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Tragedy and a Prayer Request

Christine writes and requests prayers:

Yesterday, Friday, started out like a regular day. Me and Sly got up and ate breakfast. We put on our shoes and left the house to spend the morning browsing shops. I still need Christmas gifts for two of my cousins, and they both like unique sorts of things. I thought I could find them something good in Lawrenceville. I was planning to come home after, put Sly down for a nap, and write a little blog entry saying, "wow - today's my one year 'blog-iversary'! I can't believe I lasted this long, etc. etc."

We were waiting at the corner of the main street to cross to the other side, where there were more shops. My memories are somewhat hazy...I don't remember if I was aware there was a large tractor-trailer truck making the turn. I probably saw it, but never thought I should have to move, since we were on the sidewalk. I was standing with Sly in front of me, in his umbrella stroller.
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