriptural terms are the successors of the Presbyters. This "oversight" was to do what the Apostles themselves had done: to govern the Church through "word and sacrament". Unlike the Apostle, bishops and priests, though their successors lack one vital element: that of being "first witnesses to the Resurrection". The role of a bishop is not to introduce new doctrine but to ensure the passing on of the Apostolic Faith, without addition or subtraction.
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Fmr. Rector of Largest Episcopalian Church Swims the Tiber

Good news:

The former rector of the nation’s largest Episcopal church has become a Roman Catholic. The Rev. Larry Gipson was dean of the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham from 1982-94 and rector at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, where his parishioners included former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, from 1994-2008. Last month, Gipson was accepted as a Catholic into the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, a structure set up by Pope Benedict XVI to accept former Anglicans into the Catholic Church.
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Planned Parenthood and the Government v. Religious Liberty and Women’s Wellbeing

Dr. Helen Alvaré brilliantly writes:

An unprecedented campaign against religious liberty, characterized by a formidable alliance between the White House and Planned Parenthood, bolstered by money, power, and market branding, is threatening women’s well-being. The first in a three-part series.
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Sometimes Love Looks Like This

Boys and a trampoline. Ouiz writes:

Little Joseph has croup, and has been feeling horrible the past few days. When he woke up a few minutes ago, all he wanted was to "go ah-side and jump on da tram-pa-ween."
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An Interesting Origin Story for the Classic Song "Hallelujah."

I love the song. I'm about halfway through the Rolling Stone piece but it's darn interesting so I thought I'd share it.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: Leonard Cohen Writes 'Hallelujah' in 'The Holy or the Broken'
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Rachel Carson Was Wrong

Hey sorry about all those millions that died of malaria and stuff.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of biologist Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, Silent Spring, which argued that man-made chemicals represented a grave threat to human health and the environment. Using harsh and unscientific rhetoric—which was rebuked in the journal Science magazine shortly after its publication—Carson postulated that man-made chemicals affect processes of the human body in “sinister and often deadly ways.” History has proven Carson’s claims wrong. Contrary to her admonitions, a chemically caused cancer epidemic never came to pass. Researchers who identified environmental factors did not simply target trace chemical exposures as significant, but instead focused on major cancer causes such as tobacco and poor diets. In fact, people are living longer and healthier lives, cancer rates have declined even as chemical use has increased, and chemicals are not among the key causes of cancer.
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Pope Benedict XVI, Joins Twitter, Greeted with Hate

Mind you there's all sorts of cussing going on. The Blaze has screenshots of the nastiness directed at Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Benedict XVI will start tweeting in six languages from his own personal handle (@Pontifex) on Dec. 12. While not a single message has been sent from his Twitter account yet, the head of the Catholic Church has sparked quite the buzz following the announcement that he will be using the social media platform. Not surprisingly, along with signs of support have also come hateful messages that Twitchy has dubbed “shameful.”
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Princeton Student Schools Tom Friedman on What "Pro-Life" Means

This is great. Gives me hope:

Read below as Thomas Z. Horton of The Princeton Tory takes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times to school on what it really means to be pro-life.
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Catholic Bloggers as the Peanuts Gang

I knew Catholic bloggers were nuts, bot not Peanuts. LarryD having some fun at my expense.

Well, you know he had to, eventually. Him and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Nobody, not even cartoon characters, remain kids forever. The cartoon strips were just snapshots of their childhood, that’s all. So what happened to them? Well, believe it or not, many of those kids became Catholic bloggers and personalities. I kid you not. It’s kinda weird and totally unexpected, but the crackerjack AoftheA Research Department staff has outdone itself this time, digging up the details that until now, no one knew. It’s pretty amazing. And it turns out that the names Schultz gave them were pseudonyms.
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Douthat: More Babies Please

Reading Douthat's wise take on the plunging birthrate makes me just wonder why on earth we're making free contraceptives a right:

IN the eternally recurring debates about whether some rival great power will knock the United States off its global perch, there has always been one excellent reason to bet on a second American century: We have more babies than the competition. It’s a near-universal law that modernity reduces fertility. But compared with the swiftly aging nations of East Asia and Western Europe, the American birthrate has proved consistently resilient, hovering around the level required to keep a population stable or growing over the long run.
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Gay Marriage at West Point's Chapel

I know gay marriage is legal in NY but West Point? Come on.

The first same-sex marriage at West Point’s Cadet Chapel will be celebrated Saturday – when a military veteran and her partner exchange vows roughly one year after President Obama ended the military policy banning openly gay people from serving in the military. The ceremony will take place in the Military Academy's Cadet Chapel between Brenda Sue Fulton and Penelope Dara Gnesin. Fulton is a military veteran and spokeswoman for Outserve – an advocacy group for actively serving gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel, reported first by USA Today.
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Supreme Court Passes on Gay Marriage

This is good news for supporters of traditional marriage:

While most of the nation’s attention has remained focused on the fiscal cliff, business as usual continues in the judicial branch. And for those who have been closely following the court battles over same sex marriage, Friday had been anticipated to be a big day. The highest court was supposedly set to announce whether they would be taking on as many as ten cases related to this subject. But, as Lyle Denniston of SCOTUSblog reports, the day wore on into late afternoon and resulted in precisely… nothing.
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A Family's Amazing Devotion To Sister in Coma

Sad and beautiful.

A Miami woman who spent 42 years in a coma, inspiring a book about her family’s ceaseless dedication to her care, has died at the age of 59. Edwarda O'Bara passed away Wednesday, her family said. “It is with great sadness I inform everyone my sister Edwarda is now with the Lord in Heaven,” said a statement on the family's website. “She then closed her eyes and joined my Mom in Heaven,” sister Colleen O’Bara, a devout Catholic, wrote.
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Is Capitalism Catholic? Fr. Sirico Answers

Great stuff:

Father Robert Sirico has been courting controversy for most of his adult life. In the early 1970s, he was a radical activist in California, campaigning for left-wing causes with the likes of Jane Fonda and her then-husband, Tom Hayden. Later in the decade, he returned to the Catholic faith of his childhood and eventually became a priest. But if he found inner peace, he did not cease stirring things up. He had, by then, discovered the works of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and other economists of the "Austrian school," who expounded the virtues of free-market capitalism.
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Judge Rules Jindal's School Voucher Program Unconstitutional


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's private school tuition voucher program has been ruled unconstitutional by a state judge. State Judge Tim Kelley said Friday that the program improperly diverts money allocated through the state's public school funding formula to private schools. He also said it unconstitutionally diverts local tax dollars to private schools. Kelley ruled in a lawsuit backed by teacher unions and school boards seeking to shut down the voucher program.
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The Hobby Lobby Letter Everyone Is Talking About

If you're interested in religious liberty, check this out:

When my family and I started our company 40 years ago, we were working out of a garage on a $600 bank loan, assembling miniature picture frames. Our first retail store wasn’t much bigger than most people’s living rooms, but we had faith that we would succeed if we lived and worked according to God’s word. From there,Hobby Lobby has become one of the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailers, with more than 500 locations in 41 states. Our children grew up into fine business leaders, and today we run Hobby Lobby together, as a family.
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Post-Election Homily by Young Priest

This gives a little hope for the future.

Fr. Jeffrey Montz: A New Breed of Truth Teller! There is great hope for the future with a new breed of young priests like Fr. Montz who are not afraid to confront evil with boldness and charity. It is, in fact, an act of charity to stick out your foot and trip someone racing heedlessly toward a cliff. If you bruise their tender feelings in the process, so be it. I've included a few of my own comments in red.
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Pope Benedict Biopic in the Works?

Could be awesome. Could be terrible.

One of the comic books I read quite a few times as a kid was Marvel's Pope John Paul II story. Seriously. Here's a link. For an unlikely comic, it's pretty compelling and traces his life as a young man and priest, his elevation to become Pope, and culminates around the 1981 assassination attempt on his life. Now we're in the age of biopics, there's news reports that German producers are developing a biopic of Pope Benedict XVI after acquiring the rights to an upcoming biography of the Pope by the Bavarian author of three best-selling interview books with the pontiff.
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Study: The New Mass Translation Is a Hit!

So the new translation didn't cause the apocalypse. National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine hardest hit:

You might recall all the predictions of disaster that accompanied the new translation of the Mass. There were warnings from some Catholic publications that the new translation was “unreadable” and an “inhibitor to authentic prayer.” One news story even suggested that the “new missal could drive away Catholics.” Another fretted, “Liturgists Worry About Upcoming Implementation.”
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School Removes "God" from 1st Graders Poem

Lunatics. Lawyered up lunatics:

When the word "God" becomes inappropriate in public schools, America really has ceased to exist. Consider the story of a first-grade girl in West Marion, North Carolina, who had the word "God" stripped from a poem she wrote and was going to read at her school's Veterans Day assembly earlier this month. The poem honored her two grandfathers who served during the Vietnam War. “He prayed to God for peace," she wrote of one of them. "He prayed to God for strength.” Unfortunately, a parent found out about this, and complained to the school district.
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Glenn Beck's "Piss Obama" Outrages Libs

The funniest thing is that they don't even get their outrage is the funny part:

The backstory you probably know already -- Glenn Beck took an Obama bobblehead and stuck it in a mason jar of urine (or a liquid colored to look like urine), as a multiple-pronged parody, to skewer 1, liberals' embrace of "Piss Christ" artist Andre Serrano, 2, many liberals' embrace of Obama as an actual Christ and "lord and savior," and 3, the inevitable hypocrisy which would ensue when liberals began denouncing the Glenn Beck Piss Obama after having defended Andre Serrano's Piss Christ.
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Loving a Child on the Fringe

I don't often like pieces I read in Slate. This one's pretty amazing though. Cristina Nehring writes of falling in love with an imperfect child:

There is an element of cowardice in Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.
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NCR Attacks Cardinal Newman Society for 3rd Time in a Week

Now they're saying that Blessed Cardinal Newman wasn't a big fan of faithful Catholic colleges:

The thoughts and writings of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman have great relevance to the Church today, especially regarding the scourge of “liberalism” as he labeled the rationalist/secularist mindset in academia more than a century ago. Read his sermon “The Infidelity of the Future” and consider the relevance to today’s crises of secularism, religious freedom and clergy sex abuse. So it’s not surprising that “progressives” in the Church today—many of whom seem to have as much a problem with Catholic doctrine and practice as they do with perceived clericalism—prefer a rather distorted view of Newman. Newman is easy to distort and misquote, which ironically is what one NCR columnist (a former journalism professor at a secular university) now accuses The Cardinal Newman Society of doing.
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The Power of a Baby: a Christmas Story

Rebecca Frech is great. If you don't read her often, you should:

#6 and I went Christmas shopping at the mall yesterday. I was looking for gifts, and he was in his sling beaming his toothless grin at an adoring world. He loves the sling because it allows him to meet people eye to eye, and he is a boy who dearly loves people. He often gets ignored or overlooked when people see only the number of children I have with me and not his sunny face. Yesterday he was in his glory. The only child in sight, he was free to flirt his way through the stores, one enchanted face at a time.
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Bad News: Gonzaga to Cover Contraceptives

Considering other Catholic colleges are going to the mattresses on this issue, it's sad to see them undermined by a Catholic university, especially one as well known as Gonzaga. Check out the story:

In a Nov. 20th memo obtained by The Cardinal Newman Society, Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh has announced to faculty and staff that in response to the HHS mandate it will begin covering contraceptives starting next month. While many Catholic colleges and dioceses are battling the HHS mandate on religious liberty grounds in court, Gonzaga, a Jesuit University, announced to faculty and staff that even while they vow to clearly communicate the Church’s position on contraception, they are “compelled by the federal government to fulfill our legal obligation under the mandate.” According to the memo, the university will begin covering contraceptives on December 1st, 2012
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Christian Website Inspires Teens and Tweens

Cosmo, the magazine, is one of the most calamitous publications to ever disgrace the newsstands. It completely warps young women. That's why I'm glad to see a site like this getting traction:

A community website set up to inspire and celebrate tween and teen girls has seen impressive growth in recent months. Project Inspired was set up by successful model Nicole Weider and hit the headlines recently with its campaign to have the sale of Cosmopolitan magazine banned to minors because of the sexual nature of the content. The Project Inspired website has a chat section where girls can encourage each other in living faith-filled, counter-cultural lives. One of the most popular sections on the site is Me Without Makeup, where girls post pictures of themselves barefaced and share what they like about the way they look.
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A Rational Basis for Marriage between One Man and One Woman

Bill Whittle writes at Catholic World Report:

Same-sex marriage not only undermines real marriage, it redefines the human person.
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Yeah, "Erotic Zoos" Means What You Think It Means

Peter Singer's paradise is a reality?

If you ever wondered what lies at the bottom of the slippery slope, go to Germany. There, you will find Europe’s modern moral and cultural bankruptcy on open display. There, you can visit one of many “erotic zoos” and partake in sex with animals for a price. In a German “erotic zoo,” customers pay to have sex with farm animals. A barnyard pimp collects money from the customers. These businesses are proliferating throughout Germany and Denmark, and are completely legal.
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No Tree Lighting in R.I. This Year

Another win for the nutjobs:

Rhode Island independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee won't be hosting a tree lighting ceremony this season following last year's hubbub over what to call the Statehouse Christmas spruce. Chafee's spokeswoman said Monday instead of a tree lighting event, student choral groups will participate in a series of Statehouse performances leading up to Christmas.
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Our Story

I love stories like this one at Ignitum Today. Faith filled love stories with a happy ending. Perfect:

It all began on an average day at work. Morning schedule and then mass. I am blessed to work at a place where mass is available to the employees daily. Today was different though. In the back of the chapel was a young man I had never seen before praying. At first I thought he might be a visitor, or intern, but as the days went past, that young man remained.
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Please Make Sandra Fluke Time's Person of the Year

The Daily Caller says:

...so we can all finally stop paying attention to that
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What Happened Between Crucifixion and Resurrection

Fr. Gregory Elder answers:

Question: Dear Father Gregory, Do people know what happened to Jesus between the time that he died and Easter Sunday and when he rose from the dead? Was he just dead or did he go some place? Answer: This question was put to me by a student, and it often comes up around Easter time when these sorts of issues are reflected on by the churches. In traditional Christian belief, this period between the death and rising of Jesus is referred to as the harrowing of hell. Of course no theologian would state that human knowledge of this brief period is certain, but this has not stopped people from proposing some very colorful ideas of what happened to Jesus after his death on Calvary.
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The Church is No Enemy of Science or the Infertile

Chelsea Zimmerman writes:

Because of her opposition to third party reproduction, the Catholic Church is often accused of being anti-science and insensitive to those who suffer the pain of infertility. Last year’s CNN Belief Blog op-ed from Sean Savage calling on the Catholic Church to reverse her opposition to IVF is a good example of the anger that is generally directed towards the Church on this issue.
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New Comedy on Assisted Suicide

What could go wrong? Hey, how about next we do a hilarious workplace comedy about Planned Parenthood:

The newest comedy from BBC Three sounds like something you'd find on button-pushing outlets like HBO or Showtime. "Way to Go," starring "The Inbetweeners" regular Blake Harrison, will touch on a topic even edgy stateside channels might avoid - assisted suicide. The six-part series is described as a "black comedy" about three men who set up an assisted-suicide business....
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Cardinal Newman Society Responds to NCR Attack

The National Catholic Reporter attacked The Cardinal Newman Society. The substance of the attack is essentially...well, I still don't understand what their allegations are. But The Cardinal Newman Society has responded quickly and effectively:

The National Catholic Reporter has been digging around for several months to do a profile on The Cardinal Newman Society, and their reporter told us to expect an “objective-as-possible” article. But since the Reporter shows minimal respect for the Vatican, the bishops and any organization that fully embraces the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church, we were not particularly hopeful. And, it turns out, with good reason. “Part one of the Reporter’s article is finally out, and there are no surprises. The article is biased and inaccurate, and as the Reporter is wont to do, it implies a boogeyman around every corner.
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Humor: Cafeteria to Replace Church on Campus

This is really clever from Eye of the Tiber:

To help accommodate the diverse palates of Mater Dei University’s large Catholic student-body, President Jon Heinz has announced plans to build the largest cafeteria in the U.S. The cafeteria, which is tentatively scheduled to be built in the summer of 2014, would eventually replace the university’s main church at the center of campus.
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The Thankful List

Rebecca Frech went through her entire Thanksgiving writing down what she was thankful for as she went through the day. She's very thankful. I can't help but think that I should be thinking more like this. Check it out:

**I will be adding to this throughout the day, so check back in with me. Please feel free to leave your own gratitudes in the the com box**
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The in-Crowd Chose Barabbas

What a great line from Sherry Antonetti in a great piece:

No one no one no one no one no one ever wants to be rejected. No one wants to be thought clueless, uniformed, lazy, stupid or unthinking. We're human. We want to be in the in crowd. We want to belong. We certainly don't want to be written off or dismissed or ignored. So right now, being Catholic means you probably don't want to talk about the current push for same sex marriage. We'd honestly rather fold socks, clean out the fridge, paint the stoop, schedule a root canal, wait on hold with insurance, clean the bathrooms and deal with the I.R.S. rather than talk about this subject because we know the only way we don't get clobbered by the politically correct police is to parrot the I'm cool with that line, or be invisible, silent.
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Did We Lose the War on Christmas?

I know this lawyer just took a beating in defending a nativity and I agree that we're losing, mainly because elections have consequences and we're pretty good at losing those. But I don't think it's over. Not yet.

A lawyer representing a group of churches that appears to have lost their bid to continue a nearly 60-year-old tradition of hosting a Nativity scene at a park in the beach city of Santa Monica, Calif., says the battle to preserve Christmas displays in the national public square has been lost.
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The Curmudgeonly Catholic on What to Do Now

I know a lot of people are questioning what to do after the disastrous election so this seemed like good advice.

In the wake of the election disaster, a number of my Catholic acquaintances are asking, “So, what do we do now?” Losing is always tough and it’s understandable why many of us are taking it hard. It brings to mind my days as an FBI agent when a raid went wrong or a fugitive slipped through our dragnet. At those times one of our colleagues, an ex-jock and budding philosopher, often reminded us, “You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out but you’ve got to suit up for ‘em all.”
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WaPo: Thanksgisving Perfect Day to Announce You're Gay


On Thursday, The Washington Post celebrated Thanksgiving as somehow secular, the perfect day to announce you're gay. Ned Martel's article began: "Word to the wise: Thanksgiving is the proper holiday to tell your family that you’re a homosexual. It’s arguably secular, so you’re confronting tradition, not faith. Even though National Coming Out Day is in October, this is the day when gays and lesbians, newly announced or otherwise, are really driving it all home."
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The Real Divisions in the Church of England

Fr. Longenecker explains....

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Where Soccer Got Its Name

I can't stand those people who get all hoity toity and call soccer "football" just to be all hoity toity and weird. Well, here's what you can tell them about where soccer got its name. And then hit them. Hard. Continue reading>>>

Medicine's Dance with Death

A physician-philosopher argues that modern medicine is oriented toward the dead body because it is no longer informed by an ultimate purpose for human existence.

In The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying, physician-philosopher Jeffrey Bishop argues that modern medicine has adopted a “metaphysics of efficient causation”—a focus on the immediate cause of things that ignores their ultimate purpose. As a result, medicine now takes its bearings from and aims itself toward the dead body, the corpse. This leads to nihilistic attitudes toward the dying, and troubling contradictions and absurdities in our practices.
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Thinking Rationally About Secession

The American Catholic reports:

Secession has been in the news lately. Well, not the mainstream news, for the most part, but local, Internet and alternative news outlets have been reporting a growing number of signatures added to secession petitions submitted to Washington (one has it at over 750,000 signatures). This began almost immediately after President Obama’s reelection, and while no one really expects this particular movement to go anywhere, people on both sides of our political divide take it somewhat seriously as a sign of how polarized and unstable our situation has become.
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The End of Pro-Life Politics?

Dr/ Jeff Mirus thinks so. It's worth a read.

Have we as pro-life Catholics been wrong to invest the lion’s share of our time, talent and energy in the political battle against abortion over the past forty years? Or even if we have not been wrong the whole time, are we wrong now? Perhaps it is obvious that I believe the answer is yes. It ought to be clear by now that Western culture is insufficiently healthy to sustain a political solution to abortion. Therefore, it is counter-productive to pour our resources into the effort to achieve such a solution. We must use our resources far more wisely than that.
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Vatican Dismisses Maryknoll Priest

Sad. But necessary.

The Vatican canonically dismissed Roy Bourgeois from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers on Oct. 4, for disobedience and preaching against Church teaching on women's ordination. The decision, made by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, dispenses him from both the bonds of priesthood and religious life.
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Planned Parenthood Isn't...

The Looking Spoon has the poster. Continue reading>>>

Awesome Vid: Cope Beats up Clown

Why? Does it really matter?

Cop Beats Up Activist Dressed As Clown You had me at "Cop Beats Up Activist Dressed As." I don't know what sort of activist he was. They say he was chasing cars with a squirt bottle.
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Same Sex "Marriage" Ten Years On. Lessons from Canada

How's that working out for you?

Why not ask Canadians what happens after same-sex marriage is legalized?
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Fordham Law Profs Demand Funding for Vagina Monologues, Pro-Abortion Groups

Sad. Just sad.

A group of faculty at Fordham University Law School are urging that in light of the university president’s refusal to outright cancel an invitation to conservative author Ann Coulter, he should also be willing to fund pro-abortion groups on campus and activities like The Vagina Monologues, according to The Fordham Observer. The faculty members are arguing that because the president of the university, Fr. Father Joseph M. McShane, S.J., refused to cancel Coulter’s invitation citing academic freedom and opted to merely admonish and publicly scold the University-funded College Republicans, they believe the administration should also fund activities antithetical to Church teaching
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GOP's Salvation Lies in Being More Catholic

Michael Gerson writes:

The Catholic Church--a politically and ethnically sprawling institution--has no natural home on the American ideological spectrum. Neither major party combines moral conservatism with a passion for social justice. So Catholic leaders have often challenged Democrats to be more pro-life and Republicans to be more concerned about immigrants and the poor. But President Obama's first term was a period of unexpected aggression against the rights of religious institutions. His Justice Department, in the Hosanna-Tabor case, argued against the existence of any "ministerial exception" to employment rules. Obama tried to mandate that Catholic schools, hospitals, and charities offer insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortifacients. His revised policy still asserts a federal power to declare some religious institutions secular in purpose, reducing them to second-rate status under the First Amendment.
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8 Reasons Homeschooling is Better than Public Education

Megan Fox writes:

The title of this article is polarizing and I expect to get in trouble for writing it. As a homeschooling parent, I’m not supposed to think homeschooling superior to institutionalized education. I’m supposed to take the stance that all choices are equal in the effort not to offend anyone who prefers public schooling. It’s a hot topic in the mommy circles and one that most homeschooling moms want to avoid. We all encounter the same comments and exclamations like, “How do you do it? When are you going to put them in real school? You must be crazy! How long do you plan to do this?” My personal favorite: “I could never do that!” This article is a response to all the times I’ve wanted to answer truthfully but held my tongue in order to preserve peace.
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Bishop and the Birth Rate: A Heroic Solution

This is great.

Bishops and birth rates. In 2005, His Beatitude Ilia II, Orthodox Patriarch of All Georgia, became aware that the birth rate in his post-Soviet nation of George was in a downward spiral. Patriarch Ilia began to preach about "large families" as one of the key elements of Christian civilization. To put it simply, the birth rate and the "faith rate" tend to mirror one another. Look at nations that have rejected the Church and you'll see that these have the lowest birth rates. Perfidy and despair go hand in hand.
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Good Morning America Loves Ripping Tebow

Mocking his faith.

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t even a starter, but the media still can’t resist taking potshots at him. “Good Morning America” ran a chirpy segment about Tebow – the backup quarterback for the New York Jets – being anonymously ripped by his teammates. In the opening segment of Friday's Good Morning America, Amy Robach teased a Nov. 15 segment on the Jets quarterback by questioning: “Tim Tebow’s fall from grace? Celebrated for his dramatic last-minute touchdowns and praised for his faith. Now, being torn apart by his teammates behind his back. Why is the most popular man in football no longer hailed as a hero?”
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Poll: 54% Pro-Choice, 38% Pro-Life

Man, this is just kicking us when we're down, huh?

Wait a sec, you say. Didn’t Gallup find just six months ago that the number who describe themselves as “pro-choice” was at a record low? Indeed they did. But as the saying goes, my friends: Elections have consequences.
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Unions Closing Hostess

Hostess Bakers Union: We Reject Your Latest Offer. Hostess Final Offer: Then We're Closing Up And You'll Get Nothing. Bakers Union: Good! Wait, What?Continue reading>>>

ACLU Forcing Schools to Provide Kids with Books on Lesbian Moms

It's never to early to be indoctrinated.

ACLU Files Lawsuit To Force Utah Schools To Provide Kindergarten Students With Book About Kids Being Raised By Lesbian Moms…
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Ready, Set, Barf: An Evangelical Football Feature

The New York Times covers Liberty University. What could go wrong? Get Religion reports:

Grab your air-sickness bag and let’s dive right into this New York Times sports feature. The italicized phrases below are courtesy of me, not the Times:
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7 Secrets to a Transforming Prayer Life

Marcel writes:

The first secret is there are no secrets! Rather, it takes a lot of perseverance humility, honesty, and grace to grow in prayer. The real secret is to do the other things below, which most Catholics who are trying to grow in prayer already know about - we just have to do them! Don't over-think prayer. It need not be complicated or burdensome. It is a relationship that God invites you ever deeper into. If we engage our intellect all the time, then we aren't focusing on the best part of prayer, which resides in the heart. Not the head.
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New Reality Series Exposes Truth on Post-Abortion Syndrome

Live Action News has the story:

There’s a new trend among abortion proponents – convince the world that abortion is not shameful. Convince post-abortive women that any guilt they may feel is unfounded. Convince post-abortive women who have kept their abortion a secret that they should shout about it from the rooftops with pride. The Democratic Party line that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare,” backfired. That word – rare – points out that there actually is something wrong with abortion, because nothing that is good and beautiful should ever be rare. Now abortion proponents are trying to counteract that party line by claiming abortion is nothing to feel guilty about and certainly nothing to keep “rare.”
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Some Words of Encouragement from Blessed Newman

I could use them about now.

The whole course of Christianity from the first ... is but one series of troubles and disorders. Every century is like every other, and to those who live in it seems worse than all times before it. The Church is ever ailing ... Religion seems ever expiring, schisms dominant, the light of truth dim, its adherents scattered. The cause of Christ is ever in its last agony. - Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman
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Remembering Savita Halappanavar

Live Action News reports:

The untimely passing of Savita Halappanavar is truly tragic. The pro-life community deeply cherishes the sanctity of life and mourns her death. But her death is not an argument for legalizing abortion. According to news reports, Savita was 17 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to an Irish hospital in Galway. She faced severe complications, miscarried, and later died from septicemia. Although the the case is still under investigation, her husband says she desired an abortion and that if she had been allowed to abort her child in the midst of the complications, she would have survived.
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Fawning Journalists Heart Obama at Presser

Barack Obama on Wednesday submitted to his first press conference since March. Some of the White House journalists didn't seem to hold the long wait against him, however. One reporter, Christi Parsons of the Chicago Tribune, turned into a gushing fan, congratulating the President on his reelection. Parsons cooed to Obama that she had "never" seen him "lose." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] Other questioners, including CNN's Jessica Yellin, exhorted the President to not "cave" when dealing with Republicans.
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Attention Bishops: Stop Being Nice!

This is awesome stuff from Robert Royal:

I am not a big fan of taking the long view. It may sometimes be wise, even necessary, in human terms. But I’m far more attracted by what is probably the most neglected of Jesus’ sayings: “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Lk. 12:49) The U. S. bishops are meeting in Baltimore this week for their annual get-together. The scuttlebutt is that they will be mostly discussing matters internal to the Church in America. If they were asking my advice – for some reason, they seem to have forgotten to call – I would strongly urge that they begin with a collective session of lectio divina about kindling fires. I’d also suggest a few other things. To start with, forget about being nice. It doesn’t work. Be gentlemen. Be kind. But forget nice.
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With Election Over, Battle for Religious Liberty Intensifies

Here we go:

The Affordable Care Act’s threat to religious liberty remains undiminished with the re-election of President Barack Obama, writes Kyle Duncan, the general counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, in a special piece in The National Catholic Register. And the struggle to preserve religious liberty may be about to intensify.
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USD Faculty Deliver Brutal No Confidence Vote in President

All this over a radical theologian?

The fallout from the decision by the president of the University of San Diego to withdraw an invitation to a radical theologian continues to rock the California Catholic university. Last week, over 100 students reportedly protested Lyons’ rescinding of an invitation to British Theologian Tina Beattie to speak at USD. This week, according to The National Catholic Reporter, the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Diego delivered a brutal no-confidence vote in the president of the University in light of the withdrawn invitation. They even went so far as to call USD President Mary Lyons ”ethically bankrupt.”
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The People Have Spoken, Right?

David L. breaks down the election:

One week ago today, we learned the results of this year's general election, including that of President of the United States. As forty-eight percent of the population were stunned by the results the following morning, fifty percent of the population were jubilant at what they termed a "decisive" victory. Now, fifty percent is hardly decisive. Neither is fifty-one percent, which is what they had once Florida's votes were counted. As the inevitable appeared likely, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly had this to say as to why the incumbent would be re-elected.
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Keep Simeon in Your Prayers

Babies and surgery. Should never mix. But when they have to, you've just got to pray.

Update on Simeon! Thank you so very much for all your prayers!! Simeon has been eating ever since!!! He's not completely back to normal, but pretty close and so much better than he was doing.
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Parenting is Funny

Two cute stories for the price of one:

When it was bedtime for us, the parents, we walked down the hallway, only to hear quick, startled movements from our children’s bedroom. My husband cracked the door open and peered in. All was silent for a moment, then, slowly, two sets of eyes appeared, one from under a pillow, another from beneath a blanket. “Uh-oh! Danger!” said the five-year-old. My husband chuckled. Bolstered by his reaction, the younger daughter brought her entire head out of hiding with a grin and said, “We always say, ‘Danger!’ when we hear you coming.”
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A Little Girl Called M.C.

A story about the consequences of same-sex marriage:

The policy proposal known as “same-sex marriage” is actually a proposal to redefine marriage. Instead of being a gender-based institution oriented toward the procreation of children and the good of the spouses, what is called “same-sex marriage” makes marriage into a genderless institution, oriented toward the good of adults only. Any possible negative consequences for children, according to this way of thinking, are not worth considering. We, and the children themselves, must simply accept any negative outcomes as collateral damage on the road to the nirvana of “marriage equality.”
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"End This Pregnancy and Tie Her Tubes"


‘End this pregnancy and tie her tubes.’ That was the stark advice given by a a court-summoned doctor in a possible forced abortion case involving a mentally handicapped woman in Nevada, according to a transcript of a Nov. 1 hearing obtained by LifeSiteNews. Judge Egan Walker of Nevada’s 2nd District Court is holding evidentiary hearings to determine whether to order 32-year-old Elisa Bauer to have an abortion against the wishes of her adoptive parents and legal guardians, Bill and Amy Bauer of Fernley. Elisa suffers from epilepsy, bipolar disorder and mental impairment as a result of a birthmother who drank heavily while pregnant with her. She is said to have a mental age of approximately 6 years. The father of her baby is unknown.
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54,000 Sign Texas Petition to Secede

Couldn't we pick a more moderate weather state with...I don't know, less tornadoes and stuff? Check out the petition here: Continue reading>>>

Cdl. Dolan: A Call for Penance

Meatless Fridays?

"First Things First!" – From the President, A Call for Penance. My brother bishops, Yes, we have "a lot on our plate" as we commence our meeting, urgent issues very worthy of our solicitude as pastors -- the suffering in vast areas not far from here caused by the Hurricane of two weeks ago, the imperative to the New Evangelization, the invitation offered by the Year of Faith, and our continued dialogue, engagement, and prophetic challenge to our culture over urgent issues such as the protection of human life, the defense of marriage, the promotion of human dignity in the lives of the poor, the immigrant, those in danger from war and persecution throughout the world, and our continued efforts to defend our first and most cherished freedom -- all issues calling for our renewed and enthusiastic commitment.
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Fr. Reese: Bishops "Attacked" Obama, Took a Beating

I guess that's one way of seeing things. Or you could say that Obama's violating religious liberty and the bishops stood up for individual liberty:

Jesuit Fr. Thomas J. Reese, a senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University, outrageously accused the bishops of attacking President Obama and said that the bishops then “took a beating at the polls” in a column that appeared in The National Catholic Reporter. His prescription is that the bishops should surrender on issues like the legalization of abortion and gay “marriage” and immediately allow pro-abortion rights politicians to speak on Catholic campuses.
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What Makes a Speaker Controversial to Jesuits?

Fordham nixes Ann Coulter but who have they accepted in recent years?

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter was recently invited to Fordham University to speak by the College Republicans, igniting a firestorm of comments from students and even the university president which only ended when the student group rescinded and apologized for the invitation.
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NYT New Pres is Catholic, Believes in Objective Truth

Interesting stuff from Deacon Greg:

Tomorrow, Mark Thompson takes over as the new President and CEO of The New York Times. Thompson is a practicing Catholic who believes “that the truths of the Christian faith are objective truths, rather than being entirely subjective.”
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HS Hockey Teams Dump National Anthem

Cost cutting:

Nearly 200 high school hockey teams in Pennsylvania have been advised to eliminate the national anthem because it takes too much time to perform and costs too much money
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Man Prays in Airplane Aisle, Hilarity Ensues

Hmmm. What faith do you think the guy was. You'd never know from media accounts.

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. That was my first reaction when I saw several versions of this bizarre little story from the tense world of airline travel, especially in the skies around Washington, D.C. This is one of those cases in which I really need to ask GetReligion readers to look at the whole story. Trust me, this will not take long
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"The White House Is Staying Black"


MSNBC’s Toure: “Tears of Joy For Me, The White House Is Staying Black”… Imagine the reaction if Romney won and someone on Fox said he was crying tears of joy because a white man won the White House?
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Crazy Voter Fraud in Philly and Cleveland

This would be funny if it weren't so sad.

President Obama must have run a great campaign considering the tremendous numbers he put up in numerous big cities. Over in Philadelphia, he was lucky enough to get 90% percent turnout in some districts with over 99% of the vote. In Cleveland, in some districts he did even better with an astounding 100% of the vote in dozens of locations. For example, in Cleveland's Fifth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney's... 0. And in case you're wondering, Gary Johnson received more votes than Mr. Romney.
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The "Om-School" Movement


Do you believe the claim Newsweek made in 2009 that “We are all Hindus now”? Phillip Goldberg does. In his book American Veda: How Indian Spirituality Has Changed the West (2010) he makes the compelling case that many Americans have adopted the spiritual Hindu principle of Advaita, meaning “not two,” and now believe that all is “one.” So Bill Clinton uses Eastern meditation, we speak freely of mantras, avatars, karma, mandalas, and…we practice yoga. Yoga is big in Southern California, even among Christians, and even in the schools. Is yoga just exercise, or is it part of the Hinduization of the West? Here is the testimony of Mary Eady, an employee of truthXchange:
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Christie Calls Obama, Sends Email to Romney


Christie calls Obama to congratulate him, sends Romney an e-mail
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Sooo...The Most Important Election Evah...Was No Big Deal?

Steve Kellmeyer has some great points:

So, if you read the conservative political class today, they tell us we don't have much to worry about. The US is still center-right. Elections come, elections go, we will soldier on. Lost a battle, haven't lost the war, etc. Mind you, these are the same people who told us this was the most important election in our lifetimes, perhaps in the history of the Republic. But now that we've lost, we're apparently supposed to say "Ah, well. We'll getcha next time."
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Catholic League Having Some Fun

Community organizers needed, says Bill Donohue. Check out the qualifications:

Bill Donohue comments on the election results: In 2007, Barack Obama told Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would do if elected president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Because of opposition from many quarters, including the Catholic League, the bill never got to his desk. But it may now come back, and if it does it could mean that Catholic hospitals would be required to perform abortions lest they lose federal funding.
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